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Roy Jones Jr. My Son Will Go Pro One Day ... In The NBA!!!

3/28/2017 2:00 PM PDT

Another Roy Jones will be dominating professional sports very soon ... except it won't be in boxing, and he won't be Jr., 'cause this RJ will be tearing up the NBA, according to his dad.

His dad is Roy Jones Jr., one of the greatest boxers of all time and he tells TMZ Sports his kid Roy Jones III -- who's killing it in Florida HS hoops -- is destined for NBA greatness.

"I know he has that potential, he's talented enough to make the NBA, yes."

Don't get it twisted, Roy says he's not at all pulling a LaVar Ball -- making outrageous claims about his kids -- but just says he believes in his son, who Roy says is getting recruited by colleges now.

Speaking of LaVar, Jones weighs in on the whole Ball vs LeBron situation, and what he has to say is very, very interesting.

Ron Artest III 1-On-1 Vs LiAngelo Ball? ... I'd Beat Him

3/28/2017 6:25 AM PDT

Ron Artest III says he's can totally take LiAngelo Ball -- the middle of the Ball brothers -- if the two ever faced off in a mano-a-mano basketball game ... but, he was really nice about it.

Ron III -- a 6'7" basketball star himself -- is the same age (and size) as LiAngelo, so when we got him out in L.A. we had to ask how he feels like he measures up against the future UCLA Bruin.

Remember, Artest already got the best of another famous kid -- Shareef O'Neal -- besting Shaq's son when the two kid's teams faced off earlier this season ... and tells our guy he'd do it again.

Ron also tells us which Ball brother he thinks is the best ... here's a clue, his name starts with L.

LaVar Ball Shopping TV Projects Reality Show & Documentary

3/28/2017 12:45 AM PDT


The Big Baller wants to come to a small screen near you. 

TMZ Sports has learned LaVar Ball is actively shopping various TV projects around town -- including a reality show and a documentary. 

We're told Ball has already cut a trailer for the documentary which centers around his family of young basketball superstars. The reality show is still in the development phase. 

One source close to LaVar tells us the projects are both part of the "Big Baller Media" brand -- LaVar's production company. 

We're told LaVar has been in talks with multiple outlets and has "several offers" but so far, no contracts have been signed.

Seems like it's just a matter of time at this point ...  

UCLA Legend Sidney Wicks Lonzo Ball's Draft Stock Unchanged ... Despite U.K. Loss

3/28/2017 9:44 AM PDT

Sidney Wicks -- a 3x National Champ at UCLA -- says Lonzo Ball's subpar performance against Kentucky should NOT affect his draft status as a lock top 3 pick.

The Bruins legend says Ball's stellar season -- and not his 10-point performance against the Wildcats -- should determine his value to NBA teams. 

Wicks also talks about the future Ball brothers -- LiAngelo and LaMelo -- suiting up for the blue and gold ... and he's confident the team has a bright future.

UCLA Hoops Parents Divided on LaVar Ball

3/27/2017 2:33 PM PDT

0327-lavar-ball-gettyHow did LaVar Ball's antics go over with the other parents of UCLA players? Some loved him. Some hated him. 

We spoke with some parents of Bruins basketball players who were on the 2017 squad with Lonzo Ball ... and it's clear, LaVar was just as polarizing in the family section as he is with the general public. 

One parent told us they were sick and tired of LaVar by the end of the season -- "I would never do what he’s doing. He’s making it about himself. It’s like he’s trying to take the spotlight from his sons."

The parent added, "Lonzo is a great player. He didn’t need his dad to say all these things to make headlines. He’s a good enough player to let his game do the talking."

The parent told us LaVar was like a running joke in the stands. Parents would roll their eyes with every crazy comment he made. 

Another parent saw things a lot differently ... telling us, "Was LaVar a distraction? Absolutely not."

"Parents acting like [LaVar] and the way he went about it is nothing new. It's part of the dynamic of athletics."

One thing all the parents told us ... they LOVED Lonzo. Seriously, we haven't spoken with one person involved with the UCLA program who had one negative thing to say about the guy. 

Luke Maye's Professor He Never Misses Class ... Great Student

3/27/2017 9:33 AM PDT

Luke Maye's business professor at UNC says he definitely WOULD HAVE given the kid a break if he skipped his 8 AM class ... only because Maye hasn't missed a single class all semester.

We spoke with C.J. Skender -- who was teaching his 8 AM accounting class Monday when he and Maye's classmates gave a standing ovation to the basketball star.

Skender says the video of Maye sitting in the front row isn't unusual -- "He's a great kid. Humble. Always comes to class." 

In fact, Skender says he's a had a great experience with UNC superstar athletes from all sports over the years who attend class and participate .... even though they have MILLIONS waiting for them in the pros. 

