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Master P's Wife

He Owns 31 Properties, 13 Cars, & 45 Companies


4/24/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Master P
's estranged wife wants a $67 million parting gift from her marriage -- claiming she deserves a HUGE chunk of the rapper's empire ... which includes a small city worth of properties, a fleet of expensive cars, and more.

Sonya Miller just filed legal docs in the couple's bitter divorce, estimating the total value of community assets from the marriage at $178,743,300 -- including 31 properties, 13 cars, 45 companies, and other stuff. She wants nearly 40% of everything.

According to the docs, the real estate properties are spread across Cali, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia -- she wants eight of them. She also wants one of their three large chandeliers (valued around $300,000 a pop).

Sonya estimates the value of Master P's businesses -- including No Limit Records -- at $136,101,000 ... and wants $54 million of that. She also wants $10 million of Master P's "Make 'Em Say Ughh!" energy drink company. 

Other stuff -- Sonya wants her $28,000 wedding dress ... and ONE of Master P's 13 cars (the Escalade). Master P also owns a black Rolls, a green Bentley, a Porsche, a Jag, another Escalade, and several other ridiculous vehicles.

All told, Sonya is demanding $67,647,800 -- leaving Master P with a measly $111,095,500.



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sounds fair to me, especially that last line... she doesn't want more than her fair share, 40% seems reasonable to me....

146 days ago

Retail Queen    

I'm sure she wasn't in the studio or at any of his companies doing 9-5. She seemed like she didn't contribute much just played the "wifey" shop and live lavishly. Why is nothing in your name? Why did you not invest some of "your" money into your own businesses? That's because HE earned it. He paid for EVERYTHING. And that's why you don't deserve 40%. She didn't write lyrics, perform shows, spend time in the studio recording, develop a trademark, deal with lawyers, make appearances, negotiate business deals, or invest wisely and maintain a hefty amount of money. She was taking care of their kids, with nannies help, obviously, and living a good life. If they were married out of high school, did she even go to college? Or did she depend on her man for the basic life needs? You don't get paid for raising your own kids, you chose to have them and you chose to never put your name on anything valuable. Too bad. You're not going to beat him in court and your kids don't want to be with you. That should say something there.

146 days ago


He's so ghetto, the model in his ad is fat and has a bruise on her leg, lol.

146 days ago


The most ghetto_est divorce ever! Lol

146 days ago

Northwest Airlines    

I knew he wasn't broke. He just doesn't want to give his estranged wife any money.

146 days ago


If you were such a bad parent/wife that your kids don't want to live with or be near you, your cut should be significantly lower, probably to about 1-5%, no matter how long you've been married.

146 days ago

Thizz √$    

Ughh overrated ..

146 days ago


Sonya Miller is a producer and director, known for Black Supaman (2007), Decisions(2004) and Backyard Habitat (2005).

Sonya C. Miller, also known as Sonya C is a former American rapper and wife of rapper P. Miller. She was originally a member of the rap group, TRU, and released one solo album, 1993′s Married to the Mob.

The Screenwriter, Television Director, Rapper, Television Producer; Sonya who was by his side all these years and according to recent reports helped Master P create one of the most successful labels in hip-hop; is now living on welfare! Is it fair?

Sonya who is in her 40’s has lived in Beverly Hills, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Oakland, CA and Baton Rouge, LA.


146 days ago


Reportedly, Sonya and Master P, have been estranged for a few years now. Back in 2011, Sonya allegedly tried to seek child support from Master P and a court ordered him to pay her a paltry $271 a month for his four younger children with her. The fixed amount was based on a monthly income of just $1,387. At the time of the child support decision, Master P was trying to pull together his financial picture, so the court allowed him to pay the minimum.



146 days ago

Shanky Dog    

They were married 23 Years The "P" after Master stands for "PAYING".

146 days ago


WOW.....I wonder what happened for her to be so bitter and angry....I dont follow this rapper or his personal life (due to the fact I have a life of my own) I can only imagine what brought on this divorce. I mean if they were in fact married for over 25 yrs....its only right she gets some partying gifts from spending half her life with him and raising their children. I just hate that this is always dragged through the media. I never understood why you would marry someone one minute and then despise them the next. Wasn't there a reason you got married in the first place? I have no faith in the institution they call marriage any longer.

146 days ago


She deserves what she's asking for. She married this man when he had nothing and helped him build his empire. She stood by him through thick and thin, raised his children and was his rock for 25+years. If she was such a horrible mother, why did he go and have 7 kids with her? If she was such a terrible wife, why did he stay with her for so long and why is SHE the one who filed for divorce? She's not even asking for half, she's asking for 40%. Her younger kids are siding with Daddy because that's where the money is. Do you think they want to go be broke and on welfare with their Mom when they could be living in the mansion with Dad?

146 days ago

Dee Kat    

She should get something it wouldn't kill him to give her a house ,car and a few mil so she can live comfortable

146 days ago


I hope she don't get a dime why does he have to pay her to leave. If she is a partner in the business then half would be fair. If she was just sitting around spending money she should get nothing.

146 days ago


Just give her what she wants move on, and amass millions more without her lmao.

146 days ago
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