Phaedra Parks to Cardi B It's Good to Book Work ... But Don't Get Booked to Jail!!!

12/5/2018 8:01 AM PST

Phaedra Parks Offers Cardi B Advice After She Skipped Court to Twerk


Phaedra Parks wants Cardi B to handle her business -- in court, that is, before it starts affecting her money biz.

We got the 'RHOA' star Tuesday night heading into NYC's Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum for the TPG Awards and wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone -- getting a celeb lawyer to weigh in on Cardi skipping her Monday court date to shoot a music video.

As we first reported, Cardi pissed off the judge in her strip club beatdown case when she was a no-show to Monday's court hearing in NYC. Turns out she was twerking her ass off in Miami ... for work, of course.

Remember, the judge's already warned Cardi -- show up to court Friday or face arrest. Phaedra's free advice ... just get it over with, Cardi.