As for what Luke was studying this morning ... Skender says it's one of the most exciting topics in all of accounting! He's joking, by the way.

Josh Gordon Proves He's Still An Athletic Freak ... With Insane Dunk Show

3/27/2017 7:54 AM PDT

Josh Gordon wants the whole world -- mainly NFL GMs -- to know he's still a freak athlete, and he's proving it using a sport he doesn't even play.

Gordon is still waiting to be reinstated by the NFL, but is obviously staying in shape, and showed it off with a dazzling array of aerial rim rockers that he posted to social media.

There are reports the Browns will either trade or release Gordon, meaning he'll have to prove to some other team he's still got the tools to dominate.

Either that, or he's trying to make the Lakers. Which seems pretty possible, actually.

UNC Hero Luke Maye Gets Standing Ovation In Class ... Hours After Game-Winning Shot

3/27/2017 7:30 AM PDT
Breaking News

0327-luke-maye-gettyThis is amazing ... the University of North Carolina player who hit the game-winning shot against Kentucky was IN CLASS hours after the game ... and got a standing ovation from his classmates.

Luke Maye was in his Business 101 class on Monday when the professor called him out -- and everyone stood up and applauded.

What's even more impressive ... the video was shot at 8 AM. The team flight reportedly didn't even land back in NC until midnight.


Master P Gunning for NBA Coaching Job

3/27/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Master P says he's ready for the NBA -- as an assistant coach -- and he's laser-focused on making it happen with the New Orleans Pelicans.

The rap mogul was a pretty good player back in the day -- and had contracts with the Charlotte Hornets and the Toronto Raptors.

Now, P says he wants to pass his knowledge along at the pro level ... and he's dead serious.

There's more ... P has some strong feelings about LaVar Ball -- he LIKES what the basketball dad is doing and says people should be happy that a father is taking such an interest in his kids' lives.

"I think a lot of kids need their fathers in their lives," P said ... "All that other stuff, I think he's on the right track."

Austin Rivers I'd Bust My Dad's Ass In 1-On-1 ... Even In His NBA Prime

3/26/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Austin Rivers is engaging in some serious generational smack talk with his dad, Doc ... saying he'd beat the hell out of his pops in a 1-on-1 game ... even when Doc was at the top of his game.

Austin currently plays for his dad on the Clippers, but before that Doc was an All-Star player in NBA. So when we got Austin out at Catch, we had to ask who'd win an all Rivers battle if both guys were young.

"I'm whooping that ass every time."

We got Doc a little later and asked the same question -- he said Austin would win because he's "old" now ... which tells us he fully didn't get the scenario and thinks a young him would bust his kid's ass.

D'Angelo Russell I Gotta New Boo ... And She's Hotter Than You

3/25/2017 12:05 AM PDT


D'Angelo Russell is the best young player in the NBA ... as in playa, playa, play on playa, 'cause the dude's got a brand new lady love, and she's absolutely surface-of-the-sun hot.

The Lakers star is dating 25-year-old Janay Bankston, an ex-volleyball player at Cal State Stanislaus ... did we mention she's beautiful?

You might remember DLo's former gf Nicki Withers was also a college volleyball player, so dude's definitely got a type.

As for Russell and Bankston, they were first seen together at the "War Dogs" premiere in LA back in August ... and their relationship seems to be, really, really good ... unlike that movie.

Darius Rucker Hardcore Gamecocks Fan We WILL Make Final Four!

3/24/2017 10:14 AM PDT

Xavier's got Bill Murray ... South Carolina's got Darius Rucker!

The Gamecocks' superfan -- and proud USC alum -- says he's fired up about Friday's big game against Baylor ... and says he's very confident the squad will roll on to the Final Four. 

Rucker isn't a casual fan ... he's one of the team's biggest supporters and breaks down why the Gamecocks have an edge over the Baylor Bears. 

We had to ask if the team plays any Rucker music in the locker room -- his answer's pretty funny. 

So. Carolina Coach Frank Martin Duke Was No Fluke ... We Can Win This Thing

3/24/2017 8:18 AM PDT

South Carolina head coach Frank Martin is putting the entire NCAA tournament ON NOTICE ... saying his Gamecocks squad is capable, and ready to win the whole thing.

The 'Cocks upset Duke in the 2nd round -- and when TMZ Sports talked with Martin he assured us one thing ... the carnage isn't over.

"We have a lotta confidence. We've put in the time. We can beat anybody."

As far as the Duke win, Martin says he's not surprised at all his squad tripped up the Blue Devils, 'cause he doesn't think anyone is better than his guys.

The Gamecocks take on Baylor Friday. The Bears better be ready.

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