Hollywood Nightclub Alpacalypse Now Llama Drama-Rama Spits Out Health Violation

Bootsy Bellows Llama
He might have to turn in his badge after this -- the llama who plays a ruthless cop in a new show is now the suspect in a major investigation ... and it could end in one of Hollywood's biggest nightclubs getting shut down.

Como T. Llama -- the real-life llama who plays renegade Officer Callahan in the ridiculous new Starz show "Llama Cop" -- showed up to Bootsy Bellows Tuesday night for the show's premiere party.

Problem is ... Bootsy Bellows shouldn't be serving his kind -- as in, animals -- at least according to the L.A. Department of Public Health.

Now an official investigation into the Bootsy-llama incident is underway -- a rep for the health department tells TMZ, "It's unacceptable to have a live animal around food and drinks."  

The rep says possible consequences for bringing an animal into the club could be a citation or even a shut down. The health dept. will be contacting the club immediately for llama answers.

We reached out to Bootsy Bellows for comment on Llama-gate ... they had no comment.


Bootsy Bellows Llama