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Russell Wilson & Ciara: DON'T LOOK AT US (But Really, Look at Us!)

3/23/2017 6:06 AM PDT

Welcome to the Hollywood game ... where stars go out to be seen ... and then act like they can't be bothered. 

Today's episode stars Russell Wilson and Ciara who hit one of the top 3 most paparazzi-packed places in town Wednesday night, Mr Chow ... and it wasn't for the food.

So, what was the endgame? Attention ... without trying to seem to desperate for it.

See ya at Catch.


Colton Haynes 4 Days After Engagement ... Already Talking Kids!!!

3/17/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Colton Haynes is on the fast-track ... a quickie wedding followed real quick by some bambinos. 

The "Teen Wolf" star was all smiles at LAX Thursday after getting engaged to Jeff Leatham in Cabo.  

He knows at least one song they'll play at the wedding.  


Kathy Hilton So Sorry, Jen Aniston For Pregnancy Tweets

3/16/2017 10:16 AM PDT
Exclusive 360 Video

Kathy Hilton has some words of regret for falsely impregnating Jennifer Aniston.

Kim Richards and Kathy were out Wednesday night at Craig's with Kyle Richards and Kris Jenner ... along with a sea of paps.

Kathy -- who turned 58 and was out celebrating her birthday -- eats crow after her cake for the Jen tweet.

Kim also gives us her take on Ben's recent rehab stint. You'll recall ... she's completed rehab herself a time or two.


Chad Michael Murray Work Trips Equal Sleep for New Dads!

3/16/2017 8:29 AM PDT

Chad Michael Murray isn't catching any beauty sleep -- not that it shows -- now that baby no. 2 has arrived, but he's getting some relief from work.

We got the "One Tree Hill" star at LAX Wednesday, flying outta town 2 days after he and his wife, Sarah, welcomed a baby girl. They already have a 22-month-old son, so Chad gave us the 411 on juggling work and daddy duty.

Sounds like he's been working night shifts at home, like most new parents, so he was definitely looking forward to a 6 hour flight.


April the Giraffe Big Money Now on the Line

3/16/2017 1:00 AM PDT


April the Giraffe is about to become a cash cow, for the benefit of the animals.

The long-necked, pregnant creature has had a camera trained on her for more than a month, and millions have watched and waited for what promises to be an awesome delivery.

Now here's the money part. The live stream had a sponsor, but the pregnancy has gone on so long the deal just expired. When that sponsor signed on, the live stream wasn't a thing so all the sponsor promised to do was feed the beast ... literally, by sending food to the Animal Adventure Park in NY.

Now, with 80 million viewers and 2 billion viewed minutes, the sponsorship is worth a bundle, and we've learned the Park is looking for a new sponsor who will pay big money to get its logo on the feed, which will last until the baby giraffe is 5 days old.

The Park is being super charitable ... 1/3 of the profits will go to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the rest of the loot will go toward the care of April, her kid and her animal pals.

April the Giraffe Still NO Baby But No Need to Panic ... Zoo Says

3/15/2017 1:17 PM PDT

April the Giraffe
's had millions of people waiting -- now impatiently -- for more than a month for her to give birth, but neither she nor her baby are in danger.

The Animal Adventure Park in upstate NY set up a live stream in early February ... anticipating she'd shortly give birth. No dice though, and the long wait has April's loyal viewers wondering what the hell's happening!

A rep for the park says they aren't worried about the lengthy delay ... in fact, it's natural. We're told April's not in full labor yet, but the fetus is active and there are biological signs (we'll spare you the gory details) she's close to popping.

We're told vets won't intervene until they see the positioning of the calf. Ideally, employees hope to see the baby's front hooves, knees, snout and neck first.

If that happens, they'll sit back and let April do her thing, but if there's any sign the calf is breech ... the vet team is ready to go.

Any day now, April.

Ciara and Russell Wilson Out and About After Car Crash

3/12/2017 7:08 AM PDT

0312-ciara-russell-wilson-prego-froyo-FFN-01Ciara showed everyone multiple times Saturday she's ok after her scary car crash the day before.

