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Justin Bieber

Drug Use Out of Control in ATL

2/27/2014 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is going harder than ever on sizzurp and weed since living in Atlanta ... multiple friends involved in his life tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Justin has had an alarming problem with sizzurp for well over a year, and he's been a big fan of weed for a long time.  But since moving to Atlanta, we're told he's "constantly high" ... rarely leaving the house.  As one source said, "Drinking more lean, smoking more weed than ever."

When Justin lived in L.A. he had a schedule set up by people connected to his business.  Since moving to Atlanta, he has no schedule and no rules.

Some of the people in Bieber's life that have confronted him about his drug use have been pushed away since Bieber made his move.  And we're told -- one by one -- Bieber is removing people he says have "ratted" him out over his drug use.

Justin does spend a fair amount of time in the studio in Atlanta ... working on hip hop ... but we're told rarely is he sober during those sessions.  And the thing is ... that's part of the rap game.



No Avatar


I thought the idiot "RETIRED"

177 days ago


Rap Game? This cracka has nothing to do with the rap game. (PS I'm a white guy)

177 days ago


One of Bieber's parents need to do what Britney Spear's Dad did for her....TAKE CONTROL OF HIS DOG GONE LIFE!

177 days ago


I feel bad for justin nobody in the world likes him anymore and he gets made fun of daily .. That's gotta do major harm to his psyche ..

177 days ago


He's going to love meth.

177 days ago

Nobody Special    

My name is Bizzle from Da Hood Calabasas,
I Drink My LEAN with Skittles & Molasses,
I'm a Big-Little Star and wear Dark Glasses,
I hang in Da Studio laugh'in at my Raps,
Look out Da window and see Da Paps.
Time to smoke some Bud & take another nap.

177 days ago


Drugs always seem to kill the really talented artists so young, which means Bieber will probably live to 100.

177 days ago


I never thought Justin was cute when he was a kid ... But now as an adult he is UGLY ... He's going down and fast

177 days ago


What does sizzurp do to the body over an extended period of time ? What's the damage it can do at this level of abuse ?

177 days ago


Is sizzurp a black person drug ?

177 days ago


I don't he just use heroin ?

177 days ago

Steven Peacock    

Marijuana is said to impair ability and responses and with sizzurp added, even with alcohol, Dangers arise in higher dosages because "promethazine is a depressant of the central nervous system" and "More importantly, codeine is a respiratory depressant, when taken in very large amounts, it can cause people to stop breathing.

Using alcohol and other drugs alongside purple drank increases the chance of problems "A lot of times these guys are not just drinking the purple drink, they’re also drinking alcohol. And potentially in combination with alcohol and other drugs -- all of these together can be a lethal ****tail

177 days ago


Tmz you need to photoshop the fingers growing out of Justin's neck

177 days ago


Who cares. Let this litte d'bag no talent punk OD before he hurts or kills someone.

He's got the Lohan mentality, I can do whatever I want and get away with it.

177 days ago


He should have a neurological brain scan, with his drug abuse he may have frontal lobe damage, an area of the brain that effects reasoning, knowing right from wrong, common sense, etc. This damage happens in severe alcoholics and they become unable to manage their affairs and make bad choices that get them into trouble then don't recall or understand. Him doing this, this young, he is heading down the path of brain damage among liver and organ damage.

Those in his camp seriously should have him get a brain scan for damage.

Those doing the drugs with him, are not your friends, those ratting on you are!

One day if you don't damage your brain and you turn from this substance abuse, you will realize this.

177 days ago
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