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Drake Sues Woman Who Allegedly Made False Pregnancy, Rape Claims ... And Tried Extorting Him

9/18/2018 5:46 PM PDT

Drake has just filed a shocking lawsuit against a woman who claims he got her pregnant, saying she's hatched a baby scam and made false rape allegations against him.

Drake claims in the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, he met Layla Lace last year during his Boy Meets World Tour in Manchester, England. He says after one of his concerts in February 2017, they hooked up at his hotel where he says they had consensual sex and "Layla also voluntarily and seemingly happily performed oral sex..."

In the lawsuit, filed by celeb lawyer Larry Stein, Drake says Layla went ballistic when he sent her home rather than taking her on tour with him.  

The lawsuit contains a number of text messages Layla sent Drake in the following weeks, saying how much she missed him and so on. Drake says she created a "fantasy relationship" with him and, at a point, didn't have the "time or energy to respond" and he says that set her off.

In April 2017, she posted on Instagram and for the first time claimed she was pregnant, saying, "So I guess still in this era this is the new thing that after you tell a dude you pregnant they stop answering they phone!!!" According to the lawsuit, she then threatened to publicly leak messages from Drake. She made good on her threat and went on SiriusXM and announced Drake got her pregnant.

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The suit goes on to allege in May 2017, Layla hired a lawyer and demanded money for her alleged baby and threatened him with defamation because TMZ posted a story saying Drake had never even met her.

The suit claims Layla refused to take a paternity test and Layla and her lawyer went radio silent. Drake says the whole thing was a scam ... "There is no credible evidence of pregnancy, nor any baby, which would have been born last Fall."

According to the lawsuit, Layla switched tactics and went to authorities in New York and alleged Drake had raped her during their one-night stand. Drake says at that point Layla hired a new lawyer who demanded money or else they would make the rape complaint public.

According to the suit, the case was referred to Manchester police, who interviewed Drake and ultimately cleared him.

But, according to Drake ... it wasn't over. He says in the suit Layla then demanded millions of dollars in exchange for silence. 

Drake is suing her for civil extortion, emotional distress, fraud, defamation, and abuse of process.

He's asking for unspecified damages. 

J. Alexander Slick Woods & RiRi Changed Fashion With Near-Runway Birth

9/17/2018 4:15 PM PDT

J. Alexander says the pregnant model who went into labor during Rihanna's fashion show has changed the runway game for good -- which will help models of all sizes.

We got America's favorite runway coach and judge from 'ANTM' at LAX, where we asked if Slick Woods revolutionized the fashion industry by walking the Savage x Fenty runway at 9 months pregnant, going into labor backstage and delivering her baby all in a 14-hour time span.

J. says she absolutely has, and RiRi's responsible for putting her in a position of trailblazing.

He explains because Rihanna doesn't play by the rules and hires models with varying body types -- and at varying stages of life (in and out of the womb) -- designers will follow suit, and models will get more gigs. It's a win-win for everyone, really.

There's also this -- J. tells us he wants to see a delivery right there on the runway floor next time ... just to up the ante.

Here's our reaction to that suggestion. 

Carrie Underwood Had 3 Miscarriages ... Over Last 2 Years

9/16/2018 10:36 AM PDT

Carrie Underwood revealed some tragic news this weekend about her fertility issues over the past couple years -- during which she suffered three miscarriages. 

The country music star shared her emotional story on CBS Sunday Morning, where she got into some of the meanings behind her new single "Cry Pretty." She says one major hardship was unsuccessfully carrying 3 babies to term, and still having to put out new music. Carrie explains sometimes you put on a happy face ... even in sadness.

Carrie also suffered a serious injury late last year that required her to get about 50 stitches in her face. Needless to say ... it's been rough for her for a multitude of reasons.

Thankfully, Carrie is currently pregnant with her second child -- which she announced just last month. She looks to be a few months along at this point.

Paige Butcher Eddie's Finally Gonna Have a Jr.!!

9/14/2018 3:37 PM PDT

Eddie Murphy's had NINE kids, but baby #10 could still be a first, in a way, for him and gf Paige Butcher.

Paige, who's expecting their second child together, was out shopping for baby books Friday in Studio City, CA when she had an impromptu gender reveal party!

Okay, no exploding pink or blue balloons, but still ... the model did reveal she and Eddie are having a boy this time around. They had a little girl 2 years ago.

She says they already have some names in mind and for the first time, they're considering going the junior route. Pretty amazing Ed hasn't gone there before -- he's had 3 cracks at it.

