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Teresa Giudice Breaks Silence on Joe's Deportation With Lady Liberty Crying

10/14/2018 7:07 PM PDT

Teresa Giudice seems to have broken her silence in the wake of her husband being ordered to be deported after prison ... and it looks like she (and Lady Liberty) are heartbroken. 

The 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star shared a photo on Instagram Sunday depicting the Statue of Liberty holding its face and apparently crying. She captioned the pic with a ton of praying hand emojis -- so it's pretty clear she's referencing Joe

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This is the first post she's added to her IG since a judge ordered that Joe be deported back to Italy once he's finished with his stint behind bars. He's more than halfway done serving his 41-month prison sentence for conspiracy to commit wire and bankruptcy fraud.

As we reported ... Teresa has no plans as of now to relocate her family to Italy once Joe is deported, fearing the culture shock of an international move would do more harm than good to their 4 kids.

While some of Teresa's 'RHONJ' costars feel like she might be shedding crocodile tears over Joe's inevitable fate ... her own words (or pictures, more like) speak for themselves here.

'RHONJ' Star Kim D Teresa Doesn't Give a Rat's Ass About Joe Getting Deported

10/10/2018 3:50 PM PDT

Teresa Giudice is a cold-hearted, good-for-nothing mom who'd rather party like a rock star than sweat about her husband Joe's pending deportation to Italy ... so claims her cast mate Kim DePaola.

The 'RHONJ' star ripped into Teresa when we spoke to her just a few hours after the news broke Joe's getting deported after he finishes serving his 41-month federal prison sentence. She doesn't have much sympathy for Joe, either ... telling us he's not a citizen, and the law's the law.

Then she went off on Teresa's alleged non-stop partying lifestyle, and joked (we think) that TG's already found a way to cash in on Joe's downfall.

Kim D's attack should come as no surprise -- they have a bitter history. Teresa once accused Kim of running a prostitution ring back in Season 8.

TMZ broke the story ... Teresa has zero plans to uproot their 4 daughters and move to Italy when their dad gets the boot, because they've made a life here and she wants to keep it that way.

Pretty sure Kim won't be delivering a homemade pan of ziti to console Teresa.


Teresa Giudice Won't Move Kids to Italy ... When Joe is Deported

10/10/2018 10:12 AM PDT

When Joe Giudice gets deported to Italy he'll have to get re-acclimated in his native country without his family ... 'cause Teresa Giudice ain't moving the kids.

Sources close to Teresa tell TMZ ... the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star has zero interest in uprooting their 4 daughters to a country where they have no friends and have never lived. We're told Teresa says moving them outta the country would be a culture shock and completely change their lives.

What's more ... the girls just started school where they've made countless friends. Gia's 17 and is in her final year in high school. 14-year-old Gabriella and 13-year-old Milania are in middle school ... and Audriana's only 9. 

Our source says Teresa and the kids haven't visited Joe in prison in a while.

We also spoke with Wendy Feldman -- Teresa's former crisis manager -- who tells us, "I work with people every day to get them through the system. Now of course it's harder than ever with our new administration." 

Way back in January, during the 'RHONJ' reunion show, Teresa said she was open to the idea of moving to Italy if Joe was deported.

Things change.

Joe Giudice He's Outta Here!!! Judge Orders Deportation

10/10/2018 8:38 AM PDT
Breaking News

Joe Giudice has to get the hell up outta the United States -- a judge is deporting him to his native Italy ... once he gets out of prison, that is.

The judge issued the deportation order Tuesday in Pennsylvania. The 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star had begged the judge to let him stay in the U.S. with Teresa and their 4 kids, but no dice for the Giudices.

Joe's more than halfway through serving a 41-month prison sentence for conspiracy to commit wire and bankruptcy fraud.

Teresa was well aware deportation was a very real possibility and sounds like she's down to stand by her man. Earlier this year, during the 'RHONJ' reunion, she called Italy a beautiful place to live and said she'll embrace the change if it comes.

Well, the change is coming. Unless, Joe files a successful appeal. He has until Nov. 9 to do that.

