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Amar'e Stoudemire On KKK and Neo-Nazis (Thoughts from a Black Jew)

8/16/2017 4:18 PM PDT

If there's a guy the KKK should REALLY hate, it's Amar'e Stoudemire -- who checks 2 of their "most hated" boxes ... black and Jewish. 

So, when we saw the former NBA superstar out in L.A. today, we had to ask for his thoughts on the situation in Charlottesville. 

"Don't worry about things you can't control," Amar'e told our photog. 

And when our guy (a fellow Jew) expressed concern about the anti-Semitic groups, Stoudemire offered up this advice -- "Stay strong, brother."

FYI -- Amar'e celebrates the Jewish holidays and moved to Israel to play basketball. 

Duke's Grayson Allen I'll Take Marvin Bagley Under My Wing

8/15/2017 3:46 PM PDT

Duke's Grayson Allen -- one of the biggest stars in college basketball -- says he's ready, willing and able to mentor his new teammate Marvin Bagley -- the #1 high school player in the country. 

18-year-old Bagley -- who was a junior at Sierra Canyon high school in L.A. -- just reclassified so he could play in college this upcoming season ... and announced he's going to Duke. 

Which brings us to Allen ... a big-time player who's entering his senior season at Duke after a controversial junior year -- in which he was suspended for tripping an opposing player.

Grayson -- who was awesome when we saw him at LAX -- told us he's fired up for Bagley and can't wait to play with him. 

"I think our team's gonna mesh really well and he'll help."

FYI, Bagley is a 6'11", 220 pound super-athlete who became the undisputed #1 high school player in the country after dominating everyone ... he can dunk, shoot and play defense. 

Should be fun to watch ... unless you're North Carolina. 

Allen Iverson Coaching Kobe In BIG3 Would Be Love!

8/15/2017 6:07 AM PDT

Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant on the same team??? A.I. says that would be dope as hell. 

With BIG3 honcho Ice Cube saying he's gunning for Kobe to join his basketball league next season, we asked Iverson how he felt about possibly coaching the Black Mamba on his 3's Company team.

"That would be love," Iverson said ... "love, baby."

Kobe hasn't weighed in on Cube's offer yet -- but there are other big names in the mix for Season 2, including Lamar Odom and Gilbert Arenas

Charles Oakley I Don't Want Lamar Odom On My Team ... in BIG3 League

8/14/2017 1:01 PM PDT

If Lamar Odom wants to join the BIG3, he ain't gonna be playing for the Killer 3s ... 'cause Charles Oakley says he doesn't want the ex-Lakers star on his team.

We spoke with the NBA legend and current BIG3 player/coach about L.O.'s hopes of getting back on the court and while Oak praises Lamar's game ... he admits "I don't like him like that."

He explains ... "In life, sometimes you only get but one chance. He had 3 or 4 chances."

As we previously reported ... Lamar casually talked with league honchos about joining next year, and even attended the BIG3's stop in L.A. on Sunday.

Jesse Williams Sits Out Nat'l Anthem at BIG3 Game After Charlottesville Attack

8/13/2017 2:55 PM PDT

Jesse Williams refused to stand for the National Anthem while attending a BIG3 game this weekend ... and it appears to be in direct response to the Charlottesville attack.

Jesse was at the Staples Center in L.A. Sunday, sitting in for a round of games between 8 teams for Ice Cube's basketball tournament ... but during the anthem, the "Grey's Anatomy" star parked it.

While sitting court side, Jesse posted a video during the song with a caption that said "We'll stand when you do..." -- which seems to be aimed at President Trump. The Prez was criticized Saturday for not directly calling out white nationalists who were at the center of the violence.

A woman was killed after a man allegedly plowed into a crowd with his car. The suspect -- James Alex Fields Jr. -- has been charged with murder

Marshawn Lynch also sat out the National Anthem this weekend during a pre-season game with the Oakland Raiders ... although it's unclear if his sitting was in response to Charlottesville.

James Worthy Compares Lonzo to Magic

8/13/2017 12:25 AM PDT

James Worthy on Lonzo Ball -- "He enhances everybody on the court. We haven't had someone with that type of talent really since Magic."

"Big Game James" just dished out some serious praise to Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball -- telling TMZ Sports he's REALLY excited about the kid ... and gave him one of the best compliments ever. 

Of course, Worthy was Magic Johnson's running mate back on the Showtime Lakers in the '80s -- and has been heavily involved with the Lakers organization ever since. 

So, for James to heap that kind of praise on Lonzo is a pretty big deal. 

We know what you're thinking -- is James dissing Kobe?

We don't think so -- seems more like a pure point guard comparison to us. 

One thing's for sure ... LaVar Ball is gonna LOOOOVE this clip. 

