'Basketball Wives' Star My Jeweler Jacked My Necklace And My Insurance Co. Is Screwing Me

2/14/2014 12:30 AM PST

'Basketball Wives' Star Latasha Marbury -- My Jeweler Jacked My Necklace and My Insurance Co. is SCREWING Me

Former NBA megastar Stephon Marbury's wife is at war over nearly a million bucks worth of jewelry which she claims was stolen right out from under her.

Latasha Marbury had a pair of diamond earrings, a diamond pendant and a diamond necklace which she claims she had to sell to reduce the insanely expensive insurance premiums she was paying for her $2.5 mil jewelry collection.  Yes, even rich people get cash-strapped.

Latasha claims she took the 3 items -- worth $900,000 -- to an NYC jeweler to sell, but she claims he outright stole them from her.

So Latasha filed a theft claim with her insurance company.  Now here's the snag.  The insurance company says the only way it would pay on a theft claim is if the jewelry were taken by force or stolen from a safe place. 

The insurance company claims in Latasha's case she voluntarily handed the goods over so it's a case of tough luck.

Latasha is now suing the insurance company for a cool mil.  The jeweler is nowhere to be found.