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Keshia Knight Pulliam's Ex Wants Joint Custody ... Even My Ex Says I'm a Good Dad!!!

3/22/2017 12:50 AM PDT

0321-keshia-knight-pulliam-ed-hartwell-GETTY-01Keshia Knight Pulliam's ex wants joint custody of their baby girl and has a bunch of people vouching for him ... including his ex-wife.

It appears from legal docs Keshia doesn't want Ed Hartwell near their 2-month-old daughter. She claims he plotted to trigger a miscarriage during her pregnancy, something he denied.

Hartwell just filed new docs in the divorce case, asking for joint custody of Ella Grace.   

He submitted a letter from "RHOA" star Lisa Wu -- his ex wife -- singing his praises as a great dad and community man. Lisa says, "I am never worried about my child when he is with his dad, I know his dad will do everything within his power to love, protect and provide for EJ while he is not with me."

Lisa goes on, "I am positive that [Hartwell] will put his daughter's best interest first as he has shown with my children." 

Ed says in the docs he's more than willing to pay child support.

Ed filed for for divorce from Keshia last July, originally claiming there were serious doubts the child was his.

'Wheel of Fortune' Epic and E_barrassing Fail

3/21/2017 6:39 PM PDT

A "Wheel of Fortune" contestant named Kevin went down in game show history Tuesday night by flubbing a puzzle with just one blatantly OBVIOUS letter to go.

Hilarious brain fart, Kev. Get your mind out of the gutter, and one more thing:


Lil Eazy-E Changing HIV Law Would Be Crazy ... Exposing Partners IS a Felony!

3/22/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Lil Eazy-E is ripping California lawmakers for even thinking about lowering the penalty for knowingly exposing a sex partner to HIV, because doing so could give unscrupulous people a license to kill.

Lil Eazy, whose father died from AIDS complications in 1995, says there's gotta be hard consequences ... and a proposed bill does the exact opposite. The bill would make it a misdemeanor instead of a felony, as it is now.

The idea is reportedly an effort to eliminate the stigma of being HIV positive, but Lil E -- an HIV activist -- thinks it's a Pandora's box.

He adds ... "common sense" dictates leaving the law unchanged.

Model Liziane Gutierrez Hey, Kim K. ... We're Ass Twins Now!

3/22/2017 12:30 AM PDT

0321-liziane-gutierrez-butt-lift-kim-k-TMZ-01Kim Kardashian's famous ass just got jacked by Liziane Gutierrez ... who paid top dollar to get it.

The Brazilian model dropped $25,000 to go under the knife last month in her home country and pump up her booty. We're told she received injections of hyaluronic acid, which doesn't show up on X-rays ... critical to the booty community, apparently.

Liziane came out of the hour-long procedure with 39" hips. She's hoping her new digits -- 36-26-39 -- can win Brazil's famed Miss BumBum contest later this year.

Let the games begin!


Guess Who This Barbie Girl Turned Into!

3/21/2017 9:00 PM PDT


Before this lil speedster was living life in the fast lane, she was just another drivin’ doll growing up in Surrey, England. Can you guess who she is?

Mike Epps' Ex I Need $109k/Mo. ... This Life Is Expensive!!

3/21/2017 6:07 PM PDT

0321_mike_and-michelle-epps-tmzMike Epps' estranged wife is asking him to fork over six-figures every month to support the fam ... according to new docs.

Mechelle Epps claims Mike makes $3.5 million a year, but recently cut her off from bank accounts and credit cards, leaving her high and dry with zero income. She says Mike never wanted her to work during their marriage, and now she can't land a job because she's too old at 36.

In the docs, Mechelle says she spends several thousand bucks a month on shoes and clothes for their 10 and 12-year-old girls. Plus, the girls have to get their hair braided at an "expensive salon" ... not to mention food, vacations and $72k per year for private schooling.

Mechelle says her mom handles nanny duties for a mere $3,500 monthly, plus another $600 to cover Mom's Mercedes.

According to the docs, $109,036 per month from Mike should cover everything. Mechelle also wants sole possession of their house. He filed for divorce in January 2016, but they've yet to reach a final settlement.

In other news...

Fans Majorly Concerned About Chris Pratt's INSANE Weight Loss

Some have gone as far as saying he looks skeletal


Katherine Jackson Jermaine's Behind Her 'Disappearance' ... Trent Claims

3/21/2017 5:30 PM PDT

0321_jermaine-katherine-jackson-trent-jackson-tmz-2bKatherine Jackson's sudden vanishing act while she's allegedly claiming elder abuse at the hands of nephew Trent Jackson is being masterminded by none other than Michael's brother Jermaine ... so claims Trent in new legal documents.

Katherine got a restraining order against Trent last month, claiming in a declaration he was pilfering cash and abusing her, something Trent vehemently denies.