Here's hoping we're roughly 20 short years away from Eddie Murphy ... the sequel! 

Rihanna Fashion Show Pregnant Model Goes Into Labor After Runway!!!

9/13/2018 11:25 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Rihanna's fashion show was eventful, both on and offstage, because we've learned one of the models went into labor.

It went down Wednesday night at the Savage X Fenty show in Brooklyn, NY. Slick Woods was super pregnant as she rocked black pasties and lingerie with cutouts ... along with nude-colored, thigh-high pantyhose.

The crowd loved it, but just as the 22-year-old walked backstage, we're told she went into labor. We're told paramedics showed up to help Slick along. She was taken to the nearest hospital.

The baby boy's name will be Saphir.

The dad is Adonis Bosso, who's also a model.

Cardi B I Can't Sit for Depo ... Due to Post-Birth 'Complications'

9/4/2018 9:04 AM PDT
Breaking News

Cardi B's coping with serious issues since having Kulture, and says that's why she's calling for a time-out on a lawsuit against her ... according to new legal docs.

Cardi's legal team filed a motion asking for an extension of the deadline for her to answer lawyers' questions. The rapper was sued last year for using a tattooed model on her album cover because the plaintiff believes the image uses HIS tattoo design.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Cardi's lawyers say she suffered "unanticipated post-partum complications" that were significant enough to force her to cancel her tour with Bruno Mars, among other things.

They add that her condition has made it nearly impossible for her to fully participate in completing the investigation and sitting for a deposition. 

As we reported ... Cardi had previously responded to the man's suit, saying the 2 people in question (the guy suing and the guy on her album cover) were completely different people, and that the alleged matching back ink isn't even really the same.

Cardi wants until October to sit for the depo, and the other side's on board with that. The judge has to sign-off to make it official.

Cardi B This MILF Wants $300k ... to Get Back Onstage

8/30/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Cardi B's not coming back to work unless someone's ready to break the bank ... it's the only way she'll entertain the idea of leaving her kid.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ ... Cardi wants $300k to get back onstage, and it's gonna be on her terms -- no discounts. Fact is ... we're told she's getting offers in the $500k range, so she won't be hurting for work.

We're told not only does the moola have to be right, the location can't be in Timbuktu. She wants the shows to be close to home. Reason's simple ... she's obsessed with her baby girl, Kulture Kiari Cephus.

Cardi's made it crystal clear ... no small club gigs 'cause the "Bodak Yellow" rapper is all grown up -- and the market agrees. She commanded $100k a show at Coachella in April while she was pregnant ... and with her popularity rising, so has her paycheck. She's recently fielded multiple offers but it's unclear if and when she'll pull the trigger on any of them.

Cardi shocked the world last weekend when she performed at the Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour in NYC. It's unclear if the promoter dropped Cardi's commanding fee for that show. Her camp ain't saying.

But, what's clear is that fans were left salivating after she dropped her bars from "Motorsport" ... as she rocked a sultry leather getup with heels and long pink hair.

Cardi's return to the stage has turned into highly anticipated news. Remember, Cardi had to bail on Bruno Mars' upcoming tour, saying she needed more time to recover mentally and physically after giving birth to Kulture. As she put it, she "underestimated this whole mommy thing." For Bruno's part, he was cool ... signing a bunch of other stars to his 24K Magic Tour.

Cardi opened the VMAs earlier this month, and came away huge with 3 awards. She celebrated with a little Mickey D's, and then put Nicki Minaj on notice ... dissing her as she rapped onstage during an NYC after-party.

The Miz and Maryse WWE Comeback 5 Months After Baby? ... 'She's Hardcore!'

8/29/2018 6:11 AM PDT

How in the hell is WWE superstar Maryse back in the ring just 5 months after popping out a kid???

She's a badass ... who kinda ignored doctor's orders, according to her husband, The Miz

The wrestling power couple appeared on "TMZ Live" and explained how Maryse didn't want to give up her career after having a kid -- and worked like a beast to get her body back in shape. 

The stars of USA's "Miz & Mrs." are a real-life couple who got married back in 2014 and had their first child, daughter Monroe, in March.

For Maryse, who's been wrestling in WWE for 12 years, the decision was easy -- she considers herself a working woman and needed to find a way to balance her career and being a mom. 

And, you can tell her husband is impressed -- bragging about how great she looks and how fit she got while crushing mom duty. 