'RHOP' Star Michael Darby Back to Work ... After Sexual Assault Charges Dropped

10/9/2018 10:25 AM PDT

"The Real Housewives of Potomac" star Michael Darby is now back on camera for Bravo after his sexual assault charges were dropped ... TMZ has confirmed.

We're told Darby has been allowed to resume shooting the upcoming season of 'RHOP.' The move comes a few days after the Montgomery County State Attorney's Office decided not to prosecute him for criminal charges over an alleged incident with a cameraman.

According to court records, obtained by TMZ, prosecutors found insufficient evidence to move forward. We broke the story ... Michael was suspended from the show late last month after a cameraman claimed Mike had groped his butt.

Michael had been facing charges of felony assault and misdemeanor improper sexual contact. 

Washington Post first reported the charges were dropped.

Bethenny Frankel Major PDA Weekend With New Mystery Man!!!

10/8/2018 7:46 AM PDT

Bethenny Frankel has a new man in her life -- a couple months after her BF, Dennis Shields, died of an apparent overdose.

TMZ obtained these shots of Bethenny holding hands Sunday with a mystery man in Boston -- and on Monday morning there was even more PDA ... as in a full make-out session near Boston College.

It's unclear who he is or what they're doing in Beantown but, based on the grip they've got on each other ... it's looking serious.

As we reported ... Bethenny's on-again, off-again BF, Dennis, was found dead of a suspected overdose nearly 60 days ago at his Trump Tower apartment. She said her final goodbyes a few days after Dennis died.

Moving on's never easy, but good for Bethenny if she's finding her way. 

'RHOBH' Star Dorit Kemsley Swimwear Lawsuit's BS ... My Company Got Screwed!!!

9/30/2018 10:30 AM PDT

10/2 -- We've obtained docs that show Horne was more than "merely a vendor" in the company. Horne actually filed a trademark for Beverly Beach back in 2017.

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Dorit Kemsley says the guy claiming she and her husband screwed him over when they launched her swimwear brand is full of it, and in fact ... it's quite the opposite.

We broke the story ... Ryan Horne sued Dorit and her husband, Paul Kemsley, last month, claiming he struck a deal with them in 2017 to make bathing suits and own a third of the biz. He also claimed he got stiffed out of huge profits.

Dorit's company, Beverly Beach, fired back at Horne with a lawsuit of its own last week. According to the docs ... Dorit is the company's sole owner, and there was never a deal made with Horne for ownership.

BB also claims Horne was "merely a vendor" for the swimwear brand ... but failed to provide the goods and services he promised in a timely or competent manner. The company alleges it was screwed out of hundreds of thousands in lost sales as a result.

Dorit's bathing suit company is suing for damages, and for the judge to rule Horne has no stake in it.

'RHOP' Star Michael Darby Butt Groping Allegations Not Enough for Restraining Order

9/29/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Michael Darby's facing charges for allegedly grabbing a 'Real Housewives of Potomac' cameraman's butt, but at least one judge believes that's not enough to keep him away from the crew member.

Ashley Darby's husband was facing a restraining order on top of criminal charges for sexual assault, but for now it's been denied because the cameraman couldn't meet the required burden of proof ... according to new legal docs.

We broke the story ... Orville Palmer claims Darby groped him on Sept. 1 while he was filming an episode of the show and then gave him "a flirtatious look." The 'Housewives' star's been charged with felony assault and misdemeanor improper sexual contact. He's also been suspended from the show by Bravo.

According to the new docs ... the incident went down at the home of fellow 'RHOP' stars Chris and Monique Samuels. Palmer also claims Darby kicked him in the lower buttocks a couple weeks earlier.

Palmer obtained a temporary restraining order against Darby, but it expired Thursday ... and the judge rejected his request for a permanent one.

It's a small victory for Darby, but he's not off the hook in the criminal case. 

Michael Darby Suspended from Filming on 'Real Housewives' Following Sexual Assault Charge

9/28/2018 3:02 PM PDT

Michael Darby is no longer filming with "The Real Housewives of Potomac" -- he's been suspended from doing so in the wake of being charged for sexual assault.

