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Frances Bean Cobain Divorce He Gets Kurt's Guitar ... She Gets Her Freedom

5/15/2018 10:45 AM PDT

2:25 PM PT -- According to the judgment docs, obtained by TMZ ... there's one major condition to Silva getting Kurt's guitar -- Silva's baby mama has to quickly vacate the couple's L.A. house, which is now strictly Cobain's under the property settlement.Frances Bean Cobain has settled her divorce with Isaiah Silva, and the major bone of contention -- Kurt Cobain's famous acoustic guitar -- goes to him.

TMZ has learned the former couple finally reached a property settlement agreement, 6 months after their divorce became final.

Our sources say, Frances decided she wanted Isaiah out of her life for good, and didn't want the mess of a trial to bog her down. What's more, she was only 1 year old when her dad committed suicide, so it's not like she had lots of memories about the 1959 Martin D-18E.

We're told she knows her decision may piss off lots of Nirvana fans, but it's her life and she wants to move on.

Frances actually did great in the divorce. We've learned she will not have to pay Isaiah a penny in spousal support -- he wanted $25k a month. He has to foot his own legal bills and she gets the house they bought.

The 25-year-old daughter of Kurt and Courtney Love is sober, has a boyfriend and is looking forward.

As for the guitar, it's super iconic because Kurt played it during Nirvana's famous "MTV Unplugged" set.

Mary Carey Yo Judge, Speed Up My Divorce ... I'm Getting Married Again!!

5/9/2018 4:10 PM PDT

Mary Carey's got big plans -- she's got a brand new fiance, and she's getting out of the porn biz ... but there's a tiny issue with that first part.

According to new docs, Mary's still not divorced from her current husband, and she's officially asking the judge to sign off ASAP. She says her wedding date's July 7, but that's gonna be problematic if the expedited divorce hearing doesn't go her way.

As for her wedding plans, we got the former Cali gubernatorial candidate last week at LAX and asked her for some deets. She says it's a destination wedding in Cuba, but before that ... she has a couple strip club appearances to make.

Once she's hitched, though ... Mary says she's only stripping for her man, and she's tightening up her game too. Yes, she told us about the surgery she's having to make their wedding night more pleasurable.

She's a woman of her word. Right after filing for divorce in 2016, Mary told us she was on the hunt for her future husband. Two-year turnaround? Not too shabby.

Geena Davis Husband Files for Divorce

5/8/2018 3:55 PM PDT

Geena Davis' husband has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.

Dr. Reza Jarrahy filed legal docs Tuesday citing irreconcilable differences in their marriage. According to the docs, the couple separated last November.

They married in September, 2001 and have 3 kids ... a girl and twin boys.

Jarrahy -- a prominent surgeon in L.A. -- is asking for spousal support and joint legal and physical custody. He is asking the judge to deny any request by her for spousal support.

Jarrahy did not use his real name in filing the docs. The caption for the divorce reads Rob Doe vs. Veronica Doe. We've confirmed the parties are Reza and Geena.

This is Geena's 4th marriage.

Colton Haynes Files for Divorce From Jeff Leatham

5/8/2018 11:52 AM PDT

3:35 PM PT -- TMZ has obtained Colton's divorce docs, which don't list his and Jeff's date of separation for now ... but do cite irreconcilable differences. He's asking a judge to terminate spousal support for both of them. He also signals each will pay his own attorney's fees.

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham are officially headed to splitsville, and it's clear who pulled the plug on the relationship -- because Colton's filed for divorce.

The "Teen Wolf" star filed docs Tuesday in Los Angeles just 6 months after he married Jeff last October in a star-studded wedding in Palm Springs officiated by Kris Jenner.

TMZ broke the story ... Colton and Jeff broke up just last week. Colton later tweeted, "Jeff would never cheat. He is an amazing man. Please stop being mean to him."

It was a stunning move following Jeff's extravagant proposal in Cabo that included help from Cher. As we reported ... Jeff proposed in March 2017 and, just 4 days after their engagement, they were already talking about kids.

Ex-'Dance Crew' Judge Shane Sparks' Wife Files for Divorce

5/4/2018 9:36 AM PDT

Shane Sparks -- best known as a judge on "America's Best Dance Crew" and choreographer on "So You Think You Can Dance" -- just got served ... divorce papers from his wife.

