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Paul Walker's Mom

My Granddaughter's Mom's an Alcoholic

I Want Guardianship

3/19/2014 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker
's mother just filed court documents asking for guardianship of Paul's 15-year-old daughter ... because the real mom has a serious drinking problem.

Cheryl Walker claims in her docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Meadow and her mom, Rebecca Soteros, are already living with her but Rebecca can't care for her daughter because of her alcoholism.

As we previously reported ... Rebecca has 2 DUIs -- one in 2003 and another last year.  We're told Meadow moved from Hawaii -- where Rebecca lived -- to live with Paul 3 years before he died because of her mom's problems with alcohol.

Cheryl says she's more than qualified -- she's raised 4 kids, she's a registered nurse and is a loving person.

Paul had said in his will he wanted his mom to be Meadow's guardian ... so this is clearly in line with what he wanted.

One other note ... the legal docs say Paul's estate is worth $16 MILLION ... a lot less than previously filed legal docs estimating his worth at around $25 mil.


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Where did all you mean and bitter people come from. Get some help and be happy.

157 days ago


This is how we'll determine who Paul's daughter IS.

If she trashes Mom on account of the money/pressure?

She'll have the usual life and be a mis-fit.

If she stands UP for Mom and demands fairness/equity.

Then we have someone special.

157 days ago


Where's the missing $9 million?

157 days ago


Someone's estate wishes has NOTHING to do with custody issues. How irresponsible and arrogant of him to even state this and how ignorant of his family now.

157 days ago


Hmm, smells like a money grab but we are on the outside, looking in. I hope the grandmother is thinking of her grand daughter and not her wallet. That would be sad.

157 days ago

Shaquille O'Neal     

Nothing worse than a drinking problem because it is legal and you can get it everywhere and it is everywhere you go. Very accessible.

157 days ago


The people that post here are way too smart and sophisticated - to NOT see right through this.

If I was Paul's mother or family I'd be embarrassed for myself.

You wanna handle the money, we get that.

157 days ago

Baby Nene    

Listen people....that is why Paul was recently granted full custody of his daughter right before he passed. If you have ever lived with or have known an alcoholic then you should be hoping Paul's mom get custody!!!

157 days ago

Black Adam    

Money will always be a factor in people's decisions, whether they know it or not. Money really is the root of all evil, it can't be helped. Feel bad for the girl though, death is the worst emotional pain of them all.

157 days ago


"15 she's ready for dating".__Paul's ghost what? Too soon?

157 days ago


I thought it was a well known fact that the mother couldn't take care of the girl,and even the mother herself knew that. This just sort of sounds like the next step.

157 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

She just wants that support money from the estate. Trying to cut his ex out. People are so disgusting. I hate you all

157 days ago

Rachel Nicole    

If the Mom has this serious of a drinking problem she should be in an in patient rehab facility. Use some of that money to get the Mother some help, there is no substitute for her real Mom.

157 days ago


ONLY 16mil f*ck thats still a lot if cash!

157 days ago


Leave the dead, the family, and the innocent children alone. Wait! That would require values. What am I smoking?

157 days ago
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