Jamie Lee Curtis Injured In Car Crash Jodie Foster to the Rescue!

8/1/2013 5:09 PM PDT

Jamie Lee Curtis Injured in Car Crash -- Jodie Foster to the Rescue!


Jamie Lee Curtis got in a serious car accident Thursday ... and was taken by ambulance to a hospital ... after Jodie Foster came to the rescue -- TMZ has learned.

The accident occurred in a highly trafficked area of Venice, CA Thursday morning.  Jamie was a passenger in a black Yukon SUV, which crashed into a BMW. 

Two people -- including Jamie -- were taken in 2 separate ambulances to the ER.  We're told Jamie's injuries were minor ... and she's already home and resting.  As for the other person ... we're told the injuries were more serious.

Now get this ... a witness tells TMZ ... immediately after the crash, Jamie called Jodie Foster, who showed up almost immediately -- just like out of a movie.

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