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Three 6 Mafia

Crunchy Black Pleads Guilty

In Meth Mix-Up

4/30/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Former Three 6 Mafia rapper Crunchy Black will have plenty of time to study the difference between cocaine and meth -- he's gonna spend the next 7 months in jail for his Vegas drug bust.

CB was in court Wednesday and pled guilty to misdemeanor drug possession. TMZ broke the story ... Crunchy was arrested earlier this month for meth.

Crunch had the worst defense we've heard in a while. According to the police report, when an officer found the drugs on Crunchy ... he replied, "Oh damn. I was trying to buy that powder, not meth." 

The Oscar winner got 30 days for the drugs, but also had 6 months to serve for a domestic violence case he'd skipped out on -- so, he'll do the time consecutively. 



Chris Brown

Gets Parking Lot from 'Hillbillies' Star ...

Then Tags the Crap Out of It!

4/30/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Every artists needs a canvas ... and for Chris Brown and famed street artist Alec Monopoly, their latest came in the form of a 2,000 sq. ft. parking lot ... courtesy of David Weintraub.

The "Hollywood Hillbillies" producer/cast member owns a lot in West Hollywood -- and turned it over to Brown and Monopoly to turn it into a graffiti masterpiece.  


We're told they worked on the 10-foot walls for 3 nights -- tagging a few of their signature designs -- Chris's monsters, and Alec's giant Scrooge McDuck on a pile of cash. 

All the spray painting drew some attention from cops ... who showed up 5 times, we're told. No arrests though since this tagging was owner authorized. 


Eagles' Randy Meisner

Take It Easy

I'm Doing Just Fine

4/30/2015 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Original Eagles bassist Randy Meisner wants to set the record straight -- his life is not in danger, and his wife isn't force feeding him bottles of vodka.

Randy and wife Lana hit up a deli in Studio City Wednesday and told our photog they were shocked to hear news of allegations claiming Lana keeps Randy in a constant drunken state.

As we first reported ... Randy thinks all the conservatorship talk is really a plot to grab his cash, but in this clip he makes it clear -- he doesn't need anyone making decisions for him. 

On a lighter note ... the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer talks about his infamous backstage brawl with Glenn Frey in 1977 ... which lead to Randy quitting the band.


Karen Cooper in "NIGHT OF



4/30/2015 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429_kyra_schon_night_of_the_living_dead_launchKyra Schon is best known for playing the cute kid turned daddy-killer Karen Cooper -- opposite her on-screen and real life father Karl Hardman -- in the 1968 zombie classic "Night of the Living Dead." Guess what she looks like now!

TMZ Live

Rock Legend:

Allegedly Forced by Wife to Drink Himself to Death

4/29/2015 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Ciara & Russell Wilson: The Next Tom & Gisele
  • Major Drama with between Two 'Dance Mom' Stars
  • Mariah Carey is Gearing Up for Her Huge Vegas Debut
  • A Hip Hop Legend Says His Culture Won't Embrace Bruce Jenner

Hank Baskett

Transgender Mistress

Attacked by Kendra Fans

4/29/2015 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

update_graphic_red_bar12:30 PM PST -- TMZ spoke with London's alleged attacker Blake Tinsley who tells us he never touched the mistress and the whole thing started when she smacked him in the face with her hair while walking by ... Blake says it was a friend of his who stood up for him and the two traded blows.update_grey_gray_barThe transgender female who claimed she had a relationship with Hank Baskett is filing a police report, saying she was attacked in a gay bar by Kendra Wilkinson fans who were out for revenge.

Ava London is currently telling Modesto Police that she was inside a gay bar called Climax when a man and a woman attacked her. She says they pummeled her and pulled her weave out, screaming she was a "homewrecker" and a "ho."


Hank's camp has acknowledged he "hung out with" with Ava. 

The guy who took credit for the attack posted the above video of the aftermath and wrote, "LOL, the #husbandf***er Ava got told she's a hoe today and she/he went crazy."

The guy actually admits the attack saying, "After she flipped her fake-ass hair in my face and after i was being held by security my girl Tee Tee beat the s*** outs her."

'The Wire' Star Anwan Glover

Rioters Disrespect Freddie Gray's Name

'We're Not Thugs'

4/29/2015 4:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Count Anwan Glover from "The Wire" among those who feel the rioting and looting in Baltimore is doing disservice to the memory of Freddie Gray, whose death while in police custody triggered the protests.

Glover -- who played Slim Charles in the iconic HBO series set in Baltimore -- said he believes President Obama needs to become even more involved than he has been, to provide leadership for the city.

He also says if Slim were in Baltimore right now, he'd be using his "power in the street" to organize the youth and put a stop to the violence. 

