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Mike Epps

Celebrates Slavery & MLK with Racist Photo

1/23/2015 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Epps Racist
Mike Epps got a lesson in racism -- the comic actor got blasted on social media for posting a photo of a black man whipping white slaves.

Epps posted the pic on Instagram and Facebook late Thursday night -- and the cotton field scene also included an image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. floating above ... and smiling. Epps captioned the image, "I am so proud of you bro! Lol."   

Epps -- who's playing Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic -- quickly took down the photo, but not before getting an earful from angry fans.

We've reached out to him, but so far no comment.


'The Fugees' Pras

N. Korea Killed Me Softly

With Their Crappy Food ...

1/23/2015 7:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

012315_pras_launchThe food in North Korea is garbage ... Pras has been to the Hermit kingdom and is dishin' on their crappy dishes.

We caught up with the Fugees co-founder outside Madeo in West Hollywood and let's just say he's not a fan of the cuisine. 

Apparently there's no Korean BBQ actually in N.K. ... Pras flew there in August to check out a wrestling match but said the food was so horrible, he only ate beans.

Food aside, Kim Jong Un shouldn't expect a private Fugees bash anytime soon ... Pras ain't down with that whole communism vibe. Sorry Kim.

Maybe he'll reconsider if they ever get a Madeo over there. Watch.


Justin Bieber

I'm Not Banging Hailey Or Kendall

... We're Just Friends

1/23/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber Kendall Jenner Hailey Baldwin FriendsJustin Bieber is not shtupping the young women everyone thinks he's shtupping.

Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner have been hanging with Biebs for a while now, and on the surface it looked like the chumminess was more than friendship. Turns out that's all it is.

As we reported, Bieber has been changing things up ... he hasn't been in trouble for months, he's not hanging with his old crowd and he's spending a lot of time on self-improvement.  

Our Bieber sources say J.B. likes hanging with Hailey and Kendall because they're relatively drama free and positive. They go to church, restaurants, concerts and clubs, but it's not romantic.

The trio went to the Clippers game Thursday night, along with 3 Vine stars -- King BachCurtis Lepore and Nash Grier.

The trio went to see Bieber's pastor Judah Smith speak on Wednesday night and they hit up a comedy club afterward.

We're told Bieber's not with Selena either -- they see each other, but they're not a couple. Fact is ... he's single, and pretty happy.



Miss Universe

Stereotypes on Parade ...

Really Sexy Ones [TMZ TV]

1/23/2015 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

012215_tv_tune_in_miss_universe_launch_v5The Miss Universe competition kicked off with hot ladies from around the world showing off their “national garb” ... which sounds really patriotic -- but it was really just an excuse to have fun with stereotypes!

Just ask Miss Canada  ... the whole display was pucking ridiculous. tmz-on-tv-3


Scares the Crap Out of Etsy

Don't Screw with My Name!

1/23/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce Etsy Feyonce
Beyonce threatened a company that came perilously close to using her name to hawk mugs ... and guess what you can't buy anymore?

Etsy -- a craft website that's a cross between eBay and Pinterest -- was hawking Feyonce mugs. They became a thing ... when someone got engaged lots of people went to the website and bought the happy couple mugs to celebrate the occasion.

The singer felt the pun was more than coincidental -- right down to the accent on the last "e" -- so her lawyers fired off a letter to the company crying foul ... and then threatening them.

Etsy got the message and took the items off the artist's online shop. But all is not well. Etsy still has other feyonce items on its site, including clothing and glassware. And these items are selling big.

Warning: Bey don't play.

Tom Hanks

Apollo 1 Train

1/23/2015 8:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Hanks SubwayMan of the people Tom Hanks was spotted riding the subway in downtown New York City Thursday.

Hanks has been in NYC lately while filming Steven Spielberg drama "St James Place." 

"To Times Square ... and beyond!!!"

Tom Brady

Ball So Hard

[Deflate-Gate Remix]

1/22/2015 5:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Tom Brady
had a message Thursday -- he doesn't screw around when it comes to his balls. 

But we do ... which is why TMZ Sports proudly presents the Tom Brady Deflate-Gate Remix. 

