Hottest Videos -- Week of 08/13

8/19/2006 1:05 AM PDT

Hottest Videos -- Week of 08/13

Shanna Moakler won't let her recent nasty break-up from Travis Barker ruin her dance moves. The former Miss USA shook her groove thang outside of Hyde, possibly practicing for her debut on "Dancing with the Stars."

The Paris Hilton Posse once again lashed out at Lindsay Lohan with more "Firecrotch" ridicule. This time, Paris brings her record producer, Scott Storch, into the mix. He tells the entire world that the group was celebrating "Firecrotch Day". As of press time, TMZ could not confirm whether "Firecrotch Day" is recognized as a federal holiday.

What's "Jackass" Steve-O to do when Hollywood club Hyde refuses to let him in? He text-messages Lindsay Lohan, who arrives to save the day and pulls Steve-O into the club.

Celebrities employ a number of techniques to hide from the paparazzi -- except, of course, in the end, we know it's them anyway. We can only watch, shrugging our shoulders, as sheet happens.

Jessica Simpson unleashed her inner sex kitten with a surprise Friday night performance at the Hollywood nightclub Factory. The singer's sultry dance moves at the gay & lesbian bar may have caused a few boys to rethink their positions.

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