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Nina Christian

Milano, Italy - Syracuse, NY USA, New York
1172 days ago
About Me
I am Nina, im 35 forever young, I am a transgendered woman, who came to this country as a child from Italy. I spend my time between Milano, and New York. I have two "biologicial" children, Four grandchildren, with one more on the way. I spent my life as an entertainer, I am trained in piano, I play guitar (not as well though.LOL) I sing day and night, whether it sounds good or not it makes me feel good. As well as being an entertainer, I was in the nightclub business for most of my life, owning , operating, and advertising them alone. They were all successful, I closed each one when I felt they had ran their course, and rather than leave as a failure, I'd close them when I was still on top of the game. Upon closing my last club, I retired, and decided to make a bucket list, and to complete the list, this was several years ago, since then I have only two items remaining, one was being a household name, which that does not appear that is going to happen, and the other which I am currently pursuing, and have been for the last four and a half years now, I am a full time student, seeking my PhD in Clinical psychology, with a minor in Forensics, I would like to boast, Im a 4.0 GPA student on the presidents list from day one of beginning this journey. I love life, and my mission in life is to tell as many people and to convince them how each one of us is just as amazing and beautiful as the other. Beauty takes on all forms, and for those of us who do not conform with social media ot the fashion industry, need to know that no matter what anyone says about us, we are all just as amazing as the next. Tanto amore per te, Nina
News Junkie, Movies, fine dining, theatre, playing piano and some guitar, I whistle too! :) Love to travel, spend time with my children, grandchildren, mother, family, boyfreind. I am a retired from the world of conventional career's. I am an entertainer and vocalist, and that is where my passion lies.

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