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1801 days ago



  • No Avatar

    New Jacko Tracko?

    Can someone PUHLEEEEZE do a plastic surgery intervention with this "man"? The next allergy attack…
    eM  2611 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Keira Bandaged Up

    Sharp exposed clavicles, greying yet yellowish teeth, dirty rags pinned over a non-existent chest,…
    eM  2612 days ago
  • No Avatar

    "Today" Says Goodbye to Rita

    #223:NO journalistic source with any length of history has an impeccable history of choosing and…
    eM  2613 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Brit-Brit Parties with Criss and Shar

    I'd read somewhere else that her weave du jour appeared to be sewn to the headband of her…
    eM  2616 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Andy Dick Gets Tossed

    Insofar as train wrecks go, this untalented dweeb outraces Paris/Britney/Llindsay/Chynna?Bobby…
    eM  2616 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Rehab Works for Some Mammals

    I saw the beach lounge pictures-PUHLEEEEZE start her rehab. off with the "bath" portion.
    eM  2616 days ago
  • No Avatar

    All Aboard! Train Wrecks Gather for Anna Pic

    Last Call! All Aboard the Aging Badly Cross-Dressing Geek Circus Express!
    eM  2617 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Amy Winehouse's Caribbean Holiday

    Sweet Frittered Jesus!!! I was trying to eat lunch here, TMZ. It is NOT COOL of you to be promoting…
    eM  2620 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Nick Hogan: Speed Demon!

    Sadly, he will not live long enough to become "the next Lindsay Lohan"; he is driving straight to a…
    eM  2621 days ago
  • No Avatar

    "Oui," Wee Suri

    OMG! I just figured something out. In recent months, as Katie continued her morphing from a human…
    eM  2622 days ago

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