'Ying Yang Twins' Rapper 24 Hours In Jail For Beating His Wife

4/7/2014 1:31 PM PDT

Ying Yang Twins' Deongelo Holmes Domestic Violence Arrest -- 24 Hrs in Jail

Exclusive Details

One of the "Ying Yang Twins" -- Deongelo Holmes -- is already a free man ... after serving just 24 hours behind bars for beating his wife.

According to Georgia court docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Holmes made a deal and pled no contest to domestic violence for hitting Porsche in the head last November.

Under the deal, Holmes served a single day in jail and he's on probation for a year.

Holmes also has to do community service and attend a family violence program ... and he's been warned not to drink or do drugs ... or engage in any violent contact with his wife.