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Rapper Logic Splits With Wife ... Divorce Looms

3/16/2018 2:10 PM PDT

Logic and his wife, social media star and singer Jessica Andrea, have split after two years of marriage ... TMZ has learned. 

The couple married in October of 2015 when the rapper was just 25 years old. It's unclear exactly when the two called it quits, but they hit the red carpet together in January at the Grammys. Logic was nominated for two awards -- including Song of the Year for "1-800-273-8255."

Hints of trouble between the couple first surfaced on Instagram when fans noticed Jessica unfollowed Logic ... he still follows her. 

We're told neither has officially filed divorce docs, but reconciliation doesn't seem likely. Our sources say the home they purchased together last year is about to hit the market. 

They don't have any children.

Donald Trump Jr. This is Yuuuge For My Morale

3/16/2018 6:28 AM PDT

Donald Trump Jr. ain't licking his wounds after his wife filed for divorce ... he's rallying with the help of a 3-year-old Smurf.

Donnie Jr. posted a pic with his 3-year-old daughter, Chloe, Thursday night ... not long after Vanessa Trump filed for divorce in the Manhattan courts. Don Jr. captioned it, "No matter what is going on bedtime cuddling with the smurf puts a Yuge smile on my face." He ended the post with #bedtime #daddysgirl #cuddle.

As we reported ... sources connected to the family tell TMZ the divorce had been a long time coming. Among the issues ... Vanessa hates politics and we're told the last straw was when someone sent her fam an envelope containing white powder.

One source said Donald Jr. was "relieved."

Donald Trump Jr. Wife Files for Divorce ... It's Been a 'Long Time Coming'

3/15/2018 2:21 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Donald Trump Jr.'s wife is filing to divorce him after nearly 13 years of marriage.

Vanessa Trump filed docs Thursday in the Manhattan courts, and she's seeking an uncontested proceeding. That's a strong sign the couple has already hammered out details of their split, such as child custody and property.

Sources connected to the family tell TMZ the divorce has been a long time coming, and the relationship has been "bad for a while." Among the issues, Vanessa "hates politics and Don Jr. is gone all the time."

One source says contrary to being upset, Don Jr. is "relieved."

They have 5 children together -- between the ages of 3 and 10, and got married in 2005.

According to the NY Post, which first reported the split, Vanessa's been upset about some of his controversial tweets ... most of which defend President Trump and his policies.

Vanessa got a major scare just last month, when she received an envelope with white powder, and a hate letter for Don Jr. that read, in part, "You the family idiot. This is the reason why people hate you. You are getting what you deserve." The powder turned out to be corn starch, and the sender was eventually arrested.

Our sources say that incident absolutely "freaked her out."

Eric Dane Doctor's Got a Brand New Bag

3/14/2018 7:14 AM PDT

Eric Dane might be having a major blonde moment in the wake of him and his wife filing for divorce -- that, or he's just really feeling himself ... we're not sure. 

The "Grey's Anatomy" star was spotted rockin' a brand new 'do Tuesday in WeHo -- combed up and to the side ... and a bit more bleached than what we're used to seeing. He was also wearing a pair of cool sunglasses, with a very cool coat. Ladykiller, are we right?

We broke the story ... Eric's wife of 14 years, Rebecca Gayheart, filed for divorce last month, and Eric responded with a very similar filing. He agreed to her spousal support request, as well as her bid to gain joint legal and physical custody of their 2 kids.

Now that most of the dirty work appears to be settled ... time to get back to channeling McSteamy.

Julie Bowen Estranged Husband Says ... I Want Your 'Modern Family' Dough

3/13/2018 11:54 AM PDT

Julie Bowen's estranged husband wants her to pay up in their divorce case.

Scott Phillips filed legal docs and said he wants her to pay spousal support. That could be a hefty payout for Scott if he gets it -- Julie is reportedly making $500k per episode on "Modern Family" for seasons 9 and 10.

In the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Scott said he also wants joint physical and legal custody of their 3 kids. But the biggy here is spousal support.

The "Modern Family" star is raking in tons of dough off the show, and there's also endorsement deals, including from Neutrogena. Forbes estimated she made about $10 million in 2016, alone.

TMZ broke the story ... Julie called it quits with her husband of 13 years when she filed for divorce back in February. As we reported ... their relationship had been on the rocks for some time.

Mel B Ex-Husband Claims She's a Lying Drug Addict and Alcoholic

3/8/2018 4:31 PM PST

Mel B is a drug addict and alcoholic who has walked into doors and has been hospitalized for ODs, and she has covered up the bruises and other injuries from her addiction by claiming it was domestic violence ... so says her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte.

Belafonte just filed legal docs in an effort to get visitation rights in connection with his stepdaughter, Angel, whose biological father is Eddie Murphy. Belafonte, who has been with Angel almost since her birth, claims Mel B is concocting lies about domestic violence to turn Angel against him.

He refers to a 2014 incident in London where Mel B claims he bashed her head into a door. Belafonte says, in fact, what happened was that Mel B ODd on drugs, was hospitalized and sustained bruises from the EKG machine and IV during her stay in the hospital, and falsely claimed it was the result of abuse.

He says she is so addicted to drugs and alcohol she walks into walls because she's drunk in the middle of the day. He says she is so wasted sometimes she will pull down her pants and try to urinate on the couch in front of the kids.

He also notes in his legal docs, obtained by TMZ, her claims that he forced her to have 3-ways is a lie.  He says he has videos where Mel B initiates and records the trysts and looks into the camera and says, "That's hot!" and "I like it."

