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Edwin Jackson Drunk Driver Gets 16 Yrs. In Prison For Killing NFL Player

9/21/2018 12:06 PM PDT
Breaking News

The drunk driver who killed Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson in February just got sentenced to 16 years in prison.

As we previously reported, 26-year-old Jackson and his Uber driver were hit by a pickup truck while they were standing on the shoulder of a highway in Indiana.

37-year-old Manuel Orrego-Zavala pled guilty to 2 counts of "DUI that causes the death of another" in July.

Today, he faced a judge in Indiana ... and was hit with the maximum penalty -- 16 years in state prison.

After his prison sentence, Orrego-Zavala -- who's a Guatemalan citizen in America illegally -- faces deportation.

The case became a national story when President Trump tweeted that it was "disgraceful" that Jackson was killed by a man who was in the U.S. illegally.

Orrego-Zavala is currently locked up ... and ain't goin' anywhere for 16 years.

Suge Knight Son Reacts to Plea Deal ... The System's Stacked Against Him

9/21/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Suge Knight's son believes his old man's being treated unfairly, and the system's set up to keep him locked up for the rest of his life ... but he's holding out hope it doesn't go down like that.

Suge Jacob Knight tells TMZ ... despite his father striking a 28-year plea deal in his murder case Thursday, he's staying positive about the situation. He admits he's incredibly concerned about his dad's health, but says Suge's a fighter ... and he's always going to be alright.

Still, Suge Jr. seems pretty upset over the outcome of his dad's case ... and thinks it's time someone gives him a break.

We broke the story ... the 53-year-old former rap mogul pled no contest to voluntary manslaughter in the killing of Terry Carter. Suge will get 28 years in prison but he'll get credit for time served, and due to prison overcrowding, he could get out in just over 10 years. 

That's still a long time, considering Suge's health issues, but his son's trying to keep the faith.

Suge Knight Strikes 28-Year Plea Deal in Murder Case

9/20/2018 2:48 PM PDT

2:00 PM PT -- The plea deal was just unveiled in court, and Suge will get 28 years in prison after pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter. The 53-year-old will get credit for time served -- he's been in jail awaiting trial for around 3 1/2 years. He'll also be on parole for 3 years after serving his prison sentence.

Suge's sentence is stiffer than a typical voluntarily manslaughter because he had a prior felony conviction in 1997. He also got an extra 5 years because the Carter killing was deemed a "serious and violent" felony. He got an additional year due to his truck being a deadly weapon.

Knight cracked a joke ... of sorts. Part of the judge's instructions to the defendant include a phrase about the possibility of deportation following conviction, to which Suge said, "So, ICE can come and get me." There was a smattering of laughter. 

Suge Knight has struck a plea deal in his murder case ... TMZ has learned.

Several sources tell us the former Death Row Records exec will be in L.A. County Superior Court Thursday afternoon to enter a plea in the murder of Terry Carter. Knight had been facing the possibility of life in prison, and his trial was scheduled to begin Monday with jury selection.

We broke the story ... Suge ran over Terry back in January 2015 as he fled the Tam's Burgers parking lot in Compton. TMZ posted the surveillance video that showed Knight throw his truck in reverse, knock over one man, then drive forward over Terry ... killing him.  

Knight had claimed he was not trying to run over either of the men he hit -- but merely trying to escape because he thought both men were about to shoot him.

Suge was arrested shortly after the incident and has been in jail ever since then, awaiting trial.

Originally published -- 1:26 PM PT

NBA's Richard Jefferson Dad Killed In Drive-By Shooting

9/20/2018 11:45 AM PDT

The father of NBA star Richard Jefferson was killed in a drive-by shooting in Compton on Wednesday evening ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Law enforcement tells us ... 65-year-old Richard Jefferson Sr. was in front of a liquor store in a primarily residential area around 6:52 PM when a vehicle rolled up and someone inside opened fire. 

Jefferson Sr. was struck multiple times in the torso. He was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

Sources say Jefferson Sr. was with 2 other men at the time of the shooting. It's unclear if Jefferson Sr. was the target. 

We're told the L.A. Sheriff's Dept. is investigating. 

Jefferson was born in South Central. His mother and father split when he was very young and his mom took him to Phoenix, where she raised him with her new husband. 

Richard Jr. went on to have a solid NBA career -- winning an NBA title with the Cleveland Cavs in 2016. 

We reached out to Richard's camp for comment. So far, no word back. 

