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John Wall NBA Players Will Punish Lonzo Ball ... For Daddy Talkin' Smack

2/19/2017 12:55 AM PST

NBA All-Star John Wall says NBA players -- especially Steph Curry -- will punish UCLA star Lonzo Ball for his father's smack talk, saying all the hype has definitely put a target on the kid's back.

We talked to Wall as he was in New Orleans getting ready for the All-Star game Sunday ... and asked about Lonzo's dad, LaVar, telling TMZ Sports his son was gonna be BETTER than Steph Curry.

The comments caught fire ... with a lot of people wondering if LaVar's fatherly pride was biting off more than his son's game can chew.

Wall told us he DEFINITELY thinks Lonzo is a legit baller ... but said there's no doubt about the fact that the entire league ... especially Steph ... will be lining up to take a chunk outta his ass next year.

"He's putting a lot of pressure on his kid ... he's adding fuel to the fire for when he plays Steph Curry, or any other point guards after he gets drafted."

We guarantee you this ... LaVar and his crew ain't scared at all.

DeMarcus Cousins Would All-UK Team beat Cavs? 'F***in' Right'

2/19/2017 12:45 AM PST

Could an NBA team made up of the best former Kentucky players be able to beat the defending world champion Cleveland Cavaliers to win a ring?

"F*****' RIGHT!"

DeMarcus Cousins CLEARLY agrees with John Calipari ... who said this week that a team of Boogie, Karl-Anthony Towns, John Wall, Devin Booker and Anthony Davis would be able to win an NBA title.

There's a guy from Akron who might have something to say about that ...

Russell Westbrook Crashes H.S. Hoop Tourney Fans Go Crazy!!

2/17/2017 9:23 AM PST

Russell Westbrook is a real crowd-pleaser ... 'cause the NBA star crashed a high school basketball tourney in New Orleans and had fans LOSING THEIR MINDS!!

Russ -- a Jordan Brand athlete -- popped up at the Jordan Invitational at St. Augustine H.S. in NOLA to check out 4 of the best H.S. hoops teams in the country face off ... but the Thunder hooper clearly stole the show.

Westbrook is in town for All-Star Weekend ... and fellow All-Star Kemba Walker and his teammate, Frank Kaminsky, also made appearances.


LaMelo Ball's Dad He'll Score 92 Again Easily ... And Average 50 Next Year

2/12/2017 12:25 AM PST

If you were impressed with Lonzo Ball's little brother, LaMelo, notching 92 points in a high school game this week get used to it, 'cause the Ball brothers' dad says it'll probably happen again next year.

TMZ Sports talked to LaVar Ball and he told us the astounding 92 points 'Melo scored Tuesday night was a hint of what the 15-year-old will do next year when he doesn't have to share the team with his brother, LiAngelo.

"That's a preview of what he's gonna do ... on the fact that Melo is my only son that won't have to share the spotlight."

When we we asked if it was possible the kid could average 40 or maybe even 50 points a game next year, Ball's answer was simple ... "Easily."

BTW -- LaMelo pops into the video at the end ... and even though he's a basketball wizard, it's obvious he's something else, just a humble 10th grade kid who lets his dad do the talking for him.

And pops is really good at his job in this video ... especially when he gave it to the haters who've been criticizing the way 'Melo got his 92.

Charlie Day Green Man Successfully Distracts Player ... At ASU Game

2/9/2017 8:07 AM PST


Charlie Day brought out his neon green bodysuit Wednesday night to serve as the PERFECT addition to Arizona State's "Curtain of Distraction" Wednesday night ... and it worked!!

FYI -- The Curtain is what ASU students do to mess with the opposing team's free throw shooters by revealing someone acting like a jabroni as the player is about to shoot.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" fans will easily recognize Charlie's signature tailgating outfit -- and it proved effective, 'cause the Cal player missed his free throw.

As for the game ... ASU could've used some more of Day's distracting skills, 'cause the Bears ran away with the W.

Michael Rapaport LIP-READS Charles Oakley Fight 'Whatchu Wanna Do Bitch Ass?'

2/9/2017 7:06 AM PST

Here's Michael Rapaport playing the role of his NY Knicks hero, Charles Oakley, during his altercation at The Garden Wednesday night.

Accurate or nah?

Terrell Owens Hall Of Fame Hops Throws Down Hammer In Celeb Game

2/7/2017 1:26 PM PST

It's clear T.O. isn't letting his Hall of Fame snub keep him down ... getting way, way, way up to snatch an alley-oop out of midair in a charity basketball game, and TMZ Sports has the jam on video.

Terrell Owens balled in the Gridiron Celebrity Hoops game in Texas over the Super Bowl weekend, and while guys like Daniel Gibson, Steve Francis and Trinidad James were there, Owens had the highlight.

