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Amanda Bynes

Cops Plea

in DUI Case

2/24/2014 10:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0224-Amanda-bynes-01Amanda Bynes has just scored a victory of sorts in her DUI case, pleading no contest to a lesser offense ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda was arrested in April 2012 in West Hollywood and charged with DUI.

Amanda's lawyer Rich Hutton was in court this morning and accepted a plea of "wet reckless" -- a drinking-related offense that does not have the serious consequences of DUI.

Under the terms of the deal, Amanda will be placed on 3 years probation, must attend a 3-month alcohol ed course, and pay various fines.

It appears her license was suspended because she refused to submit to an alcohol test at the time of her arrest.

Her lawyer tells us she's doing well now.



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TMZ - Why don't you just lay off Amanda. She is sick to no fault of her own & is getting the help she needs. TMA go after the celebrities who choose to act bad not Amanda.

219 days ago


Screw her and her so called "mental" condition. She's just a spoiled girl who thinks the world owes her

219 days ago


Your buddy's half sister is a whore

219 days ago


DMV and Insurance Companies considers a wet reckless same as a DUI so she did not score a victory. DMV and the courts are two totally different things at the end of it all only DMV has the authority to issue a drivers license not the judge..

219 days ago


In other words: drunk drive to your hearts desire, Amanda! This wasn't even a slap in the wrist, it's a tap!

219 days ago


Or, as it's known in poor, non famous, black neighbourhoods

"Complete and utter fantasy"

RECKLESS WET - the new affluenza

Mental illness or not - if she was sane enough to earn $, vote, go to bars and suck Drakes knob - she's well enough to do the time WE'D be sentenced to.

Sad about the mental illness - but a lot of us have it, and nobody cuts us a break.

219 days ago


She was fine in her younger years only recently when she started doing drugs she became crazy, buts let's blame it on Shcizophrenia and bipolar. Casey Anthony supposedly was diagnosed with Shcizo so she didn't mean to kill her baby she's mentally ill. My bro has bipolar so if he gets mad enough and kills someone's it's okay he shouldn't go to jail it wasn't his fault.

219 days ago


All the people complaining about her getting "special treatment", I rather have someone like her who most likely didn't know what she was doing as she seriously ill get a slap on the wrist than people like Lohan and Bieber who know what their doing and think they can do what they want because their "celebrities". Don't get wrong if she was in a right frame of mind, knew what she doing or hurt someone I would be saying throw the book at her, but I generally believe she did it because she was ill. She never got in any trouble before she got ill so that's why am saying that. Also most people get that sort of punishment anyway for a first time offence celeb or not, so i wouldn't say she got "celeb treatment" anyway. The poor girl has suffered enough and really she has been punished in the sense that everything what's happened to her, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I hope she can move on from all of this and start a fresh start, she deserves it. Best wishes Amanda!

219 days ago


Ha... today is another great day! I'm very happy for Amanda. She's a sweetheart, and I am rooting for her!

You go girl, show them how it's done!

219 days ago


I always liked Amanda. I'm trying to remember the show she was on.. I've been hoping she would get over whatever is ailing her. She was very funny, and easy on the eyes on that show. I didn't relize that she was that young.

219 days ago


How do you media whores know she's a sweetheart?? Laughable.

219 days ago

Coat Folkley    

a sham what hapened too hanta montanta

219 days ago


I wish that Amanda Bynes was assassinated like John Lennon, JFK, Sharon Tate, or even Princess Diana. She will burn in hell!

219 days ago


She should be steralized so she doesn't pass on her defective genes.

218 days ago


two years it took... and she pretty much got what she would have if she'd just walked in and plead guilty... and now, on top of the fine, how many tens of thousands of dollars did she pay this shyster for nothing?

218 days ago
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