Larry Hagman Estate Accuses Granddaughter Of Jewelry Heist

5/24/2013 5:04 PM PDT

Larry Hagman Estate Accuses Granddaughter of Jewelry Heist


The drama in Larry Hagman's life lives on ... months after his death, because the actor's estate now claims Larry's granddaughter has committed familial treason by holding ridiculously valuable jewelry hostage.

The lawyer for Hagman's Estate has filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- which claim Noel Hagman is in possession of a Raj necklace and matching earring set with encrusted diamonds and emeralds.  The Estate claims the jewels were once owned by Larry's mom, actress Mary Martin, and given to Larry.

The Estate lawyer says somehow Noel got her hands on the jewels and won't give them back.  The legal docs say Noel claims someone in the Hagman family gave her the necklace and earrings, but according to the Estate no one in the family cops to it.

The Estate wants the jewels back, and if she refuses, they want her to pay double the value -- the law provides double the value if someone wrongfully holds on to property.  The legal docs don't place a specific value on the items.

Sounds like a good episode of "Dallas."