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Jeremy Renner's Estranged Wife

I Didn't Choose an Uber Over Our Kid

3/25/2015 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0325-jeremy-renner-sonni-pocheco-tmz-splash-03Jeremy Renner's estranged wife has fired off a response to allegations she's a horrible, neglectful mom who extorted her husband ... well, she responded to everything but the extortion thing.

Sonni Pacheco says Jeremy is lying in his legal docs when he claims she hopped in an Uber and left their nearly 2-year-old daughter Ava alone for 15 minutes. She also says allegations that she was smoking and drinking during her pregnancy are a lie as well.  

She says she did NOT stop breastfeeding because she was hitting the bottle. Sonni says she stopped because her diet was making Ava gassy.

She also says she's a doting mom and Jeremy is spotty when it comes to caring for the kid. She mentions an incident shortly after Ava was born, claiming Ava burnt her head on his fireplace glass and he expressed no concern other than to tell her to bring over some polysporin.

Here's what she doesn't mention ... Jeremy's business partner said in his documents Sonni allegedly tried extorting Jeremy, saying she'd release embarrassing videos of the actor if he stopped helping her get a green card. She makes no mention of this in her legal response. 

Sonni is fighting to get full custody even though they've been sharing 50/50 custody since they split in December. Sonni also wants more child support than Jeremy is paying.

Jeremy Renner

My Wife Extorted Me

With Intimate Videos

3/25/2015 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jeremy Renner's estranged wife threatened to release intimate videos of him if he ever went back on his promise to help her get a green card ... this according to legal docs Jeremy just filed. 

Renner is in the middle of a bitter child custody fight over their nearly 2-year-old daughter Ava. Sonni Pacheco's gunning for primary custody of their child and wants more than $13K a month in child support.

Jeremy has been sharing 50/50 custody since they split up in December.   

In Jeremy's new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Jeremy says Sonni repeatedly admitted she married him to get a green card and financial stability. He claims she repeatedly told their roommate Jeremy should be nice to her and not fight her on the green card or money issues or she'd release the embarrassing videos to TMZ ... By the way, TMZ never spoke with her and we wouldn't post such videos.

Jeremy says there are multiple issues of bad parenting on Sonni's part, the worst of which was back in September when he was on location and she left their kid alone in the house for 15 minutes. She went in an Uber to party and never checked to see if someone was at home to care for Ava. 

Their roommate filed a declaration saying Sonni smokes and drinks and in fact stopped breast feeding because she felt guilty she was drinking alcohol. 

The roommate also claims Sonni did coke during a vacation right after Ava was born. 

We've reached out to Sonni's reps, so far no word back.  


Rick Salomon

Pam Had Sex and Dog Issues with Me

3/24/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0323_pam_anderson_rick_salomon_TMZNow we know why Pam Anderson is dunzo with hubby Rick Salomon ... she's bored with him sexually, and she's done with his dog, too.

Sources connected with Rick say she laid it all out in an email to him in February, saying, "We are not compatible sexually. I'm frustrated and bored."

But it doesn't end there. Pam says she wants Rick completely out of her life. She never wants to speak with him again. And she even takes a shot at Bumble Bee, Rick's dog, saying, "We are getting 2 puppies (King and Zeus) and starting fresh.

Bumblebee mysteriously disappeared shortly after the split, but Rick found the pooch.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Divorce

Expendables 5

The Wife Strikes Back

3/20/2015 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


If marriage is bloodsport, Jean-Claude Van Damme's wife is tapping out again -- filing to divorce the action star for a second time ... TMZ has learned.

Jean-Claude's now estranged wife Gladys filed the divorce docs Wednesday in L.A. ... citing irreconcilable differences -- and pulling the plug on their 15 year marriage.

According to the docs ... they separated on March 7. They have 2 adult children.

The muscles from Brussels and Gladys -- who was a bodybuilder -- were married once before from '87 to '92.

This time around she's asking for spousal support -- and she's also ditching his last name ... which is really Van Varenberg, by the way.

