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'Son of God' Actor

Faces Hellish Future

As The Devil

3/11/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The actor who stars as Jesus in the movie "Son of God" is going to hell for his next role ... he was just cast as THE DEVIL in a new TV show ... and his faithful Christian fans may not be forgiving.

Diogo Morgado -- aka "hot Jesus" -- has been cast as the ultimate bad guy in a new CW show, "The Messengers" ... although the network's mum on the new hire.

Production sources tell us Morgado will be playing a Devil-like character ... but the exact nature of the role is being kept on the DL because "Son of God" filmmakers fear the Christian faithfuls who are also prospective moviegoers may rise in protest.  But, TMZ knows he's Satan-adjacent.

 No, it has nothing to do with professional courtesy.


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You're going to hell if you're reading this comment right now

193 days ago


This is why both in Islam and Christianity is FORBIDDEN to WORSHIP images or statues which would include "stars","Celebrities","kings","politicians".
People are easily manipulated when they worship these subjects.

Follow NO MAN.

2nd commandment.

“You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them."

193 days ago


when da show starts there shood b a disclaimer that states he is only playing the role of the devil and that he is not really the devil or even evil minded. that mite soothe the bloodthirsty kristians.

193 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Satan goes by one of many names, but if I where him.... I won't go outside during a thunder storm.

193 days ago

Chloe Dashy - London UK.     

Leave the man alone, let him work & be social .. God forgives & all lol.

193 days ago

BB not bb    

So these shows can't have a devil who looks like Obama but can have one who looks like what people think of Christ? That is kind of messed up. It sounds like subliminal programming. They want you to call good evil and evil good.

If they are hiding the fact from Christians, that makes this choice even more suspicious. They must think their audience is a bunch of dummies.

193 days ago


He's just an actor playing a role. Everybody untwist their panties.

193 days ago


For black people, a white Jesus IS Satan. But even i have to admit, that it's highly unlikely that Jesus was a French looking white jackass with blue eyes. But he wasn't a N. either!
So to defeat racism in this country, after a black president, we need a black Jesus!

193 days ago


Its all crap..I believe in the Tao of Poo People don't even follow the vasic Treat 1 another kind. Following that christian bs would change the world.. No we have priests and pastors diddling their flick or stealing from them. Out of court catholic church settlements? What part of the Religion is that?? Its all psycho trickery to make anyone not white feel instantly less than. Created in his image my azz. Ill pray for my rent 2 be paid... See how fast I'm evicted No one's listening, no ones helping you cause you read a book and go to a building and tithe. Its Horse Crap. PEOPLE CANT HANDLE THE UNKNOWN SO THEY CREATE MYTHS AND BS ITS ALL CRAP!!!

193 days ago


This is why religion is dangerous. These fools follow blindly. If they'd BOTHER to research their Christian god n Jesus and learn something. Black Jesus?? Wtf?? White Jesus...bah hah!!! Idiots!!! Snakehandling fools

193 days ago


His casting as the Devil is by no accident. This is just Hollywood's way of intentionally pissing on the faithful. People should boycott the sponsors of the show and the network itself. Also, this actor is warped for taking the role, considering the timeliness between the two roles. This is Illuminati stuff, have no doubt--their childish way of flipping the bird at God. Karma is going to get all involved in this insult to God.

193 days ago


Um TMZ, don't project your juvenile and retarded thoughts on others. No one cares what roles he takes.

193 days ago

Gabriel Nuncius    

It is actually the same evil character in both roles. The Bible/Hollywood Jesus is the Holy Spirit, which is the Freemason 'god' Baphomet. The Jews have changed the Bible wording so that people worship Lucifer without them knowing. Thus the Jesus role and the Satan role are basically the same thing. Also, the son of God notion is also Jewish trickery; total hoax. Jesus was God in the flesh. It's all Jewish hoaxing which makes people think it is different. The Holy Ghost, the proper term, is Jesus/Christ/God. You cannot fool me TMZ or Hollywood. I know the truth about you and your Zionist Jew Luciferian hoaxing. I also know the truth about Hollywood death fakers. River Phoenix = Mark Dice. Bill Hicks = Alex Jones. Brandon Lee = Christopher Greene. Johnathan Brandis = Adam Kokesh. Sam Kinnison... etc. Those Communist Zionist Jews and their fake alternative media like Ted Turner's InfoWars. And by the way TMZ, you are still media. Therefore the owners and editors of TMZ will be facing 25 years in prison for censoring the news of Christ's return as announced last March 2013 by Pope Benedict XVI. All the media and the Vatican under Jesuit Jew Francis are censoring the news as well as the news of Pope Benedict's staff being kidnapped. And if you think the Pope news is bizarre or strange, all the more reason that TMZ should be reporting on it, right? It's just a strange as most of the stuff posted on TMZ. Christ gave His final warning to media last year. I am His Messenger and I will be coming for you one day and hauling you off to jail. Holy Marshall Law coming soon once we make the news viral via social media, thus bypassing the hoaxer mainstream media. TMZ was actually informed before. Thus you have been added into my Book of Bystanders, which the entire world will eventually know about. Giggle all you want, I am giggling too as I think about when I will be coming to knock on your house doors to arrest you all. A screenshot of my post has been made, as per usual, to do***ent your censorship when you delete my comment.

193 days ago

News Flash     

Carnal Christians know the devil more than anyone.

193 days ago


This is a story? TMZ scraping the barrel again.

193 days ago
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