Burt Reynolds Car Collection Could Fetch $1M!! ... at Vegas Auction

9/19/2018 11:55 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Die-hard Burt Reynolds fans down for a beer run to Texarkana and back in 28 hours can now do it with one of Burt's personal cars ... but it's gonna cost 'em a pretty penny.

The late actor's car collection is set to hit the auction block on Sept. 29 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Burt's personally-owned cars (titled and registered to Burt) are spectacular -- the 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is a recreation of the iconic Pontiac in "Smokey and the Bandit."

There's also another '78 Trans Am that's a recreation from the one used in "Hooper" and an '84 Trans Am that was used to promote the USFL Tampa Bay Bandits, which Burt, of course, owned. It's not just Trans Ams though ... a 1987 Chevrolet R30 pickup's also up for grabs. It's a recreation for the one used in 'Cannonball Run.'

The entire lot's expected to fetch upwards of $1 million. They're truly special memorabilia ... the cars have Burt's John Hancock on them along with other actors from those films. The auction will be televised live on Velocity and the Discovery Channel. Place yo bids!!

Pittsburgh Pirates Moment Of Silence For Mac Miller

9/18/2018 8:50 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Pittsburgh Pirates held a moment of silence for Mac Miller before their game Monday -- honoring the late rapper with a tribute video on the PNC Park jumbotron.

Starling Marte, Colin Moran and the rest of the Pirates squad paused for a minute to honor Mac -- a Pittsburgh native who died of an apparent overdose earlier this month.

The Pirates' PA announcer said over the park's loudspeakers as a video of Miller in a Pirates jersey played, "Mac was a rapper, a singer, a producer and had a very bright future in the industry ahead of him."

"Locally, Mac is remembered as a hometown kid who sang about our city where his heart clearly remained."

"Our thoughts are with his parents, his grandmother and all of his family and friends who mourn his passing."

Mac was 26. RIP.

Iowa State Golf Champ Found Dead On Golf Course Man Arrested For Murder

9/18/2018 8:03 AM PDT
Breaking News

A 22-year old champion golfer from Iowa State University was found beaten and murdered on a golf course in Iowa ... and now cops have arrested and charged a man with her killing.

Celia Barquin Arozamena -- the Big 12 champ -- was found dead on the Coldwater Golf Links in Ames, Iowa ...near the university's campus.

Cops were initially called after golfers located an unattended bag on the course. Police searched the area ... and found Barquin Arozamena's body.

Officials say she had been assaulted ... and died as a result of the injuries.

A subsequent investigation led cops to arrest 22-year old Collin Daniel Richards ... and charged him with 1st-degree murder.

ISU released a statement ... “Celia had an infectious smile, a bubbly personality and anyone fortunate enough to know her was blessed."

"Our Cyclone family mourns the tragic loss of Celia, a spectacular student-athlete and ISU ambassador.”

Mac Miller Death Certificate Cause of Death Still an Official Mystery

9/17/2018 12:50 PM PDT

9/17 -- We've obtained Mac's death certificate which lists his official time of death as 11:51 AM PT on the morning of September 7. His occupation was listed as musician for 11 years. Mac will be buried at The Homewood Cemetery in Pittsburgh.

Mac Miller's cause of death is still officially unknown ... according to his death certificate.

TMZ's learned the doc, filed with L.A. County, notes the cause of death is "deferred" ... meaning the L.A. County Coroner is awaiting toxicology results.

The point of a death certificate with a deferred cause of death ... so the family can either bury or cremate the body. We've learned the Coroner has already released the body to Mac's family.

The toxicology results typically take 4 to 6 weeks.

TMZ broke the story ... the rapper was found dead of an apparent overdose last week in a bedroom at his San Fernando Valley home. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities were alerted by a friend who called 911 from Mac's home. Emergency dispatch audio revealed first responders were called for a patient in cardiac arrest. 

As we first reported ... cops think Mac's house was swept clean before cops searched it for clues as to how Mac died. Our sources say it makes no sense to them that someone who had consumed a fatal dose would have the foresight to sweep the house of pill bottles, illegal drugs as well as drug paraphernalia on the off chance they might die.

Originally published -- 9/11/2018 at 10:40 AM PT

Burt Reynolds' Will Niece to Handle Estate ... Not His Son

9/17/2018 1:33 PM PDT

Burt Reynolds excluded his only son from his will, but not because he wanted to disinherit him.

Burt's will specifically says 30-year-old Quinton Reynolds is intentionally omitted from the will. However, the doc goes on to say that Burt created a trust years ago for Quinton's benefit and the money from the trust will continue to go to Quinton. This is typically done to avoid estate taxes.

