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Amir Nadimi

2141 days ago
About Me
How do you portray strength, culture, and artistry when mass media has marked you unequivocally otherwise? Barraged by negative stereotypes of Iranians and Iranian culture, Amir Nadimi, 33, founded BODAZEY.COM as a vehicle to draw attention to the abundance of burgeoning artists, performers, models, musicians, designers, and actors of his culture. A naturally talented artist and public speaker, Amir Nadimi’s passion for visual arts and Political Science degree propelled him to launch his own conceptual e-magazine in 2003. His website and talent matured over the last few years, however, and Amir now sees the fruits of his labor evident through a 148-country circulation craving more of this inspiring and thought-provoking cultural publication. With successes abounding, Amir still contends with censorship restrictions in his homeland; despite this, he knows that the essence BODAZEY.COM will ultimately outweigh any attempt to curtail artistic expression. Find out more on this Montreal-based young professional and how to tap into his registry of phenomenal talent.

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