'Snake Salvation' Son of Dead Pastor Will REFUSE Treatment If Snake Bites Again

2/22/2014 12:40 AM PST

'Snake Salvation' -- Son Of Dead Pastor Jamie Coots Will REFUSE Treatment if Snake Bites Again


Bite me once shame on you ... the new pastor in the "Snake Salvation" church will NOT accept medical treatment today if he's bitten by the rattlesnake that killed his father exactly one week ago.

Cody Coots tells TMZ ... he will indeed handle the deadly snake during the afternoon Kentucky service.  What's more, he says there will be NO anti-venom meds on hand in case the snake attacks again.

And ... if he's bitten and paramedics rush to the church, he'll send them away ... just like his dad Jamie Coots did.

Cody tells TMZ, "I will lay right there and say to everyone, it's God's will.  It's good enough to live by, and good enough to die by."