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Mandy Moore I Want Out Of Marriage And My Sweet Pad in the Woods

6/3/2016 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0603_Mandy-Moore-and-Ryan-Adams-house-for-sale-launchThe house Mandy Moore and estranged husband Ryan Adams shared during their nearly 6-year marriage is on the market, and it looks like it's straight out of an alt-rock song.

The couple is selling their heavily-wooded pad in L.A.'s Los Feliz neighborhood for $3.199 million. It's a steep price considering the lot is less than one-third of an acre, but the location is baller ... right near Griffith Park.

Mandy bought the 5 bedroom, 5 bath pad in 2002 for $1.725 mil, but according to their divorce docs they've been splitting the mortgage. Unclear if they'll also split profits from the sale

She filed for divorce January 2015.

Johnny Depp I Got Stockholm Syndrome ... With HOT Swedish Chicks!

6/3/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0602_johnny_depp_blonde_desiree_nilsson_launchJohnny Depp is very much pro-Sweden ... especially when it comes to the run-of-the-mill beautiful, blonde, fair-skinned citizens.

Johnny was super touchy-feely Monday when an Amber clone approached him in the lobby of the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. She's Desiree Nilsson, a 21-year-old fashion blogger.

Desiree's move was thwarted by a bodyguard, but she pressed her luck and J.D. noticed, which was all it took. Johnny waved her in and within no time he was holding her hand and touching her back.

Johnny had game left, so a few hours later he found his way to the hotel bar where Swedish model Andrea Jay was glued to his side in no time. 

Sweden ... it makes you feel good when your wife files for divorce


Johnny Depp Boozing, Not Fighting At Danish Bar

6/2/2016 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0602_johnny_depp_bodyguard_launch_3Johnny Depp is partying overseas like a guy with no concerns -- such as a divorce from Amber Heard or domestic violence allegations.

Johnny and his Hollywood Vampires roadies hit up the Under Masken in Denmark Wednesday night where we're told Johnny was drinking and chatting up bar staff until 4 AM.

Bartender Hartvig Hansen tells TMZ ... the reports Johnny got into a fight with a bodyguard are not true. He says the actor knocked back 3 vodka tonics, with limes -- and a bottle of champagne was passed around.

0602-johnny-depp-hartvig-facebookThe Daily Mail got photos of Johnny outside the bar with his entourage. Some people thought it looked like he took a swing at one of his bodyguards, but Hartvig says the pic is deceiving -- Johnny really just has his arm around a chick while he's talking to the guys.

The photos could still be a bad look for Johnny, since Amber's claiming alcohol and drugs fueled the alleged assaults.

Johnny Depp Assistant Says Texts Were Doctored

6/2/2016 11:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0602-stephen-deuters-johnny-depp-assistant-amber-heard-X17-01Johnny Depp's assistant, Stephen Deuters, tells TMZ, the texts that were posted in which he allegedly apologized to Amber Heard for Johnny's violent behavior are heavily doctored ... and he never said Johnny attacked her.

Deuters says he knows of no acts of abuse toward Amber at the hands of Johnny and has never made such a claim to anyone. He adds, Johnny has never been violent toward anyone he knows.

Deuters says the texts themselves are suspicious because they don't even show a date.

Bottom line ... he says he will testify under oath he never had a conversation about alleged violence with Amber. 


Amber Heard I Still Love Johnny And Don't Want to Bury Him

6/2/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amber Heard is not going through with her promise to belatedly file a police report ... because she says she still loves Johnny Depp and "doesn't want to bury him" ... so say sources connected with Amber.

As we reported, Amber's lawyer, Samantha Spector, vowed Tuesday Amber would file a police report because she was being trashed in the media, thanks to Johnny and his team.

We're told Amber has now had a change of heart, saying she believes a police report would trigger an arrest and prosecution, and she doesn't want to set the wheels in motion for People vs. Depp.

Sources connected with Johnny scoff at Amber's sympathy, saying she timed the allegations to hurt his new movie, "Alice Through the Looking Glass," which tanked.

Heard claims she still loves the man she now says repeatedly brutalized her.


