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Shane Mosley's Wife I'M NO BIGAMIST ... Sues Boxer For Defamation

21 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF

0806-sugar-jin-mosley-tmz-gettyShane Mosley's wife is coming out swinging ... claiming the boxer DEFAMED her when he falsely claimed she was married to another man when they tied the knot in 2002 ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Jin Mosley just filed a lawsuit against Shane -- claiming he knew damn well her divorce from her previous husband Sanjay Dwivedi was granted in September 2002 ... two months before she married Shane.

Of course, this all became an issue when Shane began trashing Jin in public earlier this year -- telling multiple media outlets, including TMZ, that his marriage to Jin was bogus from the start because she was already hitched

Jin admits there's a weird wrinkle to all of this -- because Sanjay got a second divorce judgment in 2006 for unknown reasons ... which may have confused Shane. 

Still, Jin says Shane should have known the 2006 judgment was irrelevant because he saw official documentation which showed the divorce was granted by a judge in 2002.  

Jin says Shane has destroyed her reputation -- and now she wants damages ... as in lots of money. 

'Shahs' Star Jessica Parido Here's How I Rolls Now

11/25/2015 7:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Shahs of Sunset" star Jessica Parido made a big entrance at Craig's in WeHo Tuesday night, showing up in the brand new car she got from the new guy holding her hand. 

We don't know the identity of the guy, but we're told he gave her the Rolls-Royce they rolled up in.

As for soon-to-be ex-hubby Mike Shouhed, Jessica says she wants nothing from him ... she's even giving the $200k ring back which is legally hers.  

Maybe she should rethink the ring ... 

'Shahs' Star Jessica Parido Mike Can Keep His Money ... And the Stupid Diamond

11/24/2015 3:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


"Shahs of Sunset" star Jessica Parido wants to wash her hands clean of husband Mike Shouhed, and she's willing to give back her 4.5 carat rock to do it. 

Sources close to Jess tell us when she walked out on Mike in August she left with only two small bags and her engagement ring ... worth around $200k. She left behind their two dogs and her wardrobe (mostly purchased by Mike) because she wants nothing to do with him or his money.

Although the box for spousal support was checked on the divorce docs -- we're told it was a mistake on her lawyer's part ... since Jessica doesn't want a dime.

Jess and Mike were only married for 4 months when she walked out. As for the wedding gifts ... that might have to be sorted out in court, since they haven't yet discussed what to do with them. They haven't even sent 'thank you' notes yet!

We're told their split will be featured on the next season of 'Shahs.'

Chris Rock to Wife The Girl Who Lived with Us is NOT My Daughter

11/24/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1123-chris-rock-daughter-old-game-GETTY-01Chris Rock has not seen the 7-year-old girl who lived with him since she was an infant in more than a year ... and we're told it's because he believes his estranged wife Malaak did something shady to get her here in the first place.

It's a bizarre story ... and one that triggered an international investigation. Here's what we know. Back in 2008, a 6-month-old named Ntombi from South Africa began living with the Rock family. The girl stayed in the family house ever since. Ntombi was even enrolled in a New Jersey school.

Ntombi's biological parents reportedly were unemployed South Africans and somehow the kid ended up at the Rock home.

Everything changed last year when Chris and Malaak began divorce proceedings. We're told Chris maintained his relationship with his 2 biological daughters but hasn't seen Ntombi since the split.

Around the same time as divorce docs were filed, South African officials opened an investigation to determine how the child went from their country to the U.S., when there was no evidence of a legal adoption.

As for why he went radio silent with Ntombi ... sources connected to Chris say he never signed legal docs to adopt her, and bringing her over to the U.S. was all Malaak's doing.

As far as we can tell there was never an adoption. It's unclear how and why the biological parents allowed Ntombi to live with the Rock family for years. 

Chris' rep tells TMZ he does not have an adopted child. We tried reaching Malaak's lawyer, but did not get a return call.



'Shahs of Sunset' DIVORCE ... For Jessica and Mike

11/23/2015 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1123-shahs-divorce-jessica-parido-mike-shouhed-TMZ-01"Shahs of Sunset" stars Jessica Parido and Michael Shouhed are getting a divorce after only 6 months.

Jessica filed the docs Friday, citing irreconcilable differences. They just got married at the end of March, but she claims they've been separated since August 1st ... so they had a few good months. Maybe.

Jessica is asking for spousal support. They have no kids.

Their courtship and engagement were a huge part of the show ... so, we'll see how the divorce plays out on the next season.


Tom Welling Super Rich Divorce Settlement

11/22/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1120_tom_welling_Jamie-Welling_GETTY-2Tom Welling's divorce is now final, and the settlement is unusual in the spousal support dept.

The "Smallville" star's 10 year marriage to Jamie Welling is officially over, and according to legal docs Tom has to pay spousal support for 5 years, but not a set amount.  

The 38-year-old actor has to shell out 20% of his net professional income to Jamie, but there are limits. Anything Tom earns north of $5 mil a year is his and his alone.

So, you ask, is Tom that loaded? Apparently, yes. He's worked consistently -- most recently in "Draft Day" -- and according to docs, he and Jamie own a Florida horse farm, and homes in Florida and Massachusetts. They have a bunch of fancy cars and lots of other stuff. 

BTW ... as for the farm, she gets all the horses, including Springstein, Donatello, Zoozee, Cliff and Tomorrow. He gets to keep Tomahawk.  

Morena Baccarin Ordered to Pay $23k a Month ... To Estranged Husband

11/20/2015 11:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1120-morena-baccarin-austin-chick-child-support-getty-01Morena Baccarin is about to drop major coin on her soon-to-be ex-husband Austin Chick ... a judge just ordered her to pay him almost $23k a month.

