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Beverly Hills 'Housewives' Forced to Evacuate Due to Massive House Fire

6/29/2012 8:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0629_lisa_fire_mansion_tmzThe cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was evacuated from Adrienne Maloof's home moments ago -- shutting down production of the show -- after a neighboring house caught on fire.

But it wasn't just any house -- it used to belong to Lisa Vanderpump and was featured significantly in the first two seasons of the show.

We're told the damage to Lisa's old mansion is already "significant" -- and firefighters are currently on the scene, desperately trying to extinguish the blaze. No word yet on how the fire started.

FYI -- Lisa recently sold the house. It's unclear if the new owners have moved in yet.

'Real Housewife's' Mother Sues Over Baby-Killing Witch Doctor Allegation

6/9/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0609-phaedra-parks-regina-bell-gettyWitch doctors and the law -- leave it to the mother of Phaedra Parks ... from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" ... to bring the 2 together in a $6 MILLION defamation filed in Georgia.

Regina Bell (above right) filed the suit against a company called Vibe Holdings for its online book, "Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil" ... in which the author accuses Bell of "witch-doctory" and concocting potions to abort children.

In the docs, Bell says all of the accusations are BS ... claiming she has been a respected preacher in her community for 33 years, and there's no way in hell she ever created any potions, or offered to help abort unborn children.

Now Bell is demanding a retraction and $6 million in damages from Vibe -- saying she is publicly hated and ridiculed because of the book.

The filing comes on the heels of her daughter's $30 million suit against Vibe ... also claiming defamation due to the book.

A judge has yet to rule.

Kim Zolciak LIES LIES! She's Nothing But a Squatter!!!

6/5/2012 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak just dug herself a hole to China by telling us Monday she is not living in her home illegally -- turns out, what she told us was a big fat LIE, because TMZ has the lease.

Kim is embroiled in a verbal war with her landlord, Kendra Davis. As we reported, Davis has said she's trying to evict Kim because she has no right to live in the house and won't pay rent. For her part, Kim insisted she's paid every cent of the ren and the lease was still in effect.

So here's the smoking gun ... According to the lease, either Kendra or Kim had a right to terminate the lease by giving written notice 30 days before May 30. If no one gave notice, the lease would be extended beginning in June on a month-to-month basis.

But here's the deal ... Someone did give 30 days notice -- AND IT WAS KIM AND HER HUBBY!! Take a look at Kroy Biermann's email to the landlord dated March 29, 2012. So the lease officially terminated May 30 -- so she lied to us when she said it was still in effect.

It's now June 5 and Kim and Kroy are still in the house.  Under the lease, they're considered squatters -- i.e., illegal tenants -- and the lease says they are required to pay $600 for every day they illegally stay.  The landlord says they haven't paid $600 a day, so it appears Kim also lied to us when she said she was totally current on rent.

The landlord gave us a letter that she sent Kim and Kroy today ... telling them they're in the house illegally and must vacate immediately, and if they don't she'll see them in court.

Calls to Kim weren't returned. Pants on fire, Kim.

4:28 PM PT -- Kim now admits she hasn't been paying the $600-a-day penalty for staying past the lease term, but says she plans to make a lump sum payment when she finally moves out ... which she says will be ASAP.

'Real Housewife' Kim Zolciak I'm NOT Being Evicted!

6/4/2012 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0604_kim-zolciak_getty_2"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak is NOT being evicted from her Atlanta home and insists any reports to the contrary are the ramblings of a bitter landlord ...  so say sources close to Kim.

The sources say the real housewife was renting a giant Georgia mansion with her NFL star husband Kroy Biermann with the intention to buy ... but 86'd the plan when an appraiser told her the $3-million list price was overvalued by a million bucks.

When Kim decided to walk away from the deal we're told the landlord was pissed and took out her anger by publicly trashing the housewife online ... claiming she was kicking Kim to the curb.

Kim claims she has never missed one rent payment and the entire ordeal is an attempt by her soon to be ex-landlord to use Kim's name for her own 15 minutes of fame.

We're told Kim -- fed up with her landlord's antics -- has now decided to voluntarily move out altogether, pay out the rest of the lease, and rent a different house while building the dream pad she really wants.

Taylor Armstrong I Got Screwed Over My $250k Engagement Ring

5/30/2012 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Taylor Armstrong Engagement Ring listed on eBay

Turns out "Real Houswives of Beverly Hills" start Taylor Armstrong is NOT selling her engagement ring on eBay -- the company that sued her is selling it, because Taylor surrendered the bling to get out from under a huge legal mess.

The ring her deceased husband Russell Armstrong gave Taylor was placed on the auction block this morning. 

Now here's what we know ... Taylor and Russell were sued by investors who claimed Russell fleeced them out of millions of dollars.  The case settled, but the Armstrongs didn't pay.  So the investors went after them again -- this time with a vengeance. 

Since Russell committed suicide, Taylor has now struck a new settlement deal with the investors to make the whole thing go away. The new deal was struck yesterday, which requires Taylor to pay an undisclosed amount of money to the investors and fork over a bunch of personal property -- INCLUDING THE ENGAGEMENT RING.

So the investors are the ones who put the ring on eBay and hope to fetch a quarter of a million bucks.

Sources close to Taylor tell us she's really pissed and feels she's been backed into a corner because of Russell's misdeeds.  She wanted to fight, but can't afford the legal war.

Taylor wanted to pass the ring on to her daughter when she got married.