Diana Sparks filed legal docs Friday to end their marriage after 6 and a half years, citing irreconcilable differences. She lists the date of separation as January 1, 2018.

The couple wed in August 2011, and they don't have any kids together.

Diana tells TMZ ... the couple grew apart and the decision to divorce was mutual. "We are best friends and forever will remain family."

We broke the story ... Shane pled no contest to having unlawful sex with a minor under 16 in 2011 -- around the same time he got married. There were also allegations he raped a 12-year-old girl after driving her home from a dance class he taught. He served 135 days in jail.

'Hills' Star Doug Reinhardt Beaten by Wife With His Own Crutch!!!!

5/2/2018 3:24 PM PDT

5/3 2:39 PM PT -- Doug's attorney, Marty Singer, tells us, "As a result of the pending criminal proceeding of Natalie Sutton's violent assault and battery of Doug Reinhardt, there will be no comment by Mr. Reinhardt at this time."

'The Hills' star Doug Reinhardt was sitting on a couch -- on the mend from a serious knee operation -- when his drunken wife grabbed his metal crutch and gave him a beating ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Natalie Sutton was arrested early Saturday morning in Paradise Valley, AZ and charged with felony assault and battery. Our sources say she and Doug had gone to dinner and returned to their hotel. He sat on the couch where he was recovering from an ACL operation when Natalie suddenly went ballistic, grabbed his metal crutch and began swinging, targeting his bum knee and head.

Doug was injured and bloodied. He called the cops, they arrested Natalie on the spot for the attack. She was released later Saturday and ordered not to go near him.

We've learned Doug filed for divorce on Monday. They married last October.

You may recall Doug had dated celebs in the past, including Paris Hilton and Amanda Bynes. He got engaged to Allie Lutz, but they never married.

Looks like it's time for another fresh start.

Logic Goes Big On Bachelor Crib ... $3.57 Million Big Ones!

4/30/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Logic might be a single man now, which may explain why he went big on a bachelor pad.

The rapper just picked up a $3.57 million sprawling 6 bedroom, 6 bath home in Hidden Hills, right next to Calabasas in the San Fernando Valley ... TMZ has learned.

We're told he bought the pad after filing for divorce earlier this year. Logic and his ex previously lived in a $1.9 million home in nearby Tarzana.

Logic's new pad is 7,075 square feet and has a killer backyard with a pool, hot tub, huge patio, as well as a view of the neighboring mountains. There's also a newly renovated kitchen.

The home was originally listed for $3.779 million, but Logic got the price down to $3.57 million, which doesn't happen often in L.A.

Dennis Quaid Divorce Final Massive Spousal Support Settlement

4/27/2018 10:42 AM PDT

Dennis and Kimberly Quaid are officially divorced, and their prized assets will be split jointly -- their twins.

Under the terms of the divorce, although they will share joint custody of their 10-year-old twins, she gets the lion's share of physical custody -- 75%.

Dennis will pay $13,750 a month in child support, but the amount goes up if he makes more than $1.3 mil in a single year.

As for spousal support, she's getting a lump sum -- a whopping $2 million. She gets another million bucks to make their property settlement agreement even steven.

As for who gets the pots and pans ... she keeps her 2014 Mercedes, he gets the 2007 Land Rover, the 2012 Mercedes and the 2013 Honda. He gets their pad in Austin, and they're splitting the proceeds from the sale of their family home.

All of the residuals from the movies Dennis made before their 2004 marriage are Dennis' sole property, and they split the residuals for movies he made after they got hitched.

Kimberly filed for divorce back in 2016 -- in fact, it was the second time she filed. She withdrew her first divorce petition back in 2012.

The former couple famously sued Cedars-Sinai Medical Center over a bungled procedure that almost killed their twins shortly after they were born. They were given a massive overdose of Heparin. The Quaids settled with Cedars

Pete Rose Denies Gambling Debt ... Reveals Serious Heart Condition

4/27/2018 9:02 AM PDT

Pete Rose admits he is more than a MILLION DOLLARS in debt -- but the baseball legend is adamant it has nothing to do with a high stakes gambling problem. 

The 77-year-old also claims he has a heart condition and has undergone 3 procedures in the last 5 years. 