Here's the breakdown ... Chick gets $2,693 in child support, and a whopping $20,249 for spousal support. It adds up to more than $275k a year ... so Chick won't exactly have to wait tables.

As we previously reported, Baccarin and Chick have joint custody of their 2-year-old son Julius, but since she films in NYC, he mostly stays with his mom.

The divorce is still ongoing, but Baccarin has definitely moved on ... she's pregnant with "Gotham" co-star Ben McKenzie's baby.

Michelle Branch Divorce Finalized ... She's Keeping Her Music

11/16/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Michelle Branch and her ex-hubby Teddy Landau have finalized their divorce, 9 months after filing ... and she's keeping the thing that made her famous, her music. 

According to the divorce docs, obtained by TMZ ... Michelle will get all of her musical compositions, demos, master recordings and royalties. But Teddy won't be walking away empty-handed ... he gets a Mustang and 2015 GMC truck as well as some property.

As for the couple's ten-year-old daughter, Michelle and Teddy will share custody ... with a "week-on, week-off" schedule. There's no official child support plan in place, but they'll split his school costs. 

Michelle filed for divorce from Teddy in February after almost 11 years after they got married. 

Patrick Dempsey and Wife Divorce Still On, But ... They're Not Racing to Court

11/10/2015 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1110-patrick-dempsey-and-wife-biking-AKMGSI-with-date-02Patrick Dempsey and his estranged wife have not pulled the plug on their divorce, TMZ has learned, but it seems headed in that direction.

Patrick and Jillian Fink strolled down the streets of Paris in a handlock over the weekend. She filed for divorce in January, and our sources say Patrick has tried since then to repair the relationship.

We're told the big issue between the 2 has been Patrick's passion for racing cars. He was obsessed to the point he was gone for long stretches of time, which particularly bothered Jillian since they have 3 kids. We're told it didn't help that Patrick wasn't making any money racing, although it would seem he's plenty rich from God knows how many seasons of "Grey's Anatomy."

Our sources say Patrick and Jillian have already reached a divorce settlement although it hasn't been filed with the court. Nevertheless, they're clearly not fully committed to the divorce.

It's also unclear how they will resolve the racing issue ... Patrick still has races scheduled.

Cat Cora Divorcing Wife ... Custody War Brewing

11/9/2015 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1109-cat-jennifer-cora-tmz-gettyIron Chef Cat Cora's marriage to wife Jennifer Cora has disintegrated and all signs point to a bitter custody struggle over their 4 kids.

TMZ has obtained the dueling divorce docs ... both women filed on the same day, with Jennifer requesting full physical custody of their kids. Cat is asking for joint physical custody.

The two have been married since 2013 and have four sons together -- 3 of whom Jennifer gave birth to and 1 who was carried by Cat.

Cat's been the breadwinner, which is probably why Jennifer's asking for spousal support.

Cat's had her share of problems, most notably getting busted for DUI in June 2012.

Cat's been a food force for a long time ... she's one of the original American Iron Chefs, and she operates 4 restaurants.

Cat was most recently a guest judge on "Cutthroat Kitchen."


Gavin Rossdale 'Suspicious' Over Gwen/Blake Relationship

11/7/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Gavin Rossdale is "suspicious" over estranged wife Gwen Stefani's story that she just became an item with Blake Shelton ... our sources say he just doesn't buy it.

Sources close to Gavin tell us he smelled something was up between Gwen and Blake before their marriage blew up. We're told he does not believe the timing of his divorce with Gwen and Blake's divorce with Miranda Lambert is coincidental. 

We're told Gavin believes Gwen was painting him as a bad guy for cover ... he thinks she was worried he'd take her to the cleaners if he found out she had already hooked up with Blake.

1107-gavin-rossdale-ffn-01And our sources say Gavin's gripes go beyond Blake. He can't believe she's calling him a control freak, because she demanded he NOT go on tour out of paranoia he'd cheat on her. He says she browbeat him into staying home, which greatly impeded his ability to make money. As one source said, "She just didn't let him work." 

And finally, we're told he's indignant she recorded a "woe is me" song, "Used to Love You," in which she cries, "Nobody taught you how to love." We're told Gavin's scoffing at the lyrics, saying he was good enough for her for a long time.  


Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale Say Goodbye to Family Home

11/5/2015 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1104-gwen-gavin-house-credit-fix3Gwen Stefani is wiping her hands clean of ex-husband Gavin Rossdale by selling the family estate.

Real estate sources tell us Gavin's the one who wanted the Beverly Hills house back in 2007, but Gwen never really liked it that much. The house is modern and Gwen really likes Spanish.

We're told Gwen wants to sell the house on the down-low ... it's a pocket listing where her realtor has put the word out she's looking for a buyer.

It's an impressive pad ... 9,000 square feet, 6 bedrooms and 9 baths and the requisite large pool.

As for the price ... they bought the home for $13.25 million back in 2007 ... during the height of the housing crisis. Prices have swelled so there should be millions in profits. Sources tell TMZ, the house is community property and they will split profits.


Master P Forced to Support Estranged Wife ... with Big Money

11/4/2015 2:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Master P's estranged wife is finally getting a BIG FAT check from the rap mogul -- a judge is forcing him to fork over child and spousal support in their nasty divorce war. 

Sonya Miller will get $27,047 each month from Master P. Here's the breakdown -- $16,574 in spousal support, and $10,473 in child support. In addition, P has to pay Sonya's attorney fees ... another $200k.

The judge also settled an ongoing battle over the family home in Calabasas ... ruling that Sonya has the exclusive right to live there. TMZ broke the story, Sonya said Master P was trying to force her out of the house. He told us he didn't want her partying there with her boyfriend.

These terms are temporary -- both sides are still identifying and adding up the marital assets, and the amount of support will likely be adjusted once that's done. 

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