Bonnie Pointer Jump for Divorce! I'm Keeping My Royalties

6/1/2016 5:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0601_Bonnie-Pointer_tmzOne of the Pointer Sisters got the best possible outcome from her divorce -- she's getting to keep the fruits of her music career.

Bonnie Pointer's divorce from Motown producer Jeffrey Bowen was just finalized and, according to docs, she's getting her music royalties ... which she called her only separate property.

Despite 35 years of marriage ... Bonnie said they have no community property. Jeffrey didn't dispute that ... as the judge entered a default judgment in Bonnie's favor.

Neither will have to pay spousal support. 

If you want to taste her kisses in the night ... Bonnie's available.

Amber Heard Cops Are Lying They Saw Me Bruised & Battered

6/1/2016 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0601-amber-heard-johnny-depp-tmz-02Amber Heard is calling BS on the LAPD, claiming Johnny Depp has the department in his hip pocket ... and that's why she claims they're lying when they say she was injury-free.

Sources close to Amber say Johnny has a relationship with LAPD cops ... they say some have worked off-duty in his security detail.  

We're told Amber is adamant ... she had obvious facial injuries when cops responded to the 911 call on May 21, and there is no reason for them to deny it other than to protect Johnny.

Amber says a witness was present when cops responded. Her name is Raquel Rose Pennington, and Amber says Raquel examined her face which she says had "a significant injury with redness and swelling."  

Our Amber sources also note the LAPD has changed its story multiple times ... first telling the media they never responded to a 911 call involving Amber and Johnny, then saying there was only one call, and later admitting they received 2 calls and sent 2 different sets of officers to her apartment. 


Amber Heard Cops Interviewed by LAPD Brass We Saw No Injuries

6/1/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527-amber-heard-johnny-depp-tmz-07The 2 officers who interviewed Amber Heard the night she was allegedly attacked by Johnny Depp have spoken with LAPD brass, and our sources say they are adamant ... Amber had no visible injuries.

The officers spoke with superiors Tuesday afternoon and said they had no idea Johnny Depp was involved at all -- the 911 call came in under the name Heard, and they did not associate her with Depp.

The 2 cops say the information they had when they knocked at her door was only that there was a domestic dispute. Amber opened the door just a crack but would not let them in. They questioned her through the door and she said it was a simple verbal argument with her husband. She never mentioned Depp by name. 

The officers told her they needed to make sure she wasn't declining help under duress, so they insisted on coming in and speaking with her. Amber obliged, and the officers say they looked at her closely enough to determine there were no marks, swelling or bruising on her face or other exposed parts of her body. 

Our LAPD sources say precisely what several doctors told us ... if Johnny threw an iPhone at her pitcher style, and then followed up with hair-pulling and hitting, there would have been swelling at the very least, and most probably some immediate bruising or redness. The officers saw nothing.

The cops insist if they had seen any sign of injury they would have taken a report and tracked down the husband.


Amber Heard Claims Cops Missed Key Evidence In Alleged Beating

5/31/2016 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0531-amber-heard-lapd-tmz-04Amber Heard is getting trashed because cops didn't do their job properly, or even worse lied to protect Johnny Depp ... so claims sources connected to the actress.

The sources say Amber had visible marks on her face when 2 officers responded to the 911 call on May 21. They claim the officers either didn't see the marks or are lying to protect Depp. They say Amber's injuries became more pronounced as time went on ... especially a day later.

LAPD officials insist the 2 cops did indeed look for injuries and found none.

We contacted 2 doctors who routinely treat trauma injuries who both said an iPhone hurled at someone would cause immediate swelling and some discoloration. BTW, in addition to allegedly throwing the iPhone, Heard claimed in legal docs he pulled her hair, struck her and violently grabbed her face.

As for the officers claiming there was no evidence of any broken glass in the apartment ... our Heard sources say that's because Amber met the cops in an adjoining unit, and they never went to the one where the incident went down.

And Amber's sources say she's the only one who swore under oath her version of events were accurate.  Amber's people say Johnny's team had 24 hours notice before the TRO was heard, and he never filed a sworn declaration.


Amber Heard 'Ear-Witnesses' Say She's a Liar Johnny Wasn't Near Her

5/31/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527_amber_heard_johnny_depp_gettyAmber Heard screamed to Johnny Depp in the middle of their argument last week, "Stop hitting me!!!" Problem is ... when she screamed Johnny was more than 6 yards away -- so claim 2 witnesses.

