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Rep. French Hill I've Got Nothing to Do with Offensive Ad Targeting Black Voters

10/18/2018 6:29 PM PDT
Breaking News

Arkansas Rep. French Hill says he had absolutely nothing to do with the shocking radio ad targeting black voters with threats of white Democrats lynching black men accused of rape by white women.

French called the political ad appalling and outrageous ... saying there's no room in his state for this nonsense and making clear he in no way supports the messages. 

The ad is running on Arkansas radio stations popular within the black community. 

Basically, the ad suggests French and the GOP will protect black men against white women making unfounded claims of rape.

The political spot also draws a direct connection to the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, theorizing if HE had to go through that ... imagine what it means for black men. The overall theme echoes one of President Trump's favorite new catchphrases ... guilty until proven innocent. 

Pam Anderson Sacre Bleu!!! Injured on French 'DWTS'

10/18/2018 5:54 PM PDT

Pamela Anderson won't be doing that famous "Baywatch" run anytime soon -- she's on les crutches after she reportedly got banged up on France's version of "Dancing with the Stars." 

Pamela was hobbling out of her doctor's office Thursday in Paris, and her left leg was heavily wrapped in bandages ... especially around the ankle. Zut alors!  

We've seen TONS of injuries, almost weekly, on the stateside 'DWTS' ... so, good to know the Frenchies are no better than us.

Pretty sure there will be no lack of garςons willing to lend Pammy a hand while she heals.

J Prince Pusha T is an 'Ant' ... We Could Squash Him

10/18/2018 5:40 PM PDT

J Prince has a warning for Pusha T -- move on from the beef with Drake, or prepare to have your career squashed like a bug!

The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO told us Pusha's nothing more than an ant, and he issued a warning for the rapper. Some might hear that warning as more of a threat, but he says Pusha's got nothing to worry about, but only because he's not on Drake's level.

Despite the fact both Drake and Pusha have been dredging up ... J Prince assured us it's over and done.  

You'll recall, Drake dredged up the old feud recently by ripping into Kanye West for betraying his confidence to Push. Then Pusha went on Joe Budden's podcast, claiming Drake's producer was the one who went all Judas to reveal Drake's secret son.

Despite the renewed jawing on both sides ... J Prince assures us the feud is dead and buried.

It's another notch in the belt of the longtime rap beef squasher -- a reputation he addresses in his new book, 'The Art & Science of Respect.'

'The Conners' Star Michael Fishman Doing This without Roseanne is 'Bittersweet'

10/18/2018 3:56 PM PDT

Roseanne Barr's TV son, Michael Fishman, has strong feelings about the show carrying on without it's former namesake.

We got Michael -- who plays D.J. Conner on "The Conners" -- outside NBC Studios in NYC and asked him what it was like not having his TV mom in the premiere of 'TC.' Remember, Roseanne had a huge part in helping him land the role when he was just 6 -- so, it's no surprise he's got a soft spot for her.

As you know by now, Roseanne was killed off the show by an opioid overdose in this week's premiere --a move she's pissed about -- but doesn't sound like Michael has any hard feelings toward her.

He also told us why he thinks ratings were not as high Wednesday as when the short-lived "Roseanne" reboot premiered earlier this year (10.5 million vs. 18.2 million).

Bottom line? Mike's not panicking.

Kendall Jenner Alleged Stalker Released, then Re-Arrested

10/18/2018 3:07 PM PDT

Kendall Jenner's alleged stalker has already been released but then re-arrested Thursday ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, John Ford -- the man who repeatedly scaled the mountainside at Kendall Jenner's exclusive gated community and ended up on her property -- was released Wednesday, and the circumstances are interesting.  

As we reported, Ford was arrested Tuesday after he was found sitting on Jenner's porch and was immediately placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold. We're told because Ford, a Canadian citizen, had no insurance, he was taken to L.A. County Hospital where he was evaluated by a psychiatrist.

Ford could have been held for up to 72 hours, but we've learned the psychiatrist determined he was mentally stable so he was released Wednesday.

Our sources say the LAPD swooped in Thursday morning, re-arrested Ford, booked him for criminal trespass and violating a restraining order and he was taken to jail. We're told bail was set at $30,000.

We're told when Ford was re-arrested, he was NOT at Kendall's gated community. 

Our sources say prosecutors will soon arraign Ford and a judge could actually release him on his own recognizance pending trial. 

As we reported, Jenner's lawyer is getting a civil restraining order so if he violates that by coming near her gated community ... he could be arrested, if he's caught.   