Ice Cube: Lamar Odom to BIG3? ... Hell Yeah!

8/11/2017 3:01 PM PDT

If Lamar Odom wants to join the BIG3 league, Ice Cube says he's got an invitation -- there's just one catch. 

Cube touched down in L.A. -- getting into one of the biggest limos we've ever seen -- when we asked how he felt about Odom expressing interest in his 3-on-3 league. 

"I love Lamar man. I'd love to see him play again."

The issue ... "Dude's just gotta get in shape."

If Lamar can get his fitness together, "We'd love to see him play."

Cube also says he's fired up for the 4-point shooting contest with LaVar Ball at Staples Center on Sunday -- telling TMZ Sports he's 100% down as long as Ball shows up. 

The good news for Cube ... LaVar formally accepted minutes ago -- and says he's looking forward to "tasting that ass" after he beats the rapper. 

Seriously. LaVar actually said that. 

Lonzo Ball Rocks BBB Shoes to NBA Rookie Shoot

8/11/2017 8:14 AM PDT

His jersey's got the Swoosh ... but Lonzo Ball says he's still a BBB guy at heart -- and the proof is on his feet. 

The L.A. Lakers rookie was at an NBA rookie photo shoot with teammate, Kyle Kuzma, when they started showing off their new Lakers uniforms, made by Nike. 

That's when Lonzo told the camera, "I know you see the Nike jersey on ... it's still Triple B's though!" 

He then pointed down to his $495 Big Baller Brand shoes. 

Daddy likey. 

Nick Young I Wanna See Kobe In the BIG3!

8/11/2017 6:25 AM PDT

Swaggy P feels the same way we all do about Ice Cube trying to get Kobe Bryant in the BIG3 -- make it happen, bro!!!!

Earlier this week, Cube said he's been talking to Kobe and he's hoping he can convince the Black Mamba to join the league for Season 2. 

We know there are a handful of ex-NBA stars interested in joining next year -- including Lamar Odom -- but Kobe would bring the league to a whole new level. 

Meantime, Nick Young is clearly a fan of the 3-on-3 league -- and says he'll be at Staples Center for the games this weekend. 

Ice Cube Kobe to BIG3?? ... We're Talking

8/10/2017 10:25 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ice Cube says he's been in touch with Kobe Bryant about joining the BIG3 ... and he's gunning to get the Black Mamba back on the court as early as next year!!

The rap legend and 3-on-3 league commish talked to KTLA Morning News Thursday about his talks with the retired Lakers superstar ... and Cube says he's hoping Kobe will get the competitive itch again.

This is the second BIG3 honcho to publicly pull for Mamba ... 'cause Allen Iverson told TMZ Sports back in February it was his dream to play with Kobe.

Speaking of the Answer ... Cube also talks about suspending the ex-Sixers superstar for bailing on his stop in Dallas last month.

Steph Curry Goes 23 for 25 In 3-Point Sesh ... In Street Clothes

8/9/2017 7:04 AM PDT
Breaking News

Steph Curry put on a 3-point clinic Tuesday night -- draining 23 of 25 three point shots at a hoops event in San Francisco ... in a hoodie and jeans!!!

The Warriors superstar was attending the 3-point shooting contest during his SC30 Select Showcase at Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco when he decided to get on the court and show everyone how it's done. 

Shocker ... he killed it. The crowd went wild. 

FYI, the SC30 Showcase features some of the best high school prospects in the country, including Bol Bol, Scottie Lewis and Shareef O'Neal.

Gilbert Arenas Kyrie Can't Win Title W/Out LeBron ... But I Get It

8/9/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Gilbert Arenas didn't even hesitate when we asked if Kyrie Irving can win another Larry O'Brien trophy without LeBron James -- "No."

We spoke with Agent Zero outside of a 7-Eleven in L.A. where the ex-NBA superstar was promoting his Life Water company -- and he broke down the Kyrie, LeBron drama.

That wasn't all for No Chill Gil ... he also weighed in on Lonzo Ball -- blasting comparisons to Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd.

He's also a big LaVar Ball fan -- and explains why the Big Baller reminds him of Lil Penny from back in the day.

Harlem Globetrotters Hit Insane Shot From Flying Helicopter!

8/8/2017 1:25 PM PDT
Breaking News


In what might be the greatest trick shot video ever, Harlem Globetrotters star Bull Bullard took off in a helicopter at Morey's Piers in NJ ... and sank a shot from 210 FEET in the clouds!!

The Globetrotters claim the shot is a world record -- the highest shot from an aircraft ever!

It's just another highlight in a string of incredible trick shots from the Globetrotters -- who've also done it from land, sea and a roller coaster. 

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