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Steven Levitan Divorce 'Modern Family' Creator Makes Millions ... Every Month!

3/18/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

031716-steve-krista-levitan-getty-tmzThe creator of "Modern Family" makes a fortune. Would you believe $2.4 million? How about $2.4 million a month? 

Steve Levitan's wealth is being displayed for all to see in his divorce case thanks to wife, Krista. She's trying to get her cut of their riches and filed the docs to prove he's rolling in dough.

Krista says Levitan's take home is $2,436,543 a month before taxes, and he puts a little more than a million away every month for what seems to be a super impressive savings account.

The papers lay out the family's monthly expenses, including ...

-- $11,849 on clothes ... but only $100 on laundry and cleaning
-- $9,592 on education and another $7,705 on childcare (weirdly, the couple has 3 kids, all adults)
-- $1,901 on beauty and grooming 
-- $1,299 on fitness and health
-- $1,333 on pet care

We're told the couple -- married for 23 years -- does not have a prenup, so the soon-to-be former Mrs. Levitan should do quite well.

Tupac's Mom Husband Wants a Piece of Tupac's Pie in Divorce

3/18/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0317_Afeni-Shakur_tupac_getty-3Tupac Shakur's mom is getting divorced, TMZ has learned, and her husband wants half of that Tupac money.

Afeni Shakur filed for divorce against Gust Davis, her husband of 12 years. For some reason we're told the couple doesn't have a prenup.

Afeni filed in North Carolina, where judges are not required to divide property 50/50, but rather on a case-by-case basis to determine what's fair. They have lots of property and he wants, among other things, the right to live on their 50 acre North Carolina ranch and wants the keys to the houseboats. Gust, who's a minister, also wants to keep his sweet Jag.

Gust also wants alimony. We're told the Tupac Estate rakes in around $900k a year, but according to Gust, after expenses Afeni gets around $20k a month. We're told he wants $10k a month for the rest of his life. 

As for Afeni, she's been separated from Gust for a little more than a year. She's currently living on a houseboat in Sausalito, CA.     

Afeni has filed legal docs asking the judge to shut down Gust's alimony request.

Ralphie May Estranged Wife Broke Our Contract ... In Front of the Kids!

3/17/2016 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0317-ralphie-may-lahna-turner-tmz-twitter-01Ralphie May's estranged wife is poisoning their 2 children against him and refusing to let them see him ... according to new docs filed in his divorce -- which is getting VERY nasty.

Ralphie is upset because Lahna Turner is keeping the kids in Los Angeles ... while he's at the home in Tennessee -- but he says what really ticked him off is that she destroyed their Ketubah.

The Ketubah is the Jewish marriage contract, and Ralphie says she shattered the glass box that held theirs, then stabbed it repeatedly with scissors ... right in front of him and their children. In the docs, he also says she ripped photos off the wall and cursed at him.

Ralphie insists the family lives in Nashville and the divorce should be handled there. For her part, Lahna calls Nashville more of a vacation home where the family spent some holidays. She says home is L.A. ... where the kids are enrolled in school. 



Wife of 'Biggest Loser' Dr. He Got a New Young Thing ... I Got a Tumor

3/17/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316-dr-h-wanda-getty-01Ex-'Biggest Loser' doctor Robert Huizenga has a big problem with his ex-wife ... who says she's cash strapped and fighting illness, while he's off living the life with his 34-year-old P.Y.T.  

Wanda Huizenga says she and the Dr. were happily married for 33 years -- plus 3 not-so-happy years -- and during that time she quit working and became a full-time mother and housewife. They split up in 2012, but since then ... Wanda says she's fallen on hard times. She's battling COPD and has a brain tumor.

On the other hand ... Wanda says Robert, who is currently Charlie Sheen's physician, is having the time of his life. In legal docs she describes his health as, "Excellent. Runs 8 miles a day. Young 34-year-old to keep him happy."

Dr. H. is currently paying her $10k per month, but Wanda says that's not cutting it ... especially with her medical bills. She says her ex is not "being fair or generous" and she's hurt beyond belief.

In addition to increased support, she wants the doctor to cover her mounting legal fees.

Ex 'RHOBH' Star Files for Divorce ... Like I Said, He's Not My Type

3/14/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0311-marisa-dean-zanuck-instagram-getty-01Former 'Housewives of Beverly Hills' castmember Marisa Zanuck and her husband Dean are calling it quits after 13 years of marriage. 

Marisa filed the divorce docs in L.A. last month, but the writing's been on the wall for at least 3 years or so. Back in season 3 of 'RHOBH' she called Dean "not her type" ... but tried to blow it off, claiming Dean loved her loose lips. Guess not.

Marisa wants she and Dean to have joint legal and physical custody of their two boys, ages 11 and 13.

Dean comes from Hollywood royalty ... his late father was Richard D. Zanuck, the big time of "Jaws," "Cocoon," "Driving Miss Daisy" and more. 

'How To Get Away With Murder' Heartthrob Learns ... How to Get Out of Marriage, Quick

3/13/2016 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

031116-charlie-weber-instagramCharlie Weber, who plays Frank on "How to Get Away with Murder," is cutting bait on his marriage before his one year anniversary. 

Charlie's getting a divorce from his wife Giselle after only 9 months. He filed the docs last month in L.A. citing irreconcilable differences. 

They don't have kids, but there was a prenup and the docs say that will make for a nice clean split of the couple's assets. No muss, no fuss. 

At least Charlie didn't spend Valentine's Day alone ...

Happy Valentines Day!!!

A photo posted by Charlie Weber (@thecharlieweber) on

'Mad Men' & 'Big Love' Star I'm Getting Divorced with New Age Child Custody Plan

3/12/2016 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304_Matthew-Heller-and-Anne-Dudek_gettyActress Anne Dudek is divorcing her husband of nearly 8 years, but she's down to try the newest fad in child custody arrangements. 

