Charlie Sheen 'Kidnap Victim' ARRESTED For Burglary

11/25/2013 3:09 PM PST

Charlie Sheen Sex Tape -- 'Kidnap Victim' ARRESTED for Burglary


The man who mysteriously disappeared last week just before he was supposed to testify in a burglary case that may involve a Charlie Sheen sex tape has just  been arrested himself for the burglary ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Darwin Vela and his girlfriend, Kelly McLaren, are currently in custody ... charged with breaking into the home of Nic Cage's baby mama, Christina Fulton and stealing 4 computers and other stuff.

Ricardo Orozco, Fulton's handyman, is currently facing trial for the same burglary.  Vela was supposed to testify last week at his preliminary hearing, but a day before he was walking his dog and vanished.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they don't believe anyone attacked or kidnapped Vela -- they think he just made himself scarce so he didn't have to testify.  Our sources say they believe all 3 of them committed the crime.

As we reported ... Vela and Orozco, along with McLaren, went to one of Charlie's reps and asked what the actor would pay to get his sex tape back.  The tape was never produced.