Obviously, there's a firestorm of controversy surrounding T.O. right now, but it's good to see that at 43 he can still remind the entire world he's one of the greatest athletes ever.


Boxing Champ Anthony Joshua Sucks At Dunking Basketball

1/30/2017 1:23 PM PST

Heavyweight boxing champ Anthony Joshua is a freak of an athlete. 

6'6", 234 lbs and explosive as all hell. 

Yet he sucks at dunking a basketball.

Here's video of the K.O. king getting rocked by the rim at the Under Armour headquarters in Baltimore -- where he's been promoting his upcoming superfight with Wladimir Klitschko

Don't worry AJ, even superfreak athletes like Dez Bryant get stuffed by the rim every now and then. 

Still funny though. 

Kenny Smith Kills Smush Parker's Dream Kobe's Not Joining Your Team Bro

1/30/2017 12:45 AM PST

Kobe Bryant will NEVER join Lamar Odom and Smush Parker in Ice Cube's 3-on-3 league ... that's according to Kenny Smith who says if Kobe still wanted to hoop, he'd do it in the NBA.

We got Kenny out at LAX and asked him what the chances were that Kobe would take his old teammate Smush up on his offer, and recreate the triangle with Lamar Odom this summer.

That's when Smith kept it 1000% ... saying there's a difference between the three men, and that's that Smush and LO's NBA days are extinct ... and Bryant could still get league buckets if he wanted to.

He's probably right ... but we're still hoping he's wrong.

Duke Legend Jay Williams I'm 100% Behind Coach K 'He Has To Take Extreme Measures'

1/28/2017 12:25 AM PST

Duke legend Jay Williams says he's 100% behind Mike Krzyzewski's new brand of justice ... saying the the Hall of Fame coach has to take "extreme measures" to right the Blue Devils' ship.

Coach K has been under some heat for banning Duke players from their own locker room, and forbidding them from wearing Duke gear until the team picks up it's poor play.

People are saying K's taking things too far ... but when we talked to the former Blue Devil and 2 time college player of the year ... he said K's got it all under control.

"He's got to take extreme measures ... they haven't really responded to anything else."

Williams went on to say he doesn't think Coach K has lost his touch, but admits the last couple seasons of Duke basketball have been "difficult to watch."

Drake I Would've Traded My Life in 2009 ... To Play Basketball at U. of Kentucky

1/27/2017 8:02 AM PST

Drake's love for Kentucky basketball runs a LOT deeper than we initially thought ... 'cause the rap superstar says he would've traded his life in 2009 to play for the Wildcats.

6 God called into coach John Calipari's "Cal Cast" podcast to talk about his relationship with with the team and his first visit to Kentucky's campus in 2009 ... calling Cal a father figure and mentor.

"When I came to Lexington and I met you, I didn’t want to leave. I would’ve probably traded my life at that moment to like play Kentucky basketball and be under you ... It felt like this incredible feeling." 

We've seen his jump shot. Thankfully, he stuck to music.

Ron Artest III My Dad Roots For My Competition? WELL I ROOT FOR LEBRON!!

1/26/2017 4:03 PM PST

Ron Artest III just totally DUNKED on his dad, Metta World Peace ... saying it doesn't bother him if Metta roots for his competition, because he roots for his dad's old rival ... LEBRON JAMES.

Ron III just got the biggest win of his high school basketball career when his Beverly Hills High team beat Crossroads, a squad led by prep phenom Shareef O'Neal.

TMZ Sports talked to Metta about the big win ... who revealed a shocking fact that he was ACTUALLY ROOTING FOR SHAREEF OVER HIS OWN SON!!!

We brought it up to Ron III when he joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show Thursday, and his response to his pops couldn't have been more priceless, or more savage.

Be sure to catch the full interview on "TMZ Sports" tonight on FS1.

Metta World Peace I Cheer For Shaq's Son Over My Kid

1/26/2017 10:09 AM PST

There's no beef between Shaq and Metta World Peace over their basketball star kids ... matter of fact, Metta says he sometimes pulls for Shareef when he plays against his son.

TMZ Sports spoke to Metta about Ron Artest III's H.S. squad going up against Shareef O'Neal's this week ... and he says he's so close to Shareef, he's conflicted about who he wants to win.

FYI -- Shareef is one of the top-ranked juniors in the country ... and Ron III -- who just started ballin' 2 years ago -- is an up-and-coming prospect.

MWP says he's cool with the young ballers being friends OFF the court as long as they're still enemies ON the court.

As for Metta, if being a basketball dad and an NBA player weren't enough to keep him busy ... he told us he just dropped a new hip-hop track. 

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