It appears all of Burt's assets are in the trust, so the will is effectively a hollow document, providing that all assets not accounted for in the trust will funnel to it.

The will also provides the trustee is his niece, Nancy Lee Brown Hess. Again interesting ... Burt didn't select Quinton to handle the trust, although that might have been a conflict of interest since Quinton is a beneficiary of the trust.

As we reported ... Burt died of a heart attack earlier this month. He died at a hospital in Florida after going into cardiac arrest. His family was by his side when he passed.

Burt had heart problems for years. You'll recall he underwent major heart surgery in February 2010. As we first reported ... Burt lived out his final years at his longtime Florida estate thanks to a loving landlord who helped him out of a financial crisis. 

Shark Attack Swimmer Killed in Cape Cod

9/15/2018 5:51 PM PDT

A 26-year old man was tragically killed by what experts believe is the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts in more than 80 years.

The swimmer -- ID'd by authorities as Boston-area man Arthur Medici -- was reportedly in the water off of Cape Cod's Newcomb Hollow Beach when he was attacked around noon Saturday. He was given first aid and CPR, but died from his injuries at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis.

Witnesses say Medici was boogie boarding with a friend when the shark aggressively attacked. His friend had to drag him to shore.

The attack was the second in the area this season. A 61-year-old man was severely injured on August 15 after fighting off a shark about 4 miles away from Saturday's attack. He's still recovering from his puncture wounds in a Boston hospital.

The last shark attack in the state to result in a death before this happened in 1936. However, shark sightings around the Cape have reportedly been more frequent this year, leading to several beach closings.

The Cape Cod beach was closed to swimming Saturday after the terrible incident.

'X-Files' Actor Peter Donat Dead at 90

9/15/2018 12:17 PM PDT
Breaking News

Peter Donat -- who appeared on several popular TV shows during his 50-year career and played Mulder's father on "The X-Files" -- has died ... according to his wife.

He reportedly died Monday at his home in Point Reyes Station, California from complications of diabetes.

Donat began his career in 1953 and was a familiar face on television for decades. He guest-starred and had recurring roles on shows like "Mission: Impossible," "The F.B.I.," "The Waltons," "Hawaii Five-O," "Hill Street Blues" and "Murder, She Wrote."

Peter had a notable role in the famous "Who Shot J.R.?" episode of "Dallas" in 1980 ... and played William Mulder, Agent Mulder's dad, on 6 episodes of "The X-Files." His film credits include "The Godfather Part II," "The War of the Roses" and "The Game."

The veteran actor had a long career on Broadway as well, making his debut in 1957.

He was 90.

Mac Miller's Brother Joins Family in Preparation for Funeral

9/15/2018 7:47 AM PDT

Mac Miller's brother -- the one in charge of handling his estate -- showed up at his parent's home as they grieved together and planned for Mac's funeral.

Miller McCormick carried boxes of beer Friday into the Pittsburgh home of his parents.  

Mac chose Miller as his personal rep to handle his estate. Mac wrote his will back in 2013 when he was only 21 ... unusual for someone so young -- especially someone who didn't have a wife and kids -- to write a will.

The will gives no detail as to how much money Mac left or to whom it will go. Mac created a trust -- something lots of people do to avoid going through probate -- and the trust documents were not filed with the court.

Whatever assets Mac left that were not part of the trust will go into the trust, so the will is effectively a hollow document.

TMZ broke the story ... Mac died last week of an apparent drug overdose. 

Ariana Grande to Mac Miller So Sorry I Couldn't Take Away Your Pain

9/14/2018 12:59 PM PDT
Breaking News

Ariana Grande is sharing her heartbreak over Mac Miller's death for the first time, and her emotions include anger, sadness ... and deep regret she couldn't get him to stop using drugs.

Ariana posted a video she'd shot of Mac back when they were dating -- it's a touching clip of both of them giggling as he playfully asks her to stop recording. In the caption, she says, "I'm so mad, I'm so sad I don't know what to do. you were my dearest friend."

She adds, "I'm so sorry I couldn't fix or take your pain away. I really wanted to."

Mac and Ariana were a couple for about 18 months, and he was by her side during the Manchester bombing.

She insinuates they had discussed the possibility of him overdosing ... saying, "I really can't wrap my head around it, we talked about this. so many times."

As we reported, Mac's friend Shane says Ariana was extremely supportive when Mac was sobering up, and went to great lengths to keep him on that path. 

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