C'mon, you saw the news conference -- he was practically beggin' for someone to put this to a beat.



Charlotte McKinney

I Really Do

Eat Carl's Jr, But ...

1/23/2015 6:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

012315_charlotte_mckinney_launchCharlotte McKinney's Super Bowl commercial for Carl's Jr. is awesome for sure ... although just about everyone is calling BS on her testimonial, because how can THAT chick eat a big fat burger? 

McKinney was out Thursday at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills (the exact opposite of Carl's Jr) where it seemed the buxom blonde had a little sake with dinner. Or a lot.

Anyway when it came time to ask if she's a fan of Carl's ... she stayed on message like a pro.

Kate Upton, you've got a real challenger to your throne.



Bravo Star Greg Plitt

Company Warns ...

Drink Won't Make You Superman

1/23/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Greg Plitt Energy Drink
Bravo star Greg Plitt's favorite energy drink will not give you superpowers ... so says the company that makes WheyUP -- the product Plitt was plugging when he was hit by a train.

The pre-workout drink contains protein and caffeine, but Shadow Beverages and Snacks wants to stress what should be obvious -- it would never give anyone the ability to outrun a train.

Even though a bunch of empty WheyUp bottles were found near the tracks ... a company rep tells us Plitt wasn't drinking all of them -- he was crushing most of them with a hammer for the promo shoot.

Plitt was a co-owner of WheyUp, and the rep says he had full creative control when it came to his video shoots.


In other news...

Taylor Swift FINALLY Exposes Her Belly Button!!!

Taylor Swift has been known to hide her belly button, but they finally caught her wearing a bikini!


Guess Who This

Babe In A Bonnet


1/23/2015 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0122_bonet_babe_guess_who_launchBefore this cute little kid was setting the bar for American style standards she was just another little girl who looked like she belonged on the set of "Little House on the Prairie." Can you guess who she is?

TMZ Live

Jennifer Lopez

Dog Escapes ... Brutally Attacks Neighbor!

1/22/2015 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


  • Blake Shelton Defends His 'American Sniper' Controversy
  • Kim K Proclaims Herself the Queen of the 'Selfie'
  • Drake's Dad is Following in His Son's Footsteps
  • Robin Thicke's Awkward Reunion with Paula Patton

In other news...

Jessica Chastain Has Been
Keeping A Little Secret

Jessica Chastain hasn't exactly been honest with you. In fact, she's been keeping a little secret for years!


Dan Bilzerian

He's a Porn Star-Tossing God

Who Hustled Hustler

1/22/2015 3:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Flynt
and company may tell their models to spread 'em wide, but they don't push 'em off roofs ... which is why they're going after Dan Bilzerian on the one hand and calling him a God on the other.

Flynt's publishing company has filed legal docs asking a judge to protect them if a jury decides they're responsible for a porn star's injuries suffered during a Hustler photo shoot.

Flynt's company is being sued by a porn star who Dan Bilzerian tossed off his roof into the pool, but she says her leg hit the edge and she broke her foot.

Hustler's legal docs are hilarious ... claiming they're not responsible because the roof toss was "an act of God" ... which gives Bilzerian lots of credit. 

But in case the jury decides otherwise, Flynt's company wants the judge to force Bilzerian to foot the bill.

Yes, we meant to say that.

Dan Bilzerian Throws Porn Star Off Roof

Christy Mack

Doing AVN Party

But Not For the Porn Of It

1/22/2015 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christy Mack AVN PartyPorn star Christy Mack is taking her talents to Vegas for the AVN Awards -- but after recovering from a brutal domestic violence attack ... she's doing it for a charitable cause. 

TMZ has learned Mack will be doing a meet and greet at OG Las Vegas on Friday night -- and a portion of the door proceeds will be donated to Safe Nest -- a domestic violence org.

Christy's appearance kicks off AVN weekend in Vegas ... and we're told there will be VIP gift bags with limited edition Christy Mack merchandise on sale to fans. Some of that revenue will also go to Safe Nest.

TMZ broke the story ... Mack was allegedly pummeled by her ex-boyfriend War Machine back in August ... leaving her with broken bones and a ruptured liver.

War Machine is still behind bars facing 32 charges ... including attempted murder.



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