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Jamie Foxx Schools Byron Scott in Three-Pointers ... Jamie-3, Byron-0!!!

2/18/2018 12:15 PM PST

Jamie Foxx The Renaissance Man strikes again -- this time sending NBA legend Byron Scott back to school during an impromptu shooting contest. 

Jamie and Byron were attending an All-Star-themed event Saturday night at the Jeremy hotel in WeHo, where they got into a little three-point shooting contest on the fly. 

Eyewitnesses tell us Jamie drained at least 3 shots from distance out of 10 ... while Byron hit NONE. Yes, Byron Scott -- who's known as a three-point guru -- hit zero 3-pointers.

The discrepancy didn't go unnoticed, especially by Jamie. He points out what most everyone already knows about the dude -- he can kinda do it all. Game, hats. 

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

2/18/2018 10:05 AM PST

Hiding behind this little lip pic is an enchanting actor who charms audiences with his sweet singing voice ... see if you can uncover the mystery as to who is hidden underneath this nosy photo. 

Kanye West Performs During NBA All-Star Weekend

2/18/2018 7:24 AM PST

Kanye West was hangin' with Kendall Jenner's ex A$AP Rocky Saturday before performing for NBA All-Star Weekend.

Kanye and A$AP were leaving his Calabasas studio Saturday afternoon before the concert.  

Kanye performed with Kid Cudi Saturday night at an Adidas event in Downtown Los Angeles.  Kanye first introduced Cudi, and then with Cudi's help, performed "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1" which is off his 2016 album, "The Life of Pablo."

It marks Kanye's first live performance in nearly a year.  

TMZ broke the story, Kanye's been working on a new album for months.  He's gone on a retreat several times in Wyoming by himself to write songs.  As for why he was in the studio with A$AP, we're guessing they might be doing a collab for his new album.   

NBA All-Star Weekend Concert Derailed After Man Brandished a Gun

2/18/2018 7:14 AM PST

Rich the Kid's performance at a Hollywood nightclub as part of NBA All-Star Weekend was interrupted in a big way after a man was seen brandishing a gun in the parking lot.

Cops descended on Lure nightclub after getting the 911 call, and the video is gripping and dramatic.  You see police with guns drawn ordering people out of their cars.

People inside the club ran for cover into the streets as an army of cops searched for the suspect. 

The parking lot is also used for the ArcLight theatre, which was showing "Black Panther."  We're told the movie was not interrupted. 

No suspect was found. 

Nipsey Hussle Shots Fired At Album Release Party

2/18/2018 7:02 AM PST

11:45 AM PT -- Sources close to Nipsey tell TMZ he wasn't present for the shooting. We're told he was performing across town at the Shrine Auditorium for YG's concert, and planned to arrive to his own event afterward. Obviously, that got scratched. Shots were fired at a Nipsey Hussle album release party Saturday night in L.A., and someone got hit.

Someone started shooting in the parking lot outside World on Wheels, a roller skating rink in Venice.  One person was shot in the thigh.

Cops swarmed the area on the ground and in the air.  The shooter got away and police were left high and dry after the victim refused to cooperate. 

The shooting went down at around 11:30 PM.  We're told people inside the roller rink freaked out ... many fearing it was a repeat of what happened Friday in Florida. 

Police didn't see Nipsey after the shooting.  It's unclear if he had already left.

The party was unrelated to NBA All-Star weekend festivities.  It was a celebration of Nipsey's album, "Victory Lap."  

Twista Involved in Brutal Fight with Drunk Dude During NBA All-Star Weekend

2/18/2018 7:30 AM PST

Twista rendered a man helpless while his friend repeatedly pounded away at the guy.

It went down after Twista left the Michael Jordan party in Bel-Air during NBA All-Star Weekend.  A shuttle took party-goers from a parking lot to the home where the shindig was going down.

At around 1:30 AM Saturday, Twista had taken the shuttle back to the parking lot and apparently got into it with a guy who had been heckling people on the shuttle bus.  He apparently was harassing several women on the bus and generally being obnoxious.

We're told the guy started recording one of the women, saying, "I want to see the face of stupid."

Twista came to the defense of the women and the guy challenged the rapper once they got off the bus.

Twista obliged. 

Khloe Kardashian Sends Tristan For Delish Deli Run

2/18/2018 7:35 AM PST

Khloe Kardashian sent her fiancé Tristan Thompson into a deli for a sandwich run Saturday afternoon while she sat tight in her Range Rover.

Khloe, who's about 7 months pregnant, was behind the wheel as Tristan made the trek into Lovi's deli in Calabasas.  

Tristan is strictly a spectator for NBA All-Star Weekend this year.  He's not playing at any events.  He was wearing a pair of throwback 1996 All-Star shorts.   

As for Khloe, she's due sometime in late March or early April.  

As far as we know, the couple didn't hit up any of the festivities over the weekend, although Tristan did hit up a Rémy Martin MVP Weekend Party Friday night at The Avenue nightclub to watch Travis Scott perform. 

