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Justin Bieber

I Take Xanax Illegally

3/10/2014 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber jumped the gun in his deposition Friday ... and in the process admitted he was taking
Rx meds illegally.

As you know, Justin is being sued by a photog who claims the singer instructed his bodyguard to beat him up.

During the questioning, the photog's lawyer asked Bieber if he had a prescription for Xanax.  Before Justin's lawyer could object, the singer blurted out that he did not.

Justin's lawyer was clearly upset and told Bieber to hold his horses before answering.

It's a significant question ... because during Justin's DUI arrest cops say he admitted his mom had given him Xanax, and he tested positive for Xanax which is the basis for the DUI charge.

It probably won't impact the case.  If Bieber was under the influence it doesn't matter whether he took it legally or not.

But it wasn't the smartest thing for him to say.


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I hate to say it but the media is constantly bashing him. He is human with emotions. Its driving him to do drugs. At least its xanax and not heroin.

225 days ago


totally unsurprising, and no offense to those who like him, but he's getting somewhat average looking. soon, the fans will leave as he ages and gets older looking, and he'll just go around throwing his money around demanding to be treated like was when he was 18... sad. (not)

225 days ago


Rich kid with to much money!!! SPOILED BRAT! I have 7 yr old twins with better manners!!

225 days ago


he should overdose and die

225 days ago


This kid is a freaking retard. deport this idiot please?

225 days ago


The problem isn't Justin it's the people who have claim to despise him since the beginning that's the problem. Non stop torment makes people change, society killed the teenager. Hope Justin gets the help he needs soon to all that bad on Justin karmas a bitch. None of you hate Justin you've never met him or have taken time to get to know him. There is a difference between a person who's been mentally destroyed and a person who's just reckless.

225 days ago


Ok, never act a fool on camera and always be nice to cops and if there's a camera that means that it will be viewed again and again by the people you least wish and eventually least need. Like that Cypress hill tune a while back, "what goes around comes around kid", and you are a kid Justin. Think. If possible.

225 days ago


That lawyer wants to jump over that table so bad and whip his ass with a belt! That's what's wrong in America they took prayer and punishment out of school. And trust me some of the wisest and best leaders of our past can thank a strong willed teacher for their success. Look at how many videos show these little brats challenging grown women to fight them so that they can make a problem and get away with it because as the law can't hit a minor. And these little bunch of zombies we see coming up now makes me scared as **** what next they'll be allowed to get away with. But it should be this simple. Do the big man crime, then do big man time! Anyone over 12 is smart enough to know right and wrong.

225 days ago


Thank god we won that hockey game he's your problem In all seriousness he is a disgrace and an embarrassment. I apologize on behalf of Canada we don't raise our own to be such a doucher

225 days ago

Nah late    

Why is this little kids upper lip dirty?

225 days ago


LOL..Let the little douche hang himself.

225 days ago


Lol that too funny

224 days ago

Susie Conroy. Radford    

He's a brat, and a fool, listen to your attorney!! Does anyone still buy his music?

224 days ago


This kid is the biggest s***bag in the world you can't get any bigger then this what pure trash take a bath kid wash your ass

224 days ago


As long as Justin tries to do the following, his career will continue to slide; 1) Act tough - not wearing shirts 2) Thinking he's black/hood 3) Thinking he's a rapper 4) Continues doing drugs 5) Hanging with his current crowd.

224 days ago
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