JCVD's an old pro -- this is his 5th divorce, including the 1st from Gladys.

Kevin Hart's Ex-Wife

I Made Peace with His Fiancee ...

Even Before the Escalade

3/19/2015 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0319-kevin-hart-escalade-tmz-instagram-01Kevin Hart handed his ex-wife keys to a new Caddy, but she gave him something pretty awesome too -- peace between the mother of his 2 children and his new fiancée.

Torrei Hart tells TMZ, the 2015 Escalade Kev gave her for her 37th birthday came on the heels of her squashing all old beef between her and Eniko Parrish

It's no secret ... the Harts' bitter divorce included nasty Twitter rants and cheating accusations -- but Torrei says things are so cool now with the future Mrs. Hart ... the ladies even hang together at the kids' hoops games.

Torrei adds Kevin was so supportive when he knew she needed a new ride ... he even let her pick out ANY vehicle she wanted.

Bottom line ... that crap they say about grudges might be true. 


Derek Fisher

Marriage Imploded In Last 30 Days

3/19/2015 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0319_derek_fisher_anniversary_instagramJust one month before Derek Fisher pulled the trigger on his marriage -- he was singing a completely different tune ... praising his wife as the love of his life ... that is, until something went terribly wrong. 

Fisher filed divorce docs in L.A. Wednesday seeking to end his 10 year marriage to Candace -- but on February 19th, he was gushing about how much he LOVED his "beautiful wife."

"There are people in your life that are specifically designed, by God, to bring you closer to what your life is truly meant to be @mrsladyfish #myrib is that one person," Derek wrote on an Instagram post. 

"She has changed the way I view life and what's most important to me. Life would not be the same without my queen. PERIOD!!!"

In the post, in which he was celebrating their decade-long marriage, he continued ... "Happy Anniversary honey! Our best lives are ahead of us! Let's GO!!! #itpouredrainonourweddingday #wetknot #westucktogether #myrib #blessedlife #beautifulwife."

So what happened between February 19th and March 18th that caused Derek to have such an extreme change of heart??? 

That seems to be the million dollar question ... 

Derek Fisher

Files for Divorce

3/19/2015 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0318-dereck-candace-getty-tmz-01NY Knicks coach Derek Fisher has filed for divorce from his wife Candace ... just one month after they celebrated their 10 year anniversary. 

Fisher filed the divorce docs in Los Angeles -- citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. 

The couple have two children together, twins ... including a daughter who suffered from a rare form of eye cancer. Fisher was famously let out of his contract with the Utah Jazz back in 2007 so he could spend more time with her and help her with treatment. 

The divorce seems to be as amicable as these things get -- with Fisher asking for joint legal and physical custody of the children. 

He also wants to split the legal costs.  

Fisher issued a statement saying, "This is a difficult time for me personally. For the sake of our children, I ask that everyone respects our privacy during this process."


Robin Thicke, Paula Patton

Divorce is a Done Deal

3/18/2015 10:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have settled their divorce case ... TMZ has learned.

Paula filed legal docs Tuesday declaring they have reached a property settlement as well as a custody arrangement for their 4-year-old son Julian. 

The terms of the settlement are private. There's an indication from the legal docs Paula is getting primary custody, but it's not spelled out specifically. They've also agreed on the terms of spousal and child support.

The divorce does NOT become final until April 14, 6 months after Paula filed. At that point they will be officially single, but now it's just a matter of time.


Pam Anderson

Rick Salomon Made $40 Mil Last Year

... Playing Poker with ONE GUY!!!

3/17/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Pam Anderson says Rick Salomon may not be screwing her anymore, but he's definitely screwing the tax man ... because he's dodging a tax bill on $40 million in poker winnings in 2014 alone.

TMZ broke the story ... Rick has filed for an annulment from Pam in Nevada. She wants a California divorce, not an annulment, because it could entitle her to half his poker earnings.

Pam claims in new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Rick won $40 MIL from ONE GUY -- Andy Beal, a billionaire real estate mogul who plays high stakes poker. In one weekend, Beal gambled at the Bellagio in Vegas and was up $13 mil at one point and down more than $16 mil later.