Blink-182 No Reunion Set ... But, Some Good News For Travis Barker

10/18/2018 2:02 PM PDT

Turn the lights off ... we're told the rumored Blink-182 reunion is NOT happening, despite some heavy social media speculation.

Drummer Travis Barker and former Blink singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge got the rumor mill turning Thursday with this playful Twitter exchange ... but sources close to the band tell us Travis and Tom were just trolling each other, and they don't wanna mislead their fans, who were all just unsuspecting victims for a few hours.

We're told Travis and Tom privately communicate all the time, and this was just fans seeing their relationship on social media. 

There is some good news ... Travis has finally been medically cleared to drum after getting treatment for blood clots, and he'll perform with Blink on Oct. 26 and 27 in Vegas!

But, Tom won't be onstage ... it's still Travis, Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba

In other news...

Meet Diddy's New Girlfriend - 26 Year Old Model Jocelyn Chew

You may have noticed that Diddy and Cassie have been extra lowkey lately — well that’s because their relationship is over and it’s all because Diddy has a new lady in his life.


Harvey Weinstein's Rape Case Cops and Prosecutors Butt Heads ... Over Alleged Witness Tampering

10/18/2018 12:24 PM PDT

The criminal case against Harvey Weinstein is on the verge of collapse as prosecutors and cops are clashing over allegations the lead detective engaged in repeated acts of witness tampering.

Law enforcement sources are clapping back Thursday at prosecutors' allegations that lead detective Nicholas DiGaudio instructed one of Weinstein's alleged victims to delete relevant information from her phone prior to turning it over to prosecutors.  

Sources familiar with the case say DiGaudio is calling BS ... claiming he only told the alleged victim she could do whatever she wanted with "intimate stuff" from her phone before turning it over to investigators, including potentially embarrassing photos.

As for the prosecutors' assertion that DiGaudio also told the alleged victim "we just won't tell [the assistant D.A.]" about the deleted photos, sources say he has "no recollection" of ever making that statement. 

This is another huge setback for prosecutors. They already agreed to dismiss a sexual assault case where the alleged victim claimed she was forced to engage in oral sex with Weinstein ... this after a witness came forward and said she told Detective DiGaudio the alleged victim told her the sex was consensual. DiGaudio allegedly told the woman not to cooperate.

Prosecutors say they will still go forward with the remaining charges, but whenever the D.A. and the cops are at odds, the case is on life support at best. 

Oscar De La Hoya Claps Back at Mayweather 'We Don't Hit Women'

10/18/2018 1:44 PM PDT
Breaking News

The feud between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather is getting extremely personal -- and nasty -- with Oscar now calling out Floyd's domestic violence conviction to humiliate him. 

Floyd went after Oscar earlier Thursday -- posting an old photo of De La Hoya wearing fishnet stockings and heels -- and saying, "I fought her and her name is Oscar 'Golden Girl' Dela Hoya."

Floyd then implored his fans on social media to "leave the most disrespectful caption you can think of" about Oscar.

Now, Oscar is firing back ... saying, "Hey, [Canelo Alvarez] someone is salty about your record breaking contract with @dazn_usa. Good thing we will never resort to hitting women."

He added some hashtags -- "#DomesticAbuser #DomesticViolence #Salty #antidomesticviolence #FloydMayweather #SaltyFloyd #FloydSaltyMayweather #whyyoumad."

Of course, Floyd was convicted of domestic violence in 2011 stemming from an incident where he attacked the mother of his children. He cut a plea deal and served jail time. 

Unclear what Floyd's endgame is in regards to the feud with Oscar and Canelo -- since it seems he's already 86'd the idea of a rematch with Canelo

Maybe these guys just don't like each other. 

Dennis Hof Bye Bye, Love Ranch ... Brothel Shut Down

10/18/2018 11:02 AM PDT

You're gonna have to go somewhere else to fulfill your wildest fantasies ... because we've learned Dennis Hof's famous Nevada whorehouse closed its doors the day he died.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Love Ranch was shut down Tuesday immediately after the owner's death.

Dennis was the sole owner of the famous brothel where Lamar Odom overdosed, and no one else is legally permitted to run the biz. The Love Ranch had its prostitution and liquor licenses stripped, 'cause Dennis was the only name on the paperwork.

Other sources tell us sheriffs hit up the Love Ranch Wednesday night and took away the girls' permits to legally prostitute themselves. The women have been told to hit the road.

It's been a long time coming ... we're told sheriffs have been trying to close the Love Ranch ever since Dennis announced he was running for State Assembly. 

