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Oksana Grigorieva

Files for Bankruptcy ...

I've Got $10 To My Name!

2/19/2014 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva -- who got hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mel Gibson after a nuclear child custody war -- has filed for bankruptcy ... TMZ has learned.

In new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Oksana says things are so bad she only has $10 in cash to her name.

Oksana says the math tells the story -- $48,000 in assets, $438,000 in debts.

As for Oksana's expenses ... she spends $90 a month on "Gofer Patrol."  BTW ... her home security is less ... $80 a month.

Oksana -- who is a singer -- claims in the last 6 months she's only received $200 in royalties.

She also lists works of art she painted at $500.

Now get this ... Most of the debts are from legal bills. Oksana owes 5 lawyers a quarter-of-a-million bucks. 

Remember ... during the custody fight ... Oksana hired and fired more than 40 lawyers.

Mel agreed to pay Oksana a $750K settlement in installments -- the last being due in 2016.  As you remember, Mel pled no contest to assaulting Oksana ... knocking out a few veneers.

According to the court docs, Mel pays her $20,000 a month in child support for Lucia, and actor Timothy Dalton pays her $2,500 a month for their son, Alexander.

Now this hurts ... Oksana rejected a settlement from Mel ... of $15,000,000!


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en Todo Momento!!    

lets see if mrs queen satanist russia in american empire of satan can reahc one hanndreed million commehnts on tha tmz. i know you can do it, by the power of satan!! you can do it!! one billion comments!! the power of satan compels you!!! xDDD

246 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

slaughtered babies everyehwere . i really don't think queen satanist of russia don't care. xDD tha more tha merrier. xDD

246 days ago

William Foresman    

Maybe she is crazy and Mel was dead on

246 days ago


She turned down $15 million dollars? She deserves to be broke!

246 days ago

Fat Matt    

I have NO SHRED of pity for this stupid, stupid woman.

246 days ago


she's ridiculously stupid and no talent to boot, the only thing that ever worked out for her was having babies for the wealthy, otherwise she'd be on the street, cannot stand freakin' gold diggers and bums.

246 days ago


She burned her winning $15 million lottery ticket......

246 days ago


Love em and leave em?

246 days ago


And that's what she gets for being a greedy gold digging wh*re, having babies just for celebrity money!

246 days ago


though she got a huge pay day, this woman did not spend wisely or live within her means. Get a job like the rest of the world honey.

246 days ago


Well, I guess that lawsuit against Kolodney, that she claims screwed her out of Tiger Wood's money didn't happen so she has no choice but to pay up his one million dollar fee. I guess trying to sue Gasbag and Horkhisbitz also didn't pan out claiming they railroaded her and now she has to pay their attorney fees. Now the rest of the folks that were actually on her side in the beginning are starting to learn what a cold, calculating Queen Bish this woman is. It was never about having a "LOVE CHILD, A BABY BORN OF LOVE" it was about securing a future that would give her a lifestyle she's not privvy too, never earned from hard work or from being a loving mate in a long term relationship. Dear Oxykaka, take the advise from 3/4 of the posters here, GET A FCUKING JOB, maybe then, just maybe someone will take you seriously. NOT!!!!

246 days ago


What, no plan B??

Plan A was to get pregnant and make Mel out as the abuser so she can get a huge payout... Got too greedy!!

Lucia is now 4 1/2 . That means 13 1/2 years to go on your meal ticket.

245 days ago


I wonder, folks. Is she filing for bankruptcy because Alexander is about to hit 18 and the 2500 bucks she uses for botox, fillers and plastic surgery to haul up her sagging boobs is about to run out.

245 days ago


She's all boobs and no brains. Oh and lips too. I wonder if they use the same filling for her lips as they do for her boobs? Is it a creamy filling like they use in twinkies? Did any squirt out of her lips when Mel knocked her for a loop? Inquiring minds want to know TMZ!

245 days ago

Pam obrien    

Maybe she was just born under a lucky star and her mama taught her how to earn money the easy way, on her back. And poor Mel Gibson has to deal with this ho till that child reaches 18, poor guy. I now wonder about those taped phone calls with him screaming...maybe there is a reason he was so jacked up. Two words...his baby mama.

245 days ago
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