Dudek -- who's had roles on "Mad Men," "Big Love," 'House' and "Covert Affairs" -- has 2 kids, ages 7 and 4, with her soon-to-be ex, Matthew Heller.

According to the docs, Dudek wants to share legal and physical custody, but the physical part is where it gets interesting. Anne wants the kids to stay in one house, while she and Matthew rotate in and out every 3rd day or so.

"Bird nesting" is kinda the "in" thing to do -- and not just in Hollywood -- since psychologists think it's a good way to create stability for children of divorce.

Donald Sterling Wife Calls Off Divorce Bizarre Love Conquers All

3/11/2016 2:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0308-donald-sterling-shelly-sterling-TMZ-01How can you resist a man like Donald Sterling?? 

If you're Shelly Sterling, you can't ... 'cause the disgraced billionaire's wife has officially CALLED OFF their divorce ... TMZ Sports has learned.  

Donald first filed to end their marriage back in August -- after he called her a "pig" in open court ... after he sued her for selling the Clippers against his will. Good times these two ... 

But now, we've obtained court docs that show Shelly asked the court to throw out the divorce papers. 

Both Donald and the judge signed off on the request immediately -- which means V. Stiviano's former sugar daddy is off the market. 

Sorry ladies ...


Porn Star Mary Carey Files for Divorce ... Claims Erectile Differences

3/11/2016 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

031016-marey-carey-divorce-tmz-twitter-03Porn star and ex-politician Mary Carey is ending her marriage and says it's all because she's super horny and not getting enough nookie. 

Mary filed the divorce docs last week in L.A. and cited irreconcilable differences -- but she tells TMZ, at least for her, the marriage to electrician Mario Monge crumbled over their lack of sex. 

She claims Mario wanted her to be a housewife, get rid of her XXX moniker and go by her maiden name, Mary Ellen Cook. She admits she just didn't want to let go of her porn alter ego. 

Still, it was no quickie ... the marriage lasted more than 6 and a half years. The ex Cali gubernatorial candidate is requesting spousal support, their '03 Cadillac, '04 Corvette and North Hollywood apartment. They don't have any kids.

As for the single life, Mary says she's ready to "meet people and have lots of sex." 

The more you know ... men of L.A.


Lane Kiffin's Wife Files For Divorce 'Irreconcilable Differences'

3/10/2016 3:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0310_Lane-Kiffin_LAYLA-KIFFIN-GETTY-2He said it was coming ... and now Lane Kiffin's wife has made it official -- filing divorce papers in Los Angeles ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Layla Kiffin -- who married the Alabama offensive coordinator back in July 2000 -- pulled the trigger on March 4th ... citing irreconcilable differences. 

The couple has 3 minor kids together -- and she's asking the court for joint legal custody. However, she wants primary physical custody with Lane getting visitation. 

We're guessing the proposed arrangement has to do with Lane's busy traveling schedule. 

Layla is also asking for spousal support -- but notes the two are engaged in mediation to resolve other undisclosed issues. 

Lane issued a statement about the split back in February saying the decision to break up was mutual -- adding, "We will maintain an amicable relationship with respect for each other as we raise these three wonderful children."

Don McLean's Wife Kiss My American Pie Goodbye ... Files For Divorce

3/10/2016 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0310-don-patricia-mclean-tear-getty-01Don McLean's wife is singing bye bye Mr. "American Pie" ... she's filed to divorce him following the alleged domestic violence blowup at the their home in January.

Pat filed the docs in Maine on Thursday citing "adultery, cruel and abusive treatment, and irreconcilable differences."

This one isn't the least bit shocking ... considering a judge ordered Don to stay away from Pat following his arrest for the alleged 4 hour domestic assault. Pat said she thought she was going to die during the incident.

The couple was married for 30 years. 

Ponyboy from 'The Outsiders' Wife Files For Divorce ... Marriage Stays Silver, Not Gold

3/7/2016 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

030416-thomas-howell-sylvie-anderson-02C. Thomas Howell, aka Ponyboy from "The Outsiders," is getting divorced ... but he beat the odds in Hollywood because his marriage and partnership lasted nearly a quarter-century.  

Howell's wife Sylvie filed the docs last month in L.A. Superior Court, citing the usual irreconcilable differences.

The couple has 3 kids ... one is 14 and the other 2 are adults. Sylvie's asking for physical custody but wants joint legal custody. She's also gunning for spousal support. 

Tommy, who played The Reaper on "Criminal Minds," and Sylvia will fully communicate and co-parent their youngest son ... so promises his publicist, Jeff Ballard.

Tommy says, "We raised three beautiful children together ... I will always wish her the best and look forward to what the future holds for both of us."

Charlie Sheen Money is Tight I Can't Pay Ridiculous Child Support

3/4/2016 3:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304_charlie_sheen_brooke_mueller_tmz-2Charlie Sheen is asking for a drastic reduction in his child support because the financial well is now running dry.

Charlie currently pays Brooke Mueller $55,000 a month for twins Bob and Max, but now says his earnings have dramatically dropped. Charlie says he had been raking in $613,000 a month, just from his cut of the "Two and a Half Men" profits. He says he recently had to sell those rights for a lump sum of $26,750,000. He doesn't say what happened to the stash.

Charlie says he now averages $87,384 a month, and last month got a relatively paltry $6,261. He says he now can't keep up, because his monthly expenses total $105,000, and $25,000 is for health care expenses not covered by insurance.

Sheen also says he owes nearly a million bucks in legal fees and credit card debts approaching $600k.

He doesn't say how much he can now afford.

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