0312-ciara-russell-wilson-prego-froyo-FFN-02Ciara and hubby Russell Wilson strolled through WeHo with a tasty treat, then Russell took the wheel in their Rolls, and then they rolled into Catch for some grub.

Ciara Car Accident in L.A.

3/10/2017 12:05 PM PST

update_graphic_red_bar2:20 PM PT -- Ciara's rep tells TMZ, "The driver was illegally in the bus lane and hit the right side of her car."

1:44 PM PT -- Russell Wilson just let everyone know Ciara is ok, tweeting, "Momma Wilson & Baby Wilson are feeling great! God is good!"update_grey_gray_barCiara -- who's pregnant and in her 3rd trimester -- was involved in a car crash in L.A. moments ago ... TMZ has learned.

Witnesses tell us Ciara was driving her white Mercedes SUV and was making a left turn when a grey Volvo SUV slammed into the front passenger side of her vehicle.

0310-ciara-car-accident-gallery-launch-TMZ-07Police and Fire Dept. responded to the scene. We're told Ciara was clutching her chest and shoulder, but walking around and talking on her phone.

Law enforcement sources tell us Ciara and the other driver exchanged information, but neither of them was seriously injured.  

Story developing ...

Ciara Pregnancy Pic Features 3 Naked People

3/7/2017 11:12 AM PST
Breaking News

's Artsy Pregnancy Photo Checklist:

-- Strip down to undies to show off belly? Check.

-- Nude baby Future? Check.

-- Possibly naked Russell Wilson pressing his face into your back while reaching around to caress belly? Check and mate.

Just The 4 Of Us. ❤️ @harpersbazaarus

A post shared by Ciara (@ciara) on


Leonard Fournette I'm Officially In The Second Round ... Of Fatherhood

3/6/2017 11:24 AM PST
Breaking News

0306-leonard-fournette-twitter-01Leonard Fournette just fell into the 2nd round ... of daddy ... announcing the birth of his second kid, and get ready, college coaches -- it's a baby boy.

Fournette made the announcement on his social media, posting a picture of the kid with a caption that read, "Welcome my young boy into the world L4."

Leonard is a third, so we're assuming he kept the name for the little tyke to officially be the fourth and carry the name for another generation of tackle breakers.

Oh, and for anyone wondering, we did the math, kid is class of 2035. OFFER RIGHT NOW.

Reggie Bush's Wife I'M PREGGO! ... Bumps Out In L.A. Park

3/3/2017 7:04 AM PST
Breaking News


Good news for Reggie Bush ... the NFL star's wife just revealed she's pregnant with their 3rd kid! 

Lilit Bush broke the news on social media in a happy birthday post to Reggie ... complete with a bottle emoji to signify the bun in the oven.

Also, she was out in L.A. sporting the bump -- as seen in recent workout pics with Reggie at an L.A. park. 

The couple has 2 kids already -- a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old. 




Russell Westbrook I'm Gonna Be a Daddy!!

3/1/2017 10:54 AM PST
Breaking News

0301_Russell-Westbrook_pregnant_instagramIt's official ... Russell Westbrook's got a baby on the way!!

The NBA star announced his wife is with child and due in May. There have been rumblings behind the scenes for months ... now Russ has confirmed it's true. 

Russ and Nina got married back in 2015 -- and have been dating since their college basketball days back at UCLA. 

No word if the little fetus is a boy or a girl but one thing's for sure ... it'll definitely hate the Warriors. 

Beyonce Coachella Cancellation Ticket Resale Prices Go Up!!!

2/25/2017 12:50 AM PST

0223-beyonce-coachella-INSTAGRAM-02Beyonce's Coachella cancellation didn't cause resale prices to plummet ... in fact, it's been quite the opposite -- tickets actually went up in price.

When Bey pulled the plug Thursday, the cheapest resale GA pass was going for $540 on StubHub. Twenty-four hours after the cancellation, tickets were going for $550 a pop.


Coachella insiders tell us it just reinforces the fact ... fans of the festival are going for the experience and not one particular headliner.

As TMZ reported, the festival was almost completely sold out before Beyonce's appearance was announced. There clearly wasn't an avalanche of resales on the market ... otherwise the prices would have dropped.

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