Pam says in the docs, Rick is lying in his annulment papers by saying he's a resident of Nevada, where there is no state income tax. Pam says they have lived in Malibu, California, where the state tax rate is a whopping 13%.

Pam says Rick actually used some of his earnings last year to buy a $4 million Nevada pad by paying cash, and then had his assistant use Rick's credit card in Nevada to make small purchases, making it look like Rick was living there.

Rick's people say Pam is on a mission to ruin Rick because she's not happy about the proposed divorce settlement.


Hilary Duff

Hot Bikini Selfie

Divorce Does a Body Good

3/16/2015 9:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316-hilary-duff-instagramHere's Hilary Duff ... showing off what Mike Comrie will be missing out on now that she's decided to pull the plug on her marriage to the former hockey star. 

Duff posted the pic to her Instagram account ... with the caption, "Hey #moms #westillgotit ❤️ #loveyourbod."

Duff and Comrie separated in January 2013 ... but she finally filed for divorce back in February.


Nick Cannon

Wild 'N Out with

New MASSIVE Back Tattoo

3/15/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Cannon New Tattoo Nick Cannon has figured out a surefire way to make people forget he once had a Mariah Carey back tattoo ... with a shock and awe tattoo for the ages.

Cannon inked over his old Mariah tat but he wasn't satisfied, so he hit up a Covina, CA parlor and invested 30 painful hours in the chair.

Cannon's business partner, Pep Williams, chronicled the process in photographs, which will appear in Urban Ink magazine later this month.

As for the new tat ... it features a cherub on each side of the cross (representing his kids). The text below reads, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

Possibly a reference to his marriage to Mariah?


Pam Anderson

Wins Restraining Order Against Hubby

Allegations of 'Serial Baby Killer'

3/13/2015 5:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Pam Anderson just got a restraining order after claiming her estranged husband Rick Salomon tried to strangle her and smother her with a pillow during sex, but he claims she has killed untold numbers of unborn babies through abortion.

Pam's legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- leave no doubt about the bitterness between the 2. Pam has filed for divorce and Rick has filed for an annulment, claiming fraud.

Now we know the basis of Rick's annulment claim. Pam includes in her docs an email Rick sent, which says, "I did not no (sic) she was a serial baby killer to her husbands ... she should be locked up." He then says she begged him to get pregnant when they were married the first time and when she did she terminated the pregnancy.

Pam also includes a text from Rick to her, which says, "You never disclosed to me that you (redacted) a baby when you were married to kid rock.  I heard you begged him to get pregnant with him too.  I also heard it might have also been twice with him."

Pam claims in January, she and Rick were having sex and he flew into a rage, spitting in her face, putting a pillow over her face and trying to strangle her. She also says when he loses at poker he gets nasty, calling her a "slut," an "ugly old bitch" and "crack whore."

And there's this. Pam has an email in which Rick calls her a fraud because she eats fish and shrimp, which stinks up their house. And he's offended she cooks pork for her kids and he owned a pig for 10 years.

Keyshawn Johnson

Wife Files for Divorce

... 7 Months After Wedding

3/10/2015 12:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0310-keyshawn-johnson-divorce-01Keyshawn Johnson's wife has filed for divorce ... just 7 months after tying the knot with the ex-NFL star in a lavish beach wedding ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

According to court docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court on March 3rd ... Jennifer Conrad is asking the judge to nuke their marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. 

Conrad says the pair separated back in February. She also notes she signed a pre-nup before they got hitched. 

In the docs, Conrad asks for joint legal custody of their 2 minor children (ages 5 and 2) ... though she wants primary physical custody with Keyshawn getting visitation. 


The two tied the knot in a 4-day oceanfront celebration in Newport Beach, CA back in August -- with Jennifer rocking a $6,500 pair of Louboutin shoes with Swarovski crystals. 

But don't count Keyshawn out yet ... sources close to the former NFL star say there's still a chance the two will reconcile and call off the divorce. 


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