'Baywatch Star' Brooke Burns SMASHES BMW Consoled By Man in Pajama Bottoms

5/9/2014 1:39 AM PDT

Brooke Burns Car Accident -- 'Baywatch' Star's Call For Help After SLAMMING Into Car


"Baywatch" actress Brooke Burns MANGLED her BMW Thursday near Universal Studios ... thankfully, there was a guy in his PJs to give her a shoulder to cry on. 

Witnesses tell TMZ ... Brooke was driving in North Hollywood when she slammed into the passenger side of a Toyota Matrix.

Police and fire units rushed to the scene ... but no one was taken to the hospital. Both cars were undriveable and a tow truck had to be called.

Brooke is built better than most to withstand injury ... she has a titanium rod and screws in her neck ... from a swimming pool accident in 2005 in which she broke her neck.

No word on the identity of the pajama man ... or why he was rockin' flannels in the middle of the day.