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Harvey Weinstein Repudiates Civil Lawyer For Using Streep & Lawrence in His Defense

2/22/2018 11:35 AM PST

Harvey Weinstein realizes the enormous misstep his civil lawyer made when he filed legal docs suggesting Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow have no problem with him, because he's just schooled the attorney, telling him to back off.

Weinstein's rep tells TMZ, "Mr. Weinstein acknowledges the valuable input both Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence have contributed to this conversation and apologizes. Once again, moving forward, Mr. Weinstein has advised his counsel to not include specific names of former associates; and to avoid whenever possible, even if they are in the public record."

Lawrence and Streep blasted Weinstein for dragging them into his defense, calling it exploitative, predatory and downright disgusting.

Blac Chyna Lawyers Get Death Threats I'll 'Stab The Hell Out of You'

2/22/2018 11:16 AM PST

Blac Chyna is certainly one to evoke emotion, because her lawyers have been the target of death threats and now the LAPD is on the case.

TMZ has learned her attorneys, Lisa Bloom and Walter Mosley, have been getting emails and Instagram messages threatening their lives and the lives of their families because they chose to rep Chyna and refused to pass a letter on to her. 

Bloom received several threatening emails, one read, "My member is searching for you. If he finds you I gave him instructions already not to kill you but beat you bloody." The messages also mentioned Lisa's daughter, "I will have 5 men rape your daughter by gunpoint at he address by the end of this week."

A text sent to Mosley in December, read, "I be showing up at your house soon next Friday motherf*****. I still have your address. Me and partner will do our inspection. We coming to murder your ass if you at home." The text also included Mosley's former address.

Mosley claims an Instagram message said, "Chyna holding her hand you a soul less motherf*****. So when I give my partner the okay to stab the hell out of you on your nice floor you have ... see life aint easy. I'm going keep watching you. When I'm sick of you then I kill you."

The LAPD has obtained a search warrant to zero in on the culprit or culprits.

Bloom has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Chyna against the Kardashians, claiming they intentionally torpedoed her reality show.

Jennifer Aniston Looks So Sad ... About Justin, or a Movie?

2/22/2018 10:03 AM PST

Jennifer Aniston made a rare public outing since announcing her split from Justin Theroux ... and she did not look happy.

Jen was spotted leaving Grauman's Chinese Theater Wednesday night after the premiere of her longtime friend Jason Bateman's new movie, "Game Night." She and Jason have been close for nearly 20 years and have done 5 movies together.

However, 'Game' is an action comedy ... so it seems unlikely that is the reason for her solemn face.

As we reported ... Aniston and Theroux announced their separation last week and all signs point to divorce being the next step. We did some digging, though, and they might not ever have been legally married -- which would certainly make the split go smoother, for the lawyers, anyway.

"Game Night" comes out Friday. Don't judge based on Jen's expression.

Farrah Abraham MTV Bullied Me Over My Sexuality!!! I Just Want to Work Hard

2/22/2018 9:45 AM PST

Farrah Abraham says she's been bullied and ganged up on by MTV ... and the main reason she's suing is because she doesn't want her daughter to ever be treated that way.

Farrah was in L.A. Wednesday with her daughter, Sophia -- and a couple cute pups -- and she got into the lawsuit she filed against Viacom, MTV's parent company. She says it's no shocker she's going after them, after she was booted from 'Teen Mom.'

She insists she's on to better things now, but had to take a stand with MTV to set an example for her little girl. Sophia even voiced some support for her mom.

Farrah's suing for at least $5 million.

Warrick Dunn Saquon Barkley Will Crush the NFL But, I've Got Some Advice

2/22/2018 9:58 AM PST

Ex-NFL star Warrick Dunn believes Saquon Barkley is gonna run roughshod over the NFL, but it ain't gonna be a cakewalk -- so, Warrick's giving him some RB-to-RB real talk.

We got the 3-time Pro Bowler at LAX ... and he gushed about Saquon -- the Penn State burner who's probably gonna be the first back taken on April 26. 

"I love his game. He's versatile, he can do it all. And he's proven," Dunn told TMZ Sports.

That said, Warrick knows it takes more than raw talent to succeed at the next level ... so he's giving Say-Say a few tips -- and they're all money.

The ex-Buc/Falcon also told us who the next best RB is in this year's class -- and it might surprise you, especially if you follow all the big boards (it's OK, draft nerds, we're with you).

U.S. Women's Hockey Team Parties After Victory Gold Medals and Beers!!

2/22/2018 9:13 AM PST

How do you celebrate after winning the gold medal in Women's Hockey?!

YOU POUND SOME BREWS ... just like the badass members of the U.S. Women's Hockey team!

TMZ Sports obtained footage of Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson, Hilary Knight, Amanda Kessel and the rest of the squad turning up at the Czech House in South Korea -- hours after defeating Canada in the gold medal game. 

The best part might be the fact the DJ bumped Lenny Kravitz's version of "American Woman" while the champs got their celebration on! 


Jeremy Roenick U.S. Women's Shootout 'Top 3 Moments In Hockey History!'

2/22/2018 8:36 AM PST

Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson's insane shootout goal -- which essentially clinched the gold for Team USA -- is one of the TOP 3 MOMENTS in hockey history ... so says Jeremy Roenick.

Roenick was at the Women's Hockey gold medal game at the Olympics in South Korea -- and tells TMZ Sports the energy in the building was INCREDIBLE when Jocelyne hit the shot. 

What's more impressive, Roenick says ... is the fact Jocelyne was able to perform such an incredibly difficult move under such incredible pressure! 