Camille Grammer I'm Kinda Like Mel We Were Both Illegally Recorded!

5/27/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
She doesn't hate the Jews ... or Russian women ... but Camille Grammer has something else in common with Mel Gibson ... one of her rants was secretly recorded by a sworn enemy and unleashed to the public.

You may have heard the rant ... in which the former "Real Housewives" star threatens to "desecrate" her boyfriend's baby mama if she leaks private material to the media.

Now, Camille has filed a lawsuit over the leaked recording ... claiming baby mama Lisa Chynoweth PROVOKED her into losing her temper during a January phone conversation -- secretly recording the whole thing.

The conversation was played during a recent deposition in a child custody case involving Chynoweth and Camille's BF, Dimitri Charalambopoulos (say that five times fast). The depo was posted to YouTube (skip to 1:56 for the good stuff).

Camille is suing Lisa for illegally recording a phone call.

Calls to Lisa Chynoweth were not returned.

Kim Zolciak 911 Call Big Puppy Trouble During Fire Emergency

5/24/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the frantic 911 call placed moments after "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak discovered a burning 4-wheeler in her garage -- and based on the call, her 2-pound puppy caused a metric ton of trouble.

We broke the story ... the Roswell, GA fire department dispatched one fire truck to Kim's house yesterday after an ATV caught fire on her property.

The blaze was quickly extinguished and no one was hurt -- but according to the 911 call, the entire emergency would have gone a lot smoother if not for her tiny English bulldog named Dolce.

During the call, the 911 operator orders Kim to leave the house -- but Kim insists on rescuing the dog first. Problem is ... Dolce's extremely small and went into hiding when she sensed trouble.

Much to the operator's chagrin, Kim spends several minutes searching for the dog -- before eventually finding it and evacuating the house. 

Doggone it.


'Real Housewives' Star Garage Fire Emergency

5/23/2012 9:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Kim Zolciak
A fire truck raced to the home of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak this morning after an ATV in her garage went up in flames -- but thankfully, no one was hurt.

A rep for the Roswell Fire Department in Georgia tells TMZ, they received a call about a garage fire at 9:35 AM and dispatched a truck to the scene.

We're told the 4-wheeler fire was successfully extinguished and did not spread to other areas of the home. Everyone in the house is fine.

Kim just tweeted, "Shout out to Roswell Fire Dept for their quick response this morning!"


'Real Housewives' Mexico City Edition!

5/16/2012 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the greatest spin-off show never conceived ... "The Real Housewives of Mexico City" -- and if we can get some people to drop their ridiculously stereotyped fears, it just might get on the air! (not really)

Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local listings!

Tareq Salahi I'm Running for GOVERNOR

4/25/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Just 7 months after his life completely fell apart, former "Real Housewives of DC" star Tareq Salahi has decided to take the only logical next step -- run for Governor of Virginia.

Salahi -- whose estranged wife left him back in September to bang the guitarist from Journey -- tells TMZ, he wants to formally announce his candidacy for VA Governor in the upcoming election.

Salahi says he wants to use his extensive life experience as a vineyard owner and reality TV famewhore to change how things are run in his home state.

Salahi tells us, "I am troubled to see how our current political figureheads continue to waste tax payer dollars! I’m a big believer in limited government, keeping taxes, regulation and litigation low, and if I do win, everyone is invited to crash the inauguration!”

If he does win ... everyone is also invited to watch pigs fly.

'OC Housewife' Buy My Famous Mansion ... for $3.5 Million

4/22/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Mansion belonging to Jeana Keough

If you dream of living like one of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" ... all you need is $3.5 mil ... and some breast implants ... because one of the original stars is selling off her famous home.

TMZ has learned ... Jeana Keough has listed her 8,000 square foot Coto De Caza mansion ... made famous by countless BBQs and mid-day booze sessions.

The OC crib is stacked  -- 7 bedrooms, 6 baths, salt water pool, basketball court, outdoor fire-pit and a 6-car garage to fit your entire Mercedes Benz collection.

Buyer beware ... you might wake up blonde, divorced and wearing really bright colors.

'Real Housewife' Alex McCord Real Housecat Really Run Over by a Car

4/21/2012 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"Real Housewives of New York City" star Alex McCord and her family are dealing with a real tragedy -- their beloved cat Madge passed away this week after she was hit by a car. 

Neighbors discovered the cat lying in the street on Wednesday after she managed to get out of the house. McCord said Madge's body was still in perfect condition, so the family (including their other cat Erin) was able to say their goodbyes.

McCord says the death of Madge has been difficult to explain to her two boys, adding, "We talked about how … she was different because she wasn't alive anymore. They each wrote her a little note which we put in a box we buried her in and put a marker above her grave."

RIP ... cat.

'Real Housewives' Producers Hunting for Christian Women in Kardashian Territory

4/16/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The people behind the "Real Housewives" franchise are poking around in Calabasas, CA ... searching for Christian women to star in a new reality show inspired by "GCB" ... TMZ has learned.

We've confirmed ... producers have already reached out to several members of the Calabasas elite who live in the same extremely private gated community Justin Bieber will soon call home.

We're told producers are looking for "accomplished and upscale women in the Calabasas area who have fabulous lives, are very social, are involved in the community, but also have a very deep commitment to their faith."

The community is loaded with stars ... including Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler, Gary Sinise, D.L. Hughley, Kourtney Kardashian, Keyshawn Johnson and Nikki Sixx.

So far, it's unclear if producers have reached out to the stars ... but they probably should.

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