According to Bravo and the show's production company, Truly Original ... they've stopped shooting scenes with Ashley Darby's husband following the allegation he groped a cameraman.

Bravo says it has "comprehensive policies and guidelines relating to the safety of cast and crew. We take all allegations seriously and then proceed accordingly with our producing partners."

We broke the story ... 'RHOP' cameraman Orville Palmer claims his butt was grabbed and groped by Darby on Sept. 1 while shooting an episode, and Darby followed it up by giving him "a flirtatious look."

Darby's been charged with felony assault as well as misdemeanor improper sexual contact.

Truly Original says it launched an internal review immediately after Palmer's allegations, and "took all appropriate steps to ensure the safe working environment ... for everyone associated with the production." It adds, the review is ongoing.

'RHOP' Star Michael Darby Charged with Sexual Assault Allegedly Grabbed Cameraman's Butt

9/27/2018 10:52 AM PDT

One of the stars of 'Real Housewives of Potomac' has been criminally charged with sexual assault for grabbing the butt of a crew member.

Michael Darby -- the husband of Ashley Darby -- allegedly grabbed and groped the butt of a cameraman who was filming an episode of the show.

The cameraman -- Orville Palmer -- claims after the grope he turned around and Darby gave him "a flirtatious look." Orville says he instructed Darby to stop, and then told his supervisor.

Darby has been charged with felony assault as well as misdemeanor improper sexual contact.

Palmer says the incident occurred Sept. 1. 

The maximum punishment is 11 years in prison.

Kim Richards Off Probation After 3 Long Years ... Let's Celebrate!!!

9/27/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Things are finally looking up for Kim Richards, because we've learned she's off probation after the seemingly endless saga that started with her Beverly Hills Hotel bust ... back in April 2015!

Sources close to the situation tell us Kim recently ended her probation in the case. As we reported, she had completed her required 450 hours of community service and 52 AA meetings as of December 2017 ... but she was waiting out the clock for probation to end.

You'll recall, Kim got a 2-for-1 sentence for the drunken rampage at the hotel, and for shoplifting $600 worth of Target merch.

Now that the legal nightmare's in her rearview, it looks like Kim is in a good place -- she's repairing relationships and having some fun at the same time.

Kim went out in Los Angeles Monday night to celebrate her 54th birthday, and we were shocked to see her hanging with sisters Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards.

The sisters have famously been hot and cold for years, so this was clearly a big step for them.

Nothing pulls a family together like getting Johnny Law off your back. 

'RHOD' Star D'Andra Simmons Beto Can Beat Ted!!! It's Written All Over My Hood

9/26/2018 11:16 AM PDT

Beto O'Rourke all but winning over one of the most conservative towns in Texas spells bad news for Sen. Ted Cruz ... so says 'Real Housewives of Dallas' star D'Andra Simmons.

We got D'Andra in NYC Tuesday and it's pretty clear her support for Cruz has totally fizzled. What's also clear ... her admiration for Beto, the rival who's in a neck-and-neck race heading into the midterm election.

D'Andra spills the beans on why she thinks Cruz's support has dwindled ... in a nutshell, she says it's time to stop towing the party line. As for whether she thinks Beto can pull ahead -- D'Andra says there are telling signs all over her hometown ... an uber-conservative Dallas suburb.

Lisa Vanderpump Isolating Herself From 'RHOBH' ... Cast Members Pissed

9/26/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Lisa Vanderpump has totally disconnected herself from the rest of the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' cast and her costars are ticked off ... TMZ has learned.

Our sources tell us Lisa is making almost zero effort to interact with the rest of the women on the show -- on camera and off. They're currently shooting season 9, but we're told other cast members are getting frustrated with Lisa's isolation ... and it's approaching boiling point. 

Erika Jayne went off on Lisa this week, publicly calling her out in an interview for blowing off a photo shoot with the rest of the cast. 

We're told the recent story about Dorit Kemsley giving away a dog she'd adopted from Lisa might be the source of the tensions. Remember, Lisa told us the Dorit story was false, and assured us there's no beef between them.

However, it's clear there's an unresolved issue with the other 'Housewives' -- but we're told no one's saying exactly what it is. At least for now.

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