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KanyeLand, KanyeSA
1314 days ago
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Kanye has 21 grammys. No other modern musician has that many. He also has the highest critically reviewed album of the decade with perfect reviews from all major music publications. His music is acclaimed by most critics and is still popular. It can't get much better than that. You need to stop judging artists by their personality and maybe listen to a full Kanye project before assuming he is untalented just because he is a douchebag. I agree he is a douchebag. I'm sure all of you would be douchebags if you were getting more grammys than any of your peers, dating the girl you've wanted for years, getting perfect album score reviews, and still selling your music. He has one tweet and 9 million followers. It's hard not to be a douche. And the overly dramatic thing he does is part of the act. He's not going to be all happy and he his music hasn't been since his mother died. Obviously, you didn't know that because you've heard five Kanye songs or less. He doesn't smile when he sees paparazzi because he hates them. They follow him around everywhere and make negative headlines like this one out of every small thing they can. In the end, none of us know what he is like behind closed doors in private. I'm sure he is very happy but that doesn't really matter because either way he makes amazing music. And who do you think is more qualified to judge the quality of music? Ignorant Yahoo users who have never heard the music or critics who have heard the music and have the profession rating the albums quality? It's a simple answer. You guys may think he is untalented but his 21 Grammys and 10/10 album scores disagree. Men lie. Woman lie. Numbers don't.
Loving the talented and smart Kanye West, seriously, the dude is a genius and you don't even know it.

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