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'Snake Salvation'

Deadly Rattler Back in Church

For Round 2

2/23/2014 6:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The rattlesnake that killed "Snake Salvation" Pastor Jamie Coots a week ago made an encore appearance Saturday night at the same church with Jamie's son at the helm ... and this time no animals or people were hurt.

Cody Coots prayed over a bevy of snakes -- one of which was the rattler that killed Jamie.  The video is insane ... it looks like a revival service with a live band and snakes and worshipers all flailing in the air.

As we told you ... Cody made it clear to us ... if the rattler bit him he would refuse treatment ... just like his dad.

But snakes weren't the only trick up Cody's sleeve.  He also played with fire ... literally.



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Vic Creed    


212 days ago


This has nothing to do with Christianity. People, read your Bible. There many false teaching and many false churches. This is a classic cult.

212 days ago


Put a dollar in the box-a, one dollar in the box-a for eternal salvation.....

212 days ago


On their way to two Darwin Awards in the same family.

212 days ago

Verdi e Amarello    

Leave the meth heads alone!

212 days ago


They are a cult formed by a bunch of inbreed hillbillies, so they have bad genetics and their environment working against them. What did anyone seriously expect for an intelligent discussion on how to better the lives of others, believing in good works, love for our fellow man?

212 days ago


God says tigers work as well.. he also says to strap a steak to every members neck and to pet the tigers with thier chins. He said it would do humanity a big favor.

212 days ago


Looks like the hardcore right wing religious nuts like to "get their freak on" with snakes just like degenerate porn stars and strippers do ... and Britney Spears a few years ago. Aren't Christians supposed to have morals and stay away from this kinky stuff?

Humans can be quite weird. A lot of them seem like the weird azz aliens in that one bar scene in the movie "Star Wars".

212 days ago


All the people there are really stupid.

212 days ago


One word CULT........ God is nowhere in this!!!

212 days ago

She's baaaack    

I guess those Jesus snake people are a lot holier than I am but I thought gluttony was considered to be one of the deadly sins. Maybe the snake was trying to tell their obese assess something.

212 days ago


Deliverance from evil, Amen.

212 days ago


The music reminded me of the pickup street bands in the French Quarter. The people remind me of a bunch of drunks in a local dive bar on a Saturday night. Those are some really big women.

212 days ago


I am not the one to put down someone's religion, but I don't understand how they are all so hefty, when they are getting great exercise. I guess the rush is good for their hearts. I don't know........If they believe in it so much, why aren't the children participating? I really don't believe they are doing it for themselves, but as a tradition keepers. Hope those children don't run across a deadly snake in the woods and expect to befriend him. My love for my children would dismiss any, and all acts of potential deadly religious googydegoop.

212 days ago

kitten roulaine    

These whack a doos are not Christians, they are charlatons pimping the name of God for their bizarre, un christian, sacrilegious behavior. That is a place I would run from, you don't bring snakes into church, kiss it, love it, rub it down and then "praise the lord"! Everyone in there should get bitten ( that's probably the next step however, "church " full of people found dead of multiple snake bites).

212 days ago
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