Mel claimed in docs Stephen showed the kids ISIS beheadings. He says this is a blatant lie and he hasn't even searched for such videos.

Belafonte says he sent Mel B's therapist text messages, pleading with him to stop medicating her, warning him she could become another Michael Jackson.

Courtney Stodden Wants No Spousal Support in Divorce

3/7/2018 10:58 AM PST

Courtney Stodden surprisingly wants no spousal support from her estranged hubby, Doug Hutchison.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Courtney cites irreconcilable differences for the reason they're splitting. She lists September 1, 2017 as the date of separation and she did NOT request spousal support. 

We broke the story ... Courtney filed divorce docs Tuesday, but at the time it was unknown if she or Doug would ask for spousal support. They announced their split back in February 2017 but she begged for him back as recently as January, literally making a "public cry" for him back.

To read between the lines it seems there's a prenup, which is why she doesn't ask for spousal support.

The documents include earnings info ... she says both Courtney and Doug each makes $2,500 a month. We're guessing she made a mistake with Doug's income ... it would seem he makes more.  

Courtney and Doug got married in 2011 ... when she was 16 and he was 51.

Courtney Stodden Files for Divorce From Doug Hutchison

3/6/2018 6:44 PM PST

Courtney Stodden's made the move to officially end her marriage with actor Doug Hutchison after more than 6 years together ... TMZ has learned.

Courtney filed divorce docs Tuesday, but it's unknown at this time whether she or Doug will ask for spousal support. The couple announced a split in February 2017, but it was unclear if they were trying to reconcile ... until now.

The couple has no children together.

Courtney and Doug wed in 2011 ... when she was 16 years old and he was 50.

Jeremy Meeks Cuts Divorce Deal Agrees to Pay Child Support

3/6/2018 7:52 AM PST

Jeremy Meeks will be a little lighter in the pockets ... because he's agreed to pay child support.

Jeremy struck a deal in his divorce case and will pay his estranged wife, Melissa, $1,000 a month, and that's retroactive to November 1, 2017 ... meaning he's gotta pony up 4 months worth of support.

Jeremy and Melissa also agreed to joint legal custody of 9-year-old Jeremy Jr., who will spend 30% of his time with his dad. Good news for Jeremy? He doesn't have to pay spousal support.

Melissa's attorney, Lisa Bloom, tells us, "We are pleased that we were able to get Melissa child support in an amount 25% above legal guidelines. And the parties have worked together to come up with a reasonable child custody and visitation schedule, as parents should."

TMZ broke the story ... the 2 sides were ordered to mediation, but everyone was a no-show because the sides were trying to hammer out a deal. Deal's done, but the judge still needs to sign off. 

Jim Belushi Wife Files for Divorce

3/5/2018 9:29 AM PST
Breaking News

12:02 PM PT -- Jennifer lists "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for separation. She's requesting joint legal custody of their son and is asking for spousal support. There is not a date of separation listed.

According to the docs, there's already an existing custody arrangement in place.

Jim Belushi's wife has filed for divorce after almost 20 years of marriage.

Jennifer Sloan filed docs Monday in L.A. The couple has two kids together ... an 18-year-old daughter named Jamison and 15-year-old son Jared. Belushi married Jennifer in May of 1998.

Jim starred on "Saturday Night Live" from 1983-85. His biggest solo success came with the sitcom "According to Jim" which ran from 2001-2009.

Jennifer was Belushi's third wife ... he was married to Marjorie Bransfield from 1990-92 and to Sandra Davenport from 1980-88.

Mary J. Blige Settles Nasty Divorce

3/5/2018 8:46 AM PST

Mary J. Blige is finally gonna put the drama behind her ... TMZ's learned she's reached a settlement in her bitter divorce case.

The Oscar-nominated singer/actress and her estranged husband, Martin Isaacs, were supposed to start their week-long divorce trial Monday morning in L.A., but we've learned the trial was called off because the two sides struck a deal on Friday.

TMZ broke the story ... Mary filed for divorce in July 2016 and they've waged war ever since. Isaacs went as far as demanding nearly $130k per month in spousal support.

Justin Theroux Ring Finger's Naked

3/1/2018 12:01 PM PST

Justin Theroux's keeping his jewelry to a minimum ... he's ditched the wedding ring.

Justin was seen strolling around NYC Thursday and it looks like he's putting his marriage to Jennifer Aniston behind him. It's the first time we've seen him out without the ring.

As we reported ... Justin and Jennifer announced the day after Valentine's Day they were separating after getting married in 2015. We got him out a few days before V-Day and he was hiding the hand that woulda showed us a wedding ring.

He's no longer hiding it.

Ricky Schroder Lists Oceanfront Malibu Home ... In Wake of Divorce

3/1/2018 11:26 AM PST

Ricky Schroder and wife Andrea are selling off the last vestige of their marriage ... a Malibu mansion.

The estranged couple is selling their oceanfront home -- you can actually see Catalina on a clear day. The listing price is $5,450,000.

The house, a California bungalow, ain't big at all -- 1,250 square feet, although it looks bigger. It's got 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It's really all about the ocean.

The home is in Andrea Schroder's name, but it appears to be fair game in their pending divorce. Andrea filed in 2016 and wants full custody of their 16-year-old daughter, Faith. They have 4 kids but the other 3 are adults.

The "NYPD Blue" and "Silver Spoons" star and Andrea presumably would split profits from the sale.

They were married for 24 years.

The house was listed by super realtor Chris Cortazzo from Coldwell Banker in Malibu.

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