The brothel's future looks bleak ... the Love Ranch can't reopen until someone else locks down licenses, and that person will have to prove they own the property, prove it can be financially stable and pass background checks. It's not clear who will inherit the property.

There's still some good news for those starved for sex ... Hof's other whorehouse, the Bunny Ranch, is still operating.

But, get those last pumps in quick, we're told the D.A. is exploring whether to shut down the Bunny Ranch as well.

In other news...

Kim Kardashian Gets Intimate With Naked Male Model For Sexy New KKW Beauty Line

Kim Kardashian’s New Ad For KKW Beauty Is Her Sexiest Yet


Colin Kaepernick Still Training Everyday Lifting, Throwing and Running

10/18/2018 11:25 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Colin Kaepernick is staying NFL ready -- training every single day at 5 AM in case he gets the call from a team in the market for a talented, capable, veteran QB. 

These pics were shot early Tuesday morning as Kap put in work with his trainer, Josh Hidalgo -- Head of Sports Performance at the Sports Center NYC. 

Hidalgo says a typical day for Kap goes like this -- "5 AM on the dot we are on the field, warming up, sprint work, conditioning, throwing, lifting and stretching."

"Then immediately after Kap’s training is done he is off to meetings ... then we are back at it 5 AM on the dot."

On this particular day, Kaepernick attended the 3rd Annual Backpack Drive at We Are Dream, an organization that helps inner-city kids in East Harlem, the South Bronx and Newark.

Kap is suing the NFL for collusion -- claiming he's been blackballed from the league over his national anthem kneeling demonstration

His friend, Eric Reid, who also took a knee with him, has been hired by the Carolina Panthers -- and ya gotta think it's a good sign for Kap. 

Bebe Rexha My Friend Can Wear a 'Mexican' Costume And You Can Too, IF ...

10/18/2018 11:42 AM PDT

Bebe Rexha thinks folks who are pissed her pal rocked a "Mexican" Halloween costume ... need to chill, because she knows something that they don't.

We got the pop singer Wednesday at LAX and asked about the photo she posted that got a bit of blowback for the outfit one of her friends wore -- a sombrero and poncho. Some people claimed racism or cultural appropriation. 

Well, turns out looks can be deceiving -- Bebe told us the hombre is actually her assistant, Jesús ... and, as you might have guessed by now ... he has every right to wear that gear.

Bebe told us everyone who assumed Jesús is white, just got it wrong. That said, she does believe there are rules about who can wear this costume. As she put it, you better be Mexican or very ... well, we'll let Bebe explain. 

Corey J Shocking Vid of Kid Rapper's Arrest ... Busted For Selling CDs

10/18/2018 10:39 AM PDT

This video of 12-year-old rapper Corey J -- who's appeared on 'Ellen' -- getting manhandled and arrested in a Georgia mall is triggering controversy, and an internal police investigation. 

The clip shows Corey with his arm locked in the officer's grip as they argue about why he's getting hauled off to jail -- for allegedly selling CDs -- and that's when Corey's aunt jumped in and a scuffle broke out. 

During the Oct. 6 incident in Cumberland, GA ... the cop looked surprised when Corey said he's only 12, but it didn't stop the officer threatening to arrest him. 

Corey and his aunt both got arrested and charged with felony obstruction.

Corey claims the officer was treating him like a rag doll, and posted a pic of what appears to be his bruised arm. 

You might recognize Corey J from last year's appearance on 'Ellen' ... when he talked about his budding rap career.

Cops say they'd previously warned Corey twice about selling his CDs in the mall, but he says he was just there to meet up with other artists when mall security alerted police. 

Cobb County police chief Mike Register says he's aware of complaints and his department is launching an internal probe. 

'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Hospitalized After Assault 911 Call

10/18/2018 9:41 AM PDT
Breaking News

Jenelle Evans house party ended abruptly with a visit from police and, apparently, a trip to the hospital for the "Teen Mom" star.

This all went down last weekend at Jenelle and David Eason's home in North Carolina. Cops reportedly got a 911 call for a woman being assaulted, and a request for an ambulance. However, when officers arrived ... Jenelle told them she didn't want to take any legal action, and no police report was filed. She also canceled the ambulance.

According to multiple reports, she was driven to the hospital -- either by a friend or her husband. A rep told People Jenelle had merely tripped and fallen by a bonfire they'd built for the party. 

The Ashley's Reality Roundup was first to report the incident. It's unclear what kind of injury Jenelle suffered. 

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