Donald Trump 2 Years Were 'Stollen' from Me!!! ... Mmmm, Delicious

5/5/2019 3:35 PM PDT

Donald Trump Says Two Years of His Presidency Were 'Stollen'

Never has a typo from President Trump sounded so tasty as when he misspelled "stolen" to gripe about his presidency ... reminding everyone of a sweet holiday treat in the process.

DT made the hilarious blunder Sunday while going on a Twitter tirade about two years of his presidency that he feels were "stollen" due to Robert Mueller's investigation into potential Russia collusion -- which his team found no clear evidence of, BTW.

On obstruction of justice though ... well, that's a whole other can of worms. 

Anyway, folks online seemed to overlook the President's complaint and zero in on the spelling error -- which brought forth an entirely different word in an entirely different context ... sweet, sweet Euro bread. 

Stollen is a rich German fruit and nut loaf, usually covered in powdered sugar. You've probably seen it around your relatives' homes during Christmas time ... it's kind of a staple for the holiday. 

Clearly, that's not what Trump meant at all -- but the dude hasn't corrected his tweet yet. So, "stollen" bread it is for the time being. The big question now ... will it get as big as his other "words?"  

Covfefe and stollen ... now there's a delicious pairing.