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Lamar Odom

Drug Dealers

Suspected in Kardashian Jewelry Heist

3/5/2014 1:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
's drug dealers could be linked to the $250,000 jewelry heist at Lamar and Khloe's house ... because we're told the dealers threatened to break in to get the money Lamar never paid.

Multiple sources involved in Lamar's drug deals last year tell TMZ ... Lamar wasn't paying his tab.  In fact, our sources say he was in the hole $15K to just one dealer back in Sept. and he owed another more than $40K.

Lamar would fend them off by saying he was loaded and therefore good for it.  He would also justify not paying from time to time because the quality of the drugs was "wack."

We're told Lamar owed 10s of thousands of dollars to drug dealers when he left for Spain last month.

Now the plot thickens.  We're told Lamar was getting text messages threatening his safety and also warning him they would break into his home to get even.

Cops don't know who stole the expensive jewelry but we're told there was no sign of forced entry.  One source says he has reason to believe one of the dealers had connections to someone who works for the family and had lawful access to the house.

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If he was receiving threatening texts to break into their home, then why can't the cops track down who the texts were from and get the names of the person or persons sending him these texts?

Why does this say that they don't know, when they very well can track a text down to the sender and phone it came from.

200 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Youre so predictable. I knew this would be your first story. I'm sure you did too. You've left Lamar alone for too long. Heaven forbid he be allowed I get his life together now that he's rid of the suckling

200 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Watch everyone, this is gonna be some huge story orchestrated by the s***dashians where they are ginna further ruin Lamar's reputation because they see he went away to play ball and he is happy without them and they can't take that. People, don't believe any of this!!

200 days ago


Marriage is for better or WORSE!

200 days ago


Why we never learn as black folkwe see all of our mes ups play out on tv or the net and we want break the cycle, we just lie to ourselves and continue own acting like boo boo the clown.we work sonhard forbsuccess and we just hand it all back rather its doing drugs, to many baby's mammasor ddaddy's, when do we stop and care and grow up, and stop my excuses for why we're where we are, come on black folk, wake up....

200 days ago


Sure....Kloe getting low on cash?? Insurance plus she gets to make Lamar look bad one more time.

199 days ago


It was only a matter of time before they came for him.

199 days ago

Bann T Emmzie    

Somebody needs to file a class-action lawsuit against all trash news sources like this. Amazing how "sources" are always too chicken to reveal their "sources!"

199 days ago


When you flaut your jewels and money for all to see... You have to expect certain things...And when you succumb to drugs... that's your choice! It's a free world, that's what you want, O had a choice... suck it up!

199 days ago


Now I could b wrong; but I thought I read this house was up for sale and sold; who keeps that kind of jewelry in house for sale?? stange...

199 days ago


Numerous folks here said they smelled insurance fraud and now this. Harvey, you don't even try hiding stuff anymore. How sad.

199 days ago


What BS. How did they walk into Kourtney's house? Unless the drug dealer is Kris.

199 days ago


is there a lower form of life out there than the Kardouchians???? they love takin it in the seat, they learned that from their mother.

199 days ago


such BS if they didnt have a security system then no one is to blame! you are idiots with 250K of jewelry laying around your house. It is so obvious it is Kris. prob end up "finding" everything next week. Another good story for your Whoree mother

199 days ago

Ron Wieder    

How did we wind up with so many trashy people in the field of Entertainment ? Trashy, Very Stupid People ???

198 days ago
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