The couple is set to take on another real-life married couple at WWE's 'Hell in a Cell' event in Sept. -- Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.

Maryse says she's ready to hand out ass-whoopings to everyone. 

Eddie Murphy My Girl's A Dime ... Kid #10 is on the Way!!!

8/28/2018 7:11 AM PDT

Eddie Murphy is about to have enough kids to play a regulation basketball game at family gatherings -- his gf is pregnant with his TENTH child!

Paige Butcher was showing off her baby bump Monday in L.A., and looking pretty damn hot while doing it. The form-fitting pink dress and jean jacket scream MILF alert ... even in casual flip-flops. 

Eddie and the Australian actress are expecting their 2nd kid together in December ... but the little one will put Ed in double digits overall.

His first 8 bundles were with Nicole Murphy, Mel B, Tamara Hood and Paulette McNeely, and his oldest kid is pushing 30. Guess he'll have no problem finding a sitter.

Someone's taking "Daddy Day Care" to a whole other level.

Cardi B & Offset Heeeeere's Kulture! ... Well, Kinda

8/22/2018 10:53 AM PDT

Cardi B and Offset just gave us a first glimpse of their newborn after keeping her under wraps for a little more than a month -- keep in mind though ... it's literally just a glimpse.

The new parents posted a sliver of a photo of baby Kulture Wednesday -- the first time we're seeing her in any capacity -- with Cardi captioning the pic "KultureK." 

It's definitely more of Kulture than we saw Monday night when Cardi pretended to be holding the kid in her arms as she opened the VMAs ... only to reveal it was a Moonman statue. We already knew she wasn't bringing Kulture though ... so no big surprises there.

Gotta say -- Cardi and Offset are definitely keeping their cards close to the vest. If Cardi holds out long enough ... she might beat all the newest Kardashian kids' debuts. Khloe's baby, True, currently holds the title at 2 months and change. 

Hang in there, Kulture! You're ahead. 

Matt Barnes Baby On the Way ... With Model GF

8/20/2018 1:32 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Matt Barnes is gearing up for Baby #3 -- his model girlfriend is pregnant ... and we're told they're both stoked about it!

The recently retired NBA star has been dating Anansa Sims -- daughter of legendary supermodel Beverly Johnson, as reported by Bossip. Anansa is a pretty famous self-described plus-size model who's been featured in tons of fashion mags. 

Sources tell us ... Anansa is due in December. 

As for their relationship, we're told -- "They are both happy and their families and friends are super supportive."

One source close to Matt tells us, "She's just really sweet and brings out the best in him. It's a good pairing." 

Anansa has three kids from a previous relationship with ex-football player David Patterson. Barnes has twins from his previous relationship with Gloria Govan


Salma Hayek Where's My $30 Billion Husband!?

8/15/2018 10:26 AM PDT

Can you spot the $30 BILLION man in this crazy video? 

Salma Hayek can't -- because the paparazzi went so crazy for the actress and her daughter outside of Madeo, she lost her insanely rich fashion mogul hubby in the madness!!

FYI, Salma's married to Francois-Henri Pinault -- whose family is worth around $30 BIL, according to Forbes. The Pinaults own some of the biggest high-end fashion companies in the world, including Gucci and Alexander McQueen. He married Salma in 2009. 

The gang went out for a family meal Tuesday night -- and Salma's daughter, Valentina, was a natural in front of the snappers ... busting out crazy poses while her famous mama joined in! 

Fun Fact: Valentina is 10 years old ... meaning it's been a decade since Salma shared her new mom superpowers to breastfeed a baby in Sierra Leone after the kid's mom ran out of milk. 

As for Pinault -- don't worry, he eventually found his way back to Salma (lucky him). 

Hilary Duff Sun's Out Bump's Out in Malibu

8/15/2018 10:31 AM PDT

Hilary Duff's baby bump is growing by the minute, but that doesn't mean her summer beach days are behind her ... far from it, in fact.

Hilary and her boyfriend, Matthew Koma, hit up a beach in Malibu Tuesday for a little R&R as they await the birth of their child, which is definitely cooking at a healthy pace. She didn't shy away from the water ... Hilary jumps right in with Matt.

The couple announced they were having a baby girl this past June after rekindling their on-again, off-again romance in late 2017. She already has one kid, Luca Cruz Comrie, with ex-husband Mike Comrie

As for this outing ... can't say we're all that surprised to find Hilary near a sandy shore. She's always been one to get the kiddos in the waves early and often -- whether they're 5 or not even born yet.

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