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Bill Andrews

1718 days ago
About Me
I discovered New Advance physics and energy Constant/Current,(C) oxygen / hydrogen atom's helping to keep your un-squared Mass from imploding, Plants, birds, fish and other life and things ! "The spirit and lives given yesterday, galvanize tomorrow_Wm Andrews ( C/C ) The eve of Atom !. "It's World changing. Area 15 is a place where I was born consuming Atoms here, Atomic egg came before the Chicken came { Molecular Atomic threading } for my Mass to Grow and stay alive here on planet earth. Hence the words Area 15 Indiana." The summit of knowledge is only bound by the energy used to create it._Wm Andrews ( Note ) Do not use the discovered New energy expressions from my copyrights to try and file for a patent or use the new energy expressions to innovate into your electrical devices trying to call it something else using my discoveries.That's Illegal you monkey's, I will see your but's in court with many people at witnesses."Millions for civil rights,But not one dollar for Tyranny_Wm Andrews "Thus > No Nobel prize money and Royalties ? "No work until copyrights run out. ( This page being copied and documented for History,copyrights protection,Intellectual property engineering idea's with formula's ) "Look but don't steal, I'll give you hackers both inside and outside the government honorable mention for hacking me( The conservative communist hackers hiding behind other political labels are Due on Maple street America,15 years of research into this statement ! "warning Twilight zone ahead ) trying to get my history discoveries Work from time to time and the other real Math ones. "The Atomic energy that pierced the dark, was the star's I made to endless days. _ Wm Andrews.. " Miracles is the energy force greater to relative force_ Wm Andrews
Discoverer & Copyrights owner in New Vacuum Relativity / A Vacuum Universe,( V )>>P; | E | ( I have a New Element symbol and atomic number for it, as a applied Element cold relative Vacuum lowers the reactivity to most of the rest of the other Elements in the Universe ! ) and New Math of the universe in both Fission and Fusion energy. E>>P;E or Energy is much greater in a projected space to Energy, molecular atomic threading. Energy|Space|Time > active / ( For you Squared lovers, Energy is much greater in a projected space to energy squared.( E>>P;E2 ) Time can change based on relative | E | Now on a T-Shirt_Wm Andrews discoverer ( John Wayne_ "Folks America is sitting on a energy crises.) The third energy wheel in history C/C a much higher amp than A/c or D/c currents. I sent it to the President and as well and in a hometown police report, now hometown newspaper has all the facts, Sucka past hackers !. In yahoo unshared profile email files, for them to send in for me.USA, American, not Ameri-can't, Writing new proverbs, Art, engineering,lifes puzzles in new molecular atomic energy.( "Oh come on ? like everybody does not know by now ! ) Do not reuse any of my engineered stuff (C) without sitting down with me for a contract. No Talent, narcassistic communist hackers Hiding behind other Labels have been trying to get around this since 1999 "Stop living Einstein's Quote in Insanity ?.. "Creating the right math and energy breaks the insanity of special and general relativity difference,and gives us the right math in both Fission / Fusion molecular atomic changes ( Molecular atomic Physics is the Engineering atomic gears expressions, to be free and productive from Time_Wm Andrews ). Successful breeding of Atoms was the Key in a New relative time_ Wm Andrews Atoms and energy in a vacuum becomes bound in a state of being threaded, hence vacuum relativity Wm Andrews ( The work he spent the rest of his life trying to figure out. ) One Example: New Dynamical thermal energy system and communications from my Bilnary copyright, qv x b = V(x). Molecular engineered controlled Chaos energy system dynamics.."Thus,( E= qv X B ) Skeptics left in the World, If you still believe in ( E=mc2 ) by all means use it to paint a still picture of the Universe, where the Sun's atoms have no effect on the Earth and it's still formula's effect to put pressure on your pictures space,there Vincent and Mr. Einstein ?.. Don't come crying to me if you cut off your own left ear."Let no temptation of precious metals or debt, bound mankind to the slavery of time !_Wm Andrews. "In memory of Abraham Lincoln who took on the whole corrupt southern government and lobbiest wanting to keep slavery.

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