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Kanye West

Cuts Plea Deal

In Photog Battery Case

3/17/2014 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kanye West
will NOT be prosecuted for battery on a photog, because he just struck a deal to make the case go away ... but not without a bunch of anger management therapy sessions.

West pled no contest to misdemeanor battery -- the City Attorney did not make him plead guilty, so there's no admission of guilt.

In return for the no contest plea, the attempted grand theft charge has been dismissed.

Kanye was placed on 24 months informal probation -- meaning he just has to keep his nose clean.  At the end of the 24 months, assuming he hasn't violated probation, the conviction will almost certainly be erased from his record.

West also agreed to 24 private therapy session for anger management.

Kanye also agreed to complete 250 hours of community service, and agreed to stay clear of the photog in question.

Kanye has to pay for the damage to the photog's equipment and any medical bills he incurred.

The photog addressed the court and said he felt Kanye should be sent to jail.  He talked about the trauma Kanye caused him and how his emotional injuries linger.  He says he thinks Kanye used the attack to promote his album, Yeezus.


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Lock this menace up and throw away the key! I am tired of his sht!! Enough about his dead mother and Kim K, we are over it!!!

158 days ago


Is anyone fool enough to believe Kanye will do 250 hours of community service? He will write a check! I think I saw there will still be a civil case involving this case so Kanye will have to write another check. If he can stay out of trouble for 24 months it will be shocking - he will lose it and punch someone when Kim starts divorce proceedings!

158 days ago


Kanye West has attacked three people. So he paid off two, and a judge. Next time the blood will be on the City Attorney & judge. We have it on film! Still not enough.

158 days ago


Why does this man where skirts and shout his vulgar Mother Goose rhymes? Why do you people pay to hear that?

158 days ago


Great long as there's no jail time, I need another album. The guy said he did it to promote his album, THAT'S FUNNY.

158 days ago


Not a can this arrogant arse get jailed. stupido laws. he should be jailed.

158 days ago


'Kanye should be sent to jail. He talked about the trauma Kanye caused him and how his emotional injuries linger. He says he thinks Kanye used the attack to promote his album' i hope the photog get cancer.

158 days ago

Deer diary    

this photog guy and all the stuff he has to say to get his money...his trauma...his lingering emotional injuries? bwahahaha it's hilarious. but as much as I can't stand Kanye...the guy is kind of right if you watch the video...I mean, he says it plain as day..."I know what you trying to do..,then I'm gonna have to pay you $250.000." idk the whole thing is amusing. i can only imagine Kanye having to go to half a years worth of anger mgnt classes and doing his community service! funny stuff for such an angry man.

158 days ago

Miss k    

This ***** needs to chill out , good luck ! We all know kim k loves the attention whether its good and bad . Plus they both need the paps whether they like to admit it or not ! Lol

158 days ago


I wish kanye, Kim, rhianna and Chris would all just disappear. None of them are role models for todays youth. All bunch of money grubbing attention Whores that are full of themselves

158 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Is "jive turkey" a racist term? Oh I don't care: this dumb jive turkey Kayne is never going to be able to stay out of trouble for two months, never mind two years. He has prison in his future, and a lot of time in court ahead of him. I'd feel bad for him if it weren't for the fact that he's a tool, an ass hole, a deluded idiot, a bad fighter and overall unskilled criminal, and a complete and total moron. Oh and his girlfriend has an empty head and fat blimp buttocks ha ha. If I were a photographer, I'd start deliberately provoking him to make him crack ha ha ha.

158 days ago


I love it!! Nothing worse for him, than to have to walk on eggs for 24 frigging months. One slip and bam! Straight to the slammer. Those pappz are going to go ham on him! He is going to be so fed up walking with vultures that he is going to be bang on the jail house door begging to be let in! Well that did beg for it all didn't they? Snap snap flash flash SLAM SLAM. OFF TO JAIL! ****ing waste of talent.

158 days ago


Too bad, I was hoping for the death penalty

158 days ago


Yet ANOTHER example of the Californian pay-to-win celebrity courts and a crocked judges doing what they do best--cutting those deals (but at a price)
One of these days that pot is going to wear off and they'll be an insurrection.
BTW, TMZ, what's the judge's name--the public would like to know who this the right honorable judge is. I've noticed you stopped naming the judges and DA...
What's up with that?
Covering their ass in case someone Google them their name won't be associated with their antics?

158 days ago


Another article for dear North to see when she is old enough to understand. Please, Kanye. Grow UP! Be a good DAD! Be a good ROLE model! It is not just about YOU!

158 days ago
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