Drake's Alleged Baby Mama Popularity Soars ... On Pornhub!!!

6/1/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Pornhub Searches for Drake's Alleged Baby Mama, Sophie Brussaux, Skyrocket


Pusha T calling out Drake's alleged baby mama, Sophie Brussaux, on his diss track has made her a HOT commodity ... on a leading porn site, anyway.

According to sources at Pornhub ... the former soft core porn star's name was being searched just 44 times a day before Pusha's track came out this week, while her stage name, Rosee Divine, was being searched 228 times a day.

But, once "The Story of Adidon" dropped and people began making the connection to Drake, searches for her name soared. In a little over 24 hours ... "Sophie Brussaux" had 513,760 searches and "Rosee Divine" was searched 256,374 times.

We're no mathematicians ... but that's like, a HUGE percentage increase.

Stormy Daniels got a similar rise out of porn fans after her "60 Minutes" interview about her Trump tryst. Ditto for Aubrey O'Day after news of her alleged affair with Don Junior. 

As we told you, Sophie's dabbled in reality TV, but she might consider more, umm ... adult entertainment, based on these numbers.