Slim did have a way with words ... 


Russell Wilson

Yo, Barack! Check Out Ciara ...

My New Tight End [TMZ TV]

4/29/2015 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After losing the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is really turning things around ... at least in the scoring hot chicks department. 

DangeRuss brought ridiculously HOT R&B singer Ciara to the White House for a nice juicy steak dinner -- which might actually be a "State" dinner, but ... details.tmz-on-tv-3


50 Cent

I'm Making Big Money

Off Mayweather/Pacquiao

4/29/2015 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429-50-cent-performing-GETTY-0150 Cent is jumping on the money train this weekend, where he plans to score huge bank off the backs of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Club sources tell TMZ ... the rapper is getting half-a-million bucks Friday night for throwing down rhymes at Drai's.

Fact is, 50 may be hedging his bets. You may recall ... he's put $1.6 mil on the line, betting Floyd Mayweather will put Manny Pacquiao in his place.

And we're told he also made a deal with Effen Vodka to make around $500k for a show 2 weeks later at Pool After Dark in Atlantic City.

When it rains it pours.


In other news...

Maci Bookout's Baby Shower Photo Reveals Quite The Surprise

If you can take your eyes off "Teen Mom" star Maci Bookout's growing belly long enough, you might notice something else in this photo!


Rosie O'Donnell's Ex

Looks Like Someone

Is Trying To Make Rosie Jealous

4/29/2015 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So on the same day Michelle Rounds filed for sole custody of the child she shares with ex Rosie O'Donnell, she hit the town with a smoking hot model. What are the odds???? 

Rounds was out Tuesday night at Madera Kitchen where she walked out with her arm around Carmen Ortega ... who once dated Reggie Bush and was also possibly maybe the reason Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks split. 

We can't say Rounds and Ortega are together. In fact, a rep for Ortega says they're just working on a clothing line together -- but Rounds still went out of her way to snuggle close to Ortega for the cameras to see. 

Not that we can blame her. 



In other news...

Nicollette Sheridan Is Completely Unrecognizable Here

Nicollette Sheridan was spotted at a coffee shop outside of Los Angeles looking totally different than you're used to seeing her. Do you recognize her face?


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Hospitalized With Chest Pain

... After 911 Call

4/29/2015 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429-kareem-abdul-tmz-01Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was rushed to an L.A. hospital Wednesday morning for chest pains ... just two hours after he tweeted to fans that he was "feeling better" ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We've confirmed ... someone called 911 to request help for the NBA legend ... who had a quadruple coronary bypass surgery on April 16th. 

An ambulance transported Abdul-Jabbar to a nearby hospital where he was treated for chest pains. He's currently being treated by doctors though his condition is unclear. 

Just two hours before the 911 call, Abdul-Jabbar posted a message on Twitter to assure his fans that he's "doing fine & feeling better everyday."

He added, "Doing my rehab w/the same mental commitment I had as a pro."

We reached out to Kareem's people to find out how he's doing -- but so far, we haven't heard back.

In other news...

Jennifer Aniston Stuns In Shiny Leather Pants

Jennifer Aniston proved leather is NEVER out of style when she stepped out in a pair of the tight black pants.


'Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller

At WAR With Producers

4/29/2015 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller thinks her producers are trying to ruin her show by creating phony, unnecessary conflicts.

Abby went on TMZ Live Wednesday and trashed her production team. She says she's plenty capable of making kids cry ... she knows exactly which buttons to push and she can do it on a dime.

As for whether she's gunning for their jobs, Abby says it's not necessary ... it's the old, "Ya give 'em enough rope ..."

Sounds like chaos.

Justin Bieber

Triggers International Incident

4/29/2015 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
's like a Bond villain -- an internationally wanted man -- and there's a push to get him locked up in Rome, but it hasn't happened yet ... TMZ has learned. 

Rumors swirled Bieber got busted Wednesday morning when police officers swarmed outside his hotel in Rome. Truth is ... no arrest was made, but our Bieber sources confirm he is on an Interpol list because of an outstanding warrant in Argentina. 

As we've reported ... Justin is wanted for not appearing to face charges he allegedly got his bodyguards to beat up a Buenos Aires photog in 2013.

We're told authorities in Argentina have contacted Interpol -- and Justin had to go through secondary search at Customs when he flew into Italy -- but there's been no arrest. Bieber's legal team believes there's a grace period before cops bust him on the warrant ... which was just issued earlier this month.

As for the officers outside the hotel ... we're told they were consulting with Justin's security team on crowd control.

Not so fun fact for Biebs -- Italy and Argentina have an extradition treaty.

Justin's in Rome to shoot "Zoolander 2." He'd better nail it in one take. 


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