BTW ... word on the street -- Lovi's is delicious.

Donald Trump Florida Shootings Could Be Avoided If FBI Not Preoccupied with Russian Collusion

2/18/2018 6:46 AM PST
Barking News

Donald Trump did not disappoint ... he has pissed off the grieving victims and families of the Florida high school shooting by making the tragedy all about him.

Trump jumped on the shocking lapse of judgment on the part of the FBI by ignoring a call a month before the shootings, warning that Nikolas Cruz was a clear and present threat.  Trump decided to make it about the Russian probe rather than the tragedy, by suggesting the FBI would have nabbed Cruz if it hadn't been preoccupied with trying to prove his campaign colluded with the Russians.

Jimmy Kimmel sardonically fired back, "I hope the FBI finds and prosecutes the complete A-hole who hacked the President's account and tweeted this."

Rob Lurie went further ... "My God.  Before the children are even buried.  You are not my president."

Bill Oakley called it, "a new low in desperate sleaziness."

'Love and Hip Hop' Prince Black Twitter is Hurting LGBTQ Rappers

2/18/2018 7:45 AM PST

Christopher "Prince" Michael Harty from "Love and Hip Hop Miami" is going off on Black Twitter for going off on LGBTQ rappers.

We got Prince at Avalon Saturday in Hollywood and he doubled down on what he told Bleu Magazine recently ... that the intolerance toward gays in hip hop has got to stop.

He seems to have an even bigger issue ... he says Black Twitter just tries to tear down people and it's bad generally for the African American community. 

He thinks if there were such a thing as White Twitter it would be way more positive.  We're guessing that wouldn't be the case.

Johnny Manziel 'Felt Like End of World Was Near' ... Now, There's Hope

2/18/2018 1:00 AM PST

Johnny Manziel says his bipolar disorder and depression got so bad at one point, he legitimately thought the world was coming to an end.

But, Johnny tells TMZ Sports he was able to pull his life back together ... and he wants people struggling with the same issues to know there's hope.

Manziel spoke to us about his mental health struggles on the heels of his bombshell "Good Morning America" interview -- saying he "felt like the end of the world was near and that I would never make it out."

FYI, Johnny told 'GMA' he was diagnosed as bipolar in 2017 ... after years of self-medicating with booze to cope with depression. 

Now, Manziel says he has a positive outlook on life as he tries to mount a pro football comeback

"To be where I'm at today and see hope and see a light ... I feel blessed to be able to have fought through the bad times," he told us at Delilah in L.A. -- where his GF, Bre Tiesi, was hosting an event.

And his message to others battling bipolar disorder/depression -- "As dark as it gets, eventually times will get better." 

Waka Flocka Flame Saves Selfie-Taking Fan From Being Hit By Car

2/18/2018 12:50 AM PST

Waka Flocka Flame saved a fan from becoming roadkill by pulling her from oncoming traffic as she tried to snap a selfie with the rapper.

Waka Flocka was down in New Orleans this week for Mardi Gras when fans mobbed him on the way down to Bourbon Street. A female fan, wearing a black jacket, attempts to snap a pic with the rapper, but in a split second, a cab comes flying out of nowhere.

Waka Flocka, in yellow, pulls her from the road as onlookers shriek in fear. Craziest of all, it appears the fan barely lifted her head from her phone to see if she got the photo.

The cab did have a green light, so close call for sure!

Travis Barker No Lil Pump Face Tats for My Kid Until He Starts Hustling!!!

2/18/2018 12:40 AM PST

Travis Barker's pumping the brakes on his 14-year-old son ripping a page outta Lil Pump's playbook ... at least for now.

We got the Blink-182 drummer chillin' in Calabasas, and asked him about face tattoos and if he's down to let his kids get 'em. Apparently, Travis' son, Landon, asks him everyday if he can get one ... just like his buddy, Pump.

Travis tells us if Landon wants the ink, there's a price to pay.

Remember, Pump and Landon are tight -- the rapper performed at Landon's epic birthday party last year, and it sounds like there's a chance they could hook up to do music in the future.

But for now, at least, we're guessing Travis would rather have his son steer clear of Lil Pump's ways ... and his tats.

Olympic Luge Medalist Chris Mazdzer I'm Getting Lots of Sexual DMs!!!

2/18/2018 12:35 AM PST

Olympic luger Chris Mazdzer's historic silver-medal finish didn't just come with one of those cute plush white tigers ... it came with a buttload of dirty messages, since his win also made him a big heartthrob.

Mazdzer became the first U.S. men’s singles luge medalist ever and says he can't keep up with the way his phone's been blowing up, mostly with congratulatory DMs ... but some want him to take it off.

The Olympic Village is known for being a Tinder-friendly international hook-up zone, and Chris says the layout makes it super convenient. 

BTW ... he's got a hot girlfriend. Sorry.

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