Katy Perry Promotional Truck Hit By Drunk Driver

8/9/2013 5:00 PM PDT

Katy Perry -- Promotional Truck Hit By Drunk Driver


The gold truck Katy Perry commissioned to promote the release of her new album -- Prism -- was just hit by a drunk driver ... TMZ has learned.

The collision occurred 15 minutes ago near a truck stop in Pennsylvania.  We're told the driver of a semi-truck slammed into Katy's whip, causing substantial damage to the cab.  We're told the semi driver is in the process of being arrested for drunk driving.

Now the good news.  The precious cargo is fine ... because Katy wasn't in the truck at the time of the crash.  As for the others who were inside, we're told they're ok.

4:55 PM PT -- Law enforcement tells TMZ ... the accident occurred in a Walmart parking lot.

We're told the driver of Katy's truck was inside the Walmart when the collision happened.

Cops say the driver of the other truck initially fled the scene after striking the front cabin of Katy's truck ... but quickly returned to the parking lot after realizing it was the best decision.