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2069 days ago
About Me
Maine Tech The Great born in Willingboro NJ December 12.At the age of 5 moved to Trenton NJ. Lived in every section of Trenton NJ with the exception of South Trenton. It was a Friday night on a three way with classmates from PJ Hill Elementary School that inspired Maine Tech The Great to become a Rap Artist. Maine Tech The Great was listening to tracks recorded by his fellow classmates and was fascinated by their music as well as the quality. The very next morning Maine Tech The Great looked around his bedroom and thought to himself how could he record a track with what he had in his possession? He then took a single speaker radio with a built in mic and his mini bookshelf stereo to play an instrumental while he began free styling, using the radio to record both himself & the instrumental. He played his first recording for his now late Grand mother Mary J. Dobine, late Uncle William Dobine, and his friends threw out the neighborhood. Maine Tech The Great took Rap seriously immediately after receiving a lot of attention from who ever was willing to listen to his recordings and hear him rap in person. Threw out the Tri-State area at the age of 12 he had a buzz from mix tapes, talent shows, and etc. His first performance was televised at the age of 13 in the Penn’s Landing Section of Philadelphia where he was offered multiple contracts from indie labels immediately after his performance. Maine Tech The Great also had two guest appearances on a Local Radio Station based in Vineland NJ, as well as had his music played on that very same radio station.
Rapping and recording.

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