Sources connected to the case tell TMZ, 2 security guards -- Jerry Judge and Sean Bett -- were standing in the entryway inside Johnny and Amber's apartment unit, giving them space during the argument, when out of nowhere they heard Amber scream.  

The guards say "within a second" they bolted into the living area and saw Johnny in the kitchen and Amber on the couch in the living room -- it's an open floor plan. Both guards say Johnny was at least 20 feet away from her.

We're told, according to Johnny, both he and Amber knew the guards were in the entryway and the scream was a badly executed attempted setup.  

The guards -- both of whom are expected to testify next month during the restraining order trial -- also say throughout Johnny and Amber's 15-month marriage, she was the one who flew into rages ... screaming at him, throwing bottles, and charging him. They claim they frequently had to pull her off Johnny.

Amber claims her alleged injuries were caused when Johnny hurled an iPhone at her. The 2 guards support what the responding cops say ... she had no visible injuries. Amber claims there was broken glass on the floor and even submitted photos in her legal docs, but the guards insist there was no broken glass, and the cops say nothing was amiss.


Amber Heard Lawyer Says ... 'Amber is the Victim ... Amber is a Hero'

5/31/2016 6:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527_amber_heard_tmzAmber Heard took the high road by not calling the cops after Johnny Depp allegedly brutalized her, but Johnny's "relentless attacks and outright lies" has now forced her to file a police report ... so says her lawyer.

Attorney Samantha Spector has come out swinging, saying Amber did not file a police report when the alleged incident occurred "to protect her privacy and Johnny's career."

Spector says Heard tried to keep the alleged incident "as private as possible," but Johnny and media reports have now forced her hand. Spector says, "Amber can no longer endure the relentless attacks and outright lies launched against her character," adding, "We took the high road."

Spector says LAPD cops observed injuries to Amber and the disarray in the apartment when they arrived. This is in sharp contrast to what LAPD told us ... that there were no signs of injury and no signs of disarray.

Amber's lawyer says her client "has suffered through years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of Johnny." They've been married for 15 months.

Spector says, "Amber is the victim. Amber is a hero."

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard LAPD Holding Firm No Visible Injuries

5/31/2016 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527_amber_heard_johnny_depp_getty-3Amber Heard is now fighting her domestic violence battle on 2 fronts ... the LAPD is sticking to its story the cops who responded to the 911 call saw no evidence of injury and no disarray in the apartment.

Amber's lawyer said Monday, "The LAPD officers viewed not only the disarray that Johnny had caused in the apartment but also the physical injuries to Amber's face."   

TMZ broke the story ... the cops who responded say they saw no evidence of injury, no disarray ... no evidence of a crime. An LAPD official tells us they are sticking to their story.

Johnny says Amber is lying ... he never struck her with an iPhone. As we reported, 2 bodyguards were in the entryway of the apartment during the argument and they heard Amber scream, "Stop hitting me!" They say within a second they entered the living area and saw Amber sitting on a sofa in the living room and Johnny at least 20 feet away in the kitchen.

Amber's lawyer says she was trying to protect Johnny's career and that's why she did not file a police report but she'll do it now, because her character is being assassinated.


Bikram Yoga Guru Divorce Wife Gets Ferrari, He Keeps The Lawsuits

5/31/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0520-Bikram-Choudhury-rajashree-GETTY-01The wife of hot yoga mogul Bikram Choudhury didn't just score fancy whips in their divorce ... she also made sure she was off the hook in all his pending lawsuits.

According to legal docs ... Bikram is facing at least 10 lawsuits. As we previously reported ... at least 6 of those allege rape and sexual assault.

His divorce from his wife of 31 years, Rajashree, was finalized earlier this month, and a key provision in their settlement was she will not pay for any of his misdeeds. In case she gets sued over his hijinks and loses, he has to pay what she owes.

As for the rest of their property, it looks like Rajashree got most of what she wanted ... including their Bev Hills and L.A. pads, the Ferrari, Mercedes 550 and a Bentley.

Bikram got to keep their home in Hawaii.

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