Now Trent and his lawyer, Ron Rale, say they have serious doubts Katherine even wrote the declaration, and they're pointing the finger at Jermaine. They note Katherine says in the declaration she's been in London and therefore did not appear in court, but Trent thinks its something more sinister.

He points to a blow-up in 2012, when Katherine disappeared and went somewhere in Arizona.   Trent claims Jermaine and some of M.J.'s other siblings essentially held her hostage, even taking away her iPad and cell phone and told her the TV was broken ... all in an effort to allegedly wrestle control away from Trent, who has been caring for Katherine since Michael died in 2009.

Trent and Rale believe history is now repeating itself and Katherine has again been stripped of her free will thanks to Jermaine and others, and it's all about controlling the M.J. Estate.

Trent is asking the judge to force the issue and either dismiss the case or make Katherine appear in court. Trent clearly believes if she shows she'll support him and say what she said back in 2012 ... that she had no idea what was going on.

Alec Baldwin Teaches Boy Trump Impersonation ... And It's 'SO FANTASTIC!'

3/21/2017 4:04 PM PDT

0321_Alec-Baldwin_donald_trump_getty_tmz-2Alec Baldwin's got his Donald Trump replacement lined up if 'SNL' ever needs one ... and he's just great, so great!!!

Alec teaches a young boy his hilarious impression of the prez. The kid -- a kid reporter, we think -- scored when he got Alec to demonstrate at the star's premiere of his new flick, "Boss Baby."

Watch and learn.

Cat Deeley's Server Mistakes Were Made, But ... She Handled it Like Trump!!

3/21/2017 3:59 PM PDT

The guy who waited on Cat Deeley at Tom George Restaurant on Sunday thinks she totally overreacted by publicly bashing the L.A. eatery ... and leaving him a $0 tip.

Joseph Vasko-Bezenek admits the restaurant flubbed the "So You Think You Can Dance" host's order, but claims he provided great service and the manager went above and beyond to comp her. He particularly takes issue with Cat angrily ranting on Twitter afterward to ruin the restaurant's reputation -- to him ... that's Trump-like.

What's worse -- as any server knows -- Joseph got a big fat zero for a tip ... so he didn't want to let Cat get off scot-free for that.

On the bright side ... he also told us he'd welcome the chance to serve her again. Olive branch?


Paul Wall & Baby Bash Off the Hook in Drug Case

3/21/2017 2:04 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Paul Wall and Baby Bash just caught a huge break in their drug case -- a grand jury cut 'em loose.

The panel declined to indict the Houston rappers Tuesday, citing insufficient evidence to convict them in the December drug bust. Paul celebrated his victory with a cigar (weed-free, we think), and told us why he was always confident his attorney would save his ass. 

We broke the story ... Paul and Baby were arrested in an undercover raid while attending a weed party in Houston. They'd been booked for possession of marijuana and intent to sell, both felonies in Texas. It appeared the case was moving forward a few months ago when the artists told a judge they would test positive for THC.

Like Baby told us, they were just dabbling in dabs and pot at the shindig -- and for the grand jury that wasn't enough to warrant a trial.

Mel B My Mind's Getting Divorced ... My Hand Still LOVES This Ring

3/21/2017 1:40 PM PDT

0321-mel-b-ring-photos-launchMel B's left hand, with a massive diamond attached to it, doesn't look like it's totally in sync with her on divorcing Stephen Belafonte.

Mel was out and about in L.A. Tuesday ... still flashing the 7 carat, $300k wedding ring upgrade Stephen got for her back in 2014.

According to the divorce docs she filed Monday, the couple's been separated since December ... so the breakup is hardly fresh.

Maybe this is a sign: Stephen goes, but the ring stays.

In other news...

Had Brad Pitt Moved On ALREADY?

He seems much happier


Jackson Galaxy If Taylor Swift's Got Cat Problems ... I Can Handle It!

3/21/2017 3:53 PM PDT

Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy is stepping up to solve Taylor Swift's cat troubles. 

We got the unofficial cat whisperer and host of "My Cat from Hell" at LAX, and he said there's been a sea change -- cat ladies are in now, and that includes Ms. Swift ... who has two kitties. 

Taylor's documented her feline issues -- the damn things won't let her sleep. It's an easy fix though, according to Jackson ... but she's gonna have to give him a call.

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Prince William Epic Dance Moves Inspire Luniz ... 'Everybody Do the Wills!'

3/21/2017 3:00 PM PDT

Prince William probably wants to forget about his lit night dancing up a storm inside a Swiss nightclub, but now it's been immortalized in a new track from Oakland rap duo Luniz.

It's fitting Luniz cranked out "Party Like Prince Will" ... because it was their 1995 hit, "I Got 5 On It" that inspired the future king of England's flailing arm dance moves.

We'll be honest ... the bars on the new cut aren't up to the group's '90s standards, but the hook -- imagining what a night of partying with Wills would be like -- is pretty catchy.

Y'know you wanna "pop another liquor seal and party like Prince Wills!"

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