Sara Evans Ex-Husband I Only Got 25 Chickens To My Name

6/17/2014 12:40 AM PDT

Sara Evans Ex-Husband -- I Only Got 25 Chickens to My Name


Sara Evans' ex-husband has become a country music cliche ... fighting with his ex, dodging an arrest warrant, and so deep in debt his main assets are a couple dozen chickens.

Craig L. Schelske filed docs in his bankruptcy case, listing a mountain of debt and a sorry, short list of assets.  For starters he owes Evans $333K.  Lots of other debts as well.

Now the assets ... 25 chickens (valued at zero) and 2 bags of chicken feed.  And then there's 60 DVDs, 3 silver coins and 40 books, all worth a grand total of $100.  And of course there's a 12-gauge shotgun, a rifle and a hand gun. 

He also lists 4 vacuum cleaners and a card table.  As for cars -- he has a Ford F-250, a Chevy pickup, a Chevy Tahoe and a Honda 4-wheeler.

As for the warrant -- it seems Craig stopped paying Sara child-related expenses, so the judge slapped him with a contempt citation and made him a wanted man.

You may remember ... Evans and Schelske went through a brutal and ugly split ... he claimed she exposed their kids to drugs and alcohol on her tours ... she claimed he was banging the nanny and was obsessed with porn.

Chickens and porn ... a way to a man's heart.