It's all part of the new docs Rose filed in his nasty divorce war with his estranged wife, Carol Rose ... who recently claimed Pete still makes $100,000 per month, yet still owes massive gambling debts

"I have NO gambling debts," Rose writes in the new court filing obtained by TMZ Sports

Pete also claims the $100k number is just wrong ... he only makes $54k per month and sends $20k to Carol as part of his monthly support obligation. 

As for his IRS debt, Rose says he owes Uncle Sam more than $1,000,000 -- but notes he's been paying $20k per month to make things right. 

Pete says he's been trying to officially end his marriage to Carol since 2008, but Carol keeps dragging things out.

Rose notes that he proposed to his girlfriend in 2009 and wants to wrap up the divorce, so he can marry his fiancee already.

Doug Ellin I'm Cutting My Entourage ... Files for Divorce

4/25/2018 4:43 PM PDT

"Entourage" creator Doug Ellin is filing for divorce, and the honeymoon was barely over ... TMZ has learned.

Doug filed his divorce petition in L.A., citing irreconcilable differences ... and effectively ending his brief marriage to Andrea Adler. According to the docs, they just got married in September of last year.

Can't say 4/20 was very happy for them -- Doug says that's the date they separated.

The couple got engaged almost exactly a year ago. Doug popped the question to Andy -- who's a sports anchor for WPIX in NYC -- during a trip to New Orleans on April 30. 

They don't have any kids, and neither is seeking spousal support ... according to the docs.

Hopefully they can, at least, hug it out?

Vanilla Ice's Ex You Unloaded Our Jet Skis Put Him On Ice for the Rest, Judge!

4/24/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Vanilla Ice's ex wants to prevent a fire sale in the wake of their impending divorce -- which apparently has already gotten underway with him unloading their jet skis.

VI's estranged wifey, Laura Van Winkle, filed legal docs asking a judge to stop the rapper from selling off any more of their shared assets without her permission. 

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Laura says Ice is in possession of nearly all of the couple's marital assets, so she can't prevent him from doing what he wants with their stuff without a judge stepping in. Oh, and she wants full accounting of his haul from the jet skis' sale, too.

Sounds about right ... Laura filed her original divorce petition in 2016. She asked to be allowed to stay in the family house and for child and spousal support ... plus attorney's fees, of course.

This split is turning out to be colder than ... forget it.

Keshia Knight Pulliam Wins Custody in Adultery Divorce Trial

4/23/2018 4:00 PM PDT

Keshia Knight Pulliam is now a single woman ... her divorce was just made final.

Under the terms of the divorce, she gets primary custody of their one-year-old daughter, Ella Grace. Ed Hartwell gets visitation rights. They had a fight over the child's last name -- each wanted theirs. In the end, they compromised on Ella Grace Pulliam-Hartwell.

He also has to pay $3,007 per month in child support.   

The divorce was granted on grounds of adultery and cruel treatment. Keshia was represented by Tanya Mitchell Graham.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Hartwell admitted during the trial he lives with his lover, Tonya Carroll, who's pregnant with his child. 

Another issue came up during trial ... Hartwell -- a retired NFL linebacker -- takes meds that impair his ability to make decisions for their child.

Pete Rose Is a High Stakes Degenerate Gambler ... Wife Claims

4/23/2018 12:35 PM PDT

Three shocking pieces of information about Pete Rose in new court docs ... 

1) He's still technically married to his 2nd wife, Carol, despite filing for divorce in 2011 and gallivanting around for years with a much younger girlfriend.

2) Rose allegedly makes more than $1 MILLION per year in income from autograph signings.

3) He blows most of his cash in high stakes gambling sessions and has significant debts with casinos and the IRS. 

The allegations are all part of new divorce docs filed by his estranged wife, Carol Rose, who married Pete back in 1984.

Pete initially filed divorce docs of his own to end the marriage back in '11, but things have dragged and they're still technically married.

Now, Carol claims Pete is jerking her around in the divorce -- and she wants what she believes is her rightful cut of the community property. 

Carol claims Pete is making a minimum $100,000 per month -- primarily from daily signing appearances. That's $1.2 mil annually for all you mathematicians out there.

She's asking the judge to order Pete to lay out his financial situation to the court so they can hash out a proper settlement and finally end their marriage once and for all.

Good luck ...

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