Roenick also says the fact the women's team was able to bounce back after a power play loss at the last Olympics and win gold -- with 10 rookies on the team -- is simply amazing. 

Roenick still hasn't gone to sleep after the game -- he was very excited -- and told us everyone should be proud of Team USA! 

Jennifer Lawrence Blasts Harvey Weinstein 'This is What Predators Do'

2/22/2018 5:59 AM PST

Jennifer Lawrence has joined the chorus blasting Harvey Weinstein for suggesting she's fine with his conduct, at least toward her.

Weinstein filed legal docs Wednesday trying to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of all women who dealt with the fallen mogul, saying Lawrence had spoken "glowingly" about him and quoting her as saying, "He had only ever been nice to me."

Lawrence tells TMZ, "Harvey Weinstein and his company are continuing to do what they have always done which is to take things out of context and use them for their own benefit. This is what predators do, and it must stop."

Lawrence goes on ... "For the record, while I was not victimized personally by Harvey Weinstein, I stand behind the women who have survived his terrible abuse and I applaud them in using all means necessary to bring him to justice whether through criminal or civil actions. Time's up."

Meryl Streep, who was also mentioned in Weinstein's docs, called Weinstein's legal tactics, "pathetic and exploitative."

Brock Lesnar Primed for UFC Comeback ... Says His WWE Manager

2/22/2018 8:21 AM PST

Brock Lesnar's tearin' it up as WWE Universal Champion right now, but there's a very real possibility he goes back to the UFC -- so says the guy closest to Brock in WWE.

We asked Lesnar's manager, Paul Heyman, about his client potentially stepping back inside the Octagon after WrestleMania (when his WWE contract runs up) ... and he told us why the Beast is ready as ever. 

"The time away (from UFC) actually makes him better because his body gets a chance to heal," Heyman told TMZ Sports.

"Brock Lesnar's probably the healthiest fighter to enter UFC if he decides to do that."

The timing's pretty interesting -- Dana White recently said he wouldn't be surprised if Brock gives it another shot.

FYI, there were also rumors of Brock wanting to come back to fight Jon Jones ... before Jones' positive steroids test in August.

Of course, we had to ask Paul about the possibility of him becoming the mouthpiece for Ronda Rousey, who's basically expected to be the Brock of WWE's women's division ... and he didn't rule it out.

Kodak Black 3 Charges Dropped from Home Raid ... Still in Jail, Though

2/22/2018 6:51 AM PST

Kodak Black and his attorneys scored a small victory in his latest legal war -- he got 3 criminal charges dropped.

The State of Florida dismissed one charge each -- for possession of a weapon or ammunition by a delinquent, grand theft of a firearm, and child neglect ... according to Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen.

The charges all stem from the January raid at the rapper's Florida home. You'll recall, police were alerted after he posted an IG Live video ... showing several men with guns and drugs. Kodak's young son also walked into the room. Police say they found 94.9 grams of marijuana.

Kodak's still facing other charges, including marijuana possession and possession of ammunition. He's still in jail for a probation violation.

We're told the 3 charges that were dropped were tossed because prosecutors lacked sufficient evidence to go forward.

Baby steps.

Bob Costas Mike Tirico's Killin' It at the Olympics ... No Hard Feelings!

2/22/2018 6:46 AM PST

If ya think Bob Costas is bitter about Mike Tirico holding his old seat in Pyeongchang, think again -- 'cause Bob tells TMZ Sports Mike's doing "a great job" with Olympics coverage.

Costas wasn't keen on talking gun control (remember his Sunday Night Football speech?) when we got him out in Bev Hills -- but he was as friendly as ever to our guy, and seemed legitimately happy for his NBC successor. 

There were some rumors that Bob's passing of the torch might not have been entirely up to him ... but either way, looks like things are all Gucci. 

Guessing it helps that he's in L.A. instead of freezing his ass off.

FYI, Costas began hosting Olympics coverage for NBC back in '92 and hadn't missed the Games until he hung it up this year. 

'Goliath' Star Tania Raymonde Down with New Sex Scene Proposals

2/22/2018 8:49 AM PST

"Goliath" star Tania Raymonde has done a sex scene or two in her career ... so any new guidelines that would make it more comfortable for her and other actresses is totally OK with her.

We got Tania at LAX Wednesday where we asked her about a new union proposal that includes having an "intimacy director" on set. The move comes on the heels of the Harvey Weinstein scandal to protect actresses who might feel they're being pressured to get naked in auditions or forced into aggressive kissing.

Tania -- who appears topless and has several sex scenes in Billy Bob Thornton's Amazon show, "Goliath" -- says she's pretty lucky that her scenes have always felt comfortable ... but measures to make it even more comfortable are always welcome.

Mike Tyson Deontay Wilder Could Beat Me? 'I Don't Think So'

2/22/2018 6:06 AM PST

Heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder boldly claimed he's so good, he would have even knocked out Mike Tyson is his prime. 

Mike Tyson respectfully disagrees. 

"Iron Mike" was leaving Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills on Wednesday when we asked him about the statement Wilder gave us last month -- that there's no fighter in history who could beat him. 

That includes a 1986 Mike Tyson. 

"I don't think so," Tyson told TMZ Sports. 

Lennox Lewis has previously weighed in on the debate -- taking Tyson over Wilder. 

"I like Wilder but he’s never been in there with someone that ferocious who truly wants to break his ribs with every punch. I don’t see it!"

Tyson is 51 now and hasn't fought since 2005 ... but woulda been a good one, right?! 

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