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Michael Lohan's Baby Mama

He Threatened to Stab Me

'I'm Gonna Kill You Bitch'

2/18/2014 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


11:20 A.M. PT --
Kate just told TMZ she lied about the threats, saying "I regretfully tweeted while my emotions were high that I was being threatened by Michael with a knife, this was not the case." Major tells us she made it up because she feared Michael would take her son away.
Michael Lohan
went ballistic and brandished a knife last night during his fight with baby mama Kate Major saying, "I'm going to kill you, bitch!" -- at least that's what Kate told cops -- but Michael's 911 call tells a different story.

TMZ has obtained the police report regarding the altercation last night at Michael's Florida house ... after Michael called 911, claiming Kate was drunk and acting erratically around their one-year-old son.

According to the report, when police arrived, Kate told them Michael had falsely accused her of drinking around their baby and a fight broke out. That's when Kate claims Michael grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her with it.

Kate told police she locked herself in a bedroom to get away from him ... and he tried to kick the door down. When he failed, Kate claims Michael went outside to the bedroom's sliding glass doors and made stabbing gestures at her.

Kate claims she tried to call police ... but her phone was broken ... even though she still managed to send out a bunch of tweets.

Police spoke to Michael too -- he denied threatening Kate in any way -- and his 911 call paints a very calm and calculating picture ... almost like he and Kate have lots and lots of experience calling 911 on each other.


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"He THREAT-ened to kill me, he DIDN'T threaten to kill me, he WANTED to threaten to kill me, he didn't WANT to threaten to kill me, he WASN'T drunk, he WAS drunk, he wasn't DRINKING, he WAS drinking, he MIGHT have been drinking, he's IN A.A., he ISN'T in A.A., we're both gonna GO to A.A., wait hold on ...I'll call you back (click)..."

255 days ago


Someone needs to take a large boulder, pick it up like the Incredible Hulk, and bash this L@SERs rotten head in like a crushed walnut.

255 days ago


Sadly no one is surprised by any of this....couple of twits.

255 days ago


Only underscores how crazy and scary he is.

When the camera's aren't running during a Lilo issue.

How quickly he starts to concoct the alibi.

What an expert he is at it.

(given his vast wealth of experience)

"Friends are here, her counselor told me to call the police, she's off her medication, she's not well, she's a sick human being I'm merely excavating from the clutches of her failed life," etc.

Mike knows his only hope once he's snapped/threatened?

"Dualing 9-1-1 calls."

"Her word against mine."

Year after year after year after year after year after...

255 days ago


Dina's book must paint a super-clear image.

Of Mike being Mike.

So he sues.

To keep it out of print/readers.


"Only if I get my own..."

Poor Lindsey and Ali and the other kids.

Having to wake up yet again today.

Read about yet another Mike-encounter.

Always yet another Mike-encounter.

Kate Majors needs to lose this guy.

Throw him out of his own house, change the locks, post a guard in front and a guard in back.

I'm afraid just reading about him.

255 days ago


When you hear him speaking to the 9-1-1 person.

You understand how hard it is.

To go up against professional con artists.

They're glib, they're nice, they have friends on the scene, he's in touch with the woman's COUNSELOR, he's worried about his kid, etc.

All ticked off like a shopping list.

Sociopaths can keep somehow keep straight ...

...better than anyone else on the planet.

Meanwhile it's mere mis-use of the 9-1-1 system.

In that it's an a**-covering manuever/procedure.

Done to offset the call his wife's placed.

At the point/time of attack/threat.

And I believe he was making stabbing gestures.

255 days ago


Seriously? These people need intensive therapy. 'nuff said!

255 days ago


lets hope other people in the community didn't suffer from their selfishness
As I am sure the police had other 'real' issues to deal with

255 days ago


Kill that b1tch Michael! Thug life!

255 days ago


I don't like him at all; but in this case, I sure hope they throw the book hard at her and throw away the key for a very long time for making false accusations. It's garbage like this that leaves police questioning the validity of other complaints that are very real and valid.

255 days ago


Poor child.

255 days ago


Norba is one of the only people in here that recognized the cycle of abuse and can clearly see past what Michael is doing, just like he did to Lindsay and Dina. Sociopaths are very very smart . They are the nicest people to the community, even getting on "counselors" and police sides because of their power in the community. It takes a VERY WISE therapist to see past it. This circle of domestic violence is all well too know. The only person she is hurting is herself and her baby, by recanting her story and lying . Listen, my own mother went and lied to get my dad out of jail after he beat her. Women do it all the time, for fear of beigng separated from their lover and becoming a single parent... Or in her case... Her life of luxury and fun time will go away if she leaves him.

255 days ago
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