Jenelle Evans, David Eason Tapped for 'Marriage Boot Camp'

5/8/2019 1:17 PM PDT

Jenelle Evans, David Eason Tapped for 'Marriage Boot Camp' Post-'Teen Mom'


1:17 PM PT -- WE tv finally got back to us, and it sounds like the network is trying to distance itself from the "Marriage Boot Camp" folks who reached out to Jenelle's peeps, because a spokesperson just said, "WE tv has no plans to cast Jenelle Evans on Marriage Boot Camp."

Jenelle Evans isn't missing a beat after getting booted from "Teen Mom 2" ... because we've learned she's already been approached by "Marriage Boot Camp," and our sources say she and her husband, David Eason, will be doing the show.

Our sources say the folks at "Marriage Boot Camp" have been trying to get Jenelle and David on the show for 2 years, but MTV -- which produces "Teen Mom 2" -- has always said no. We're told one MTV exec even warned her not to do 'Boot Camp' because it would ruin her image.

But, now the decks are cleared, and we're told Jenelle and David are both game.

And, that's not the end of it ... we're told Jenelle is going to New York City next week to meet with producers of other shows. It's uncertain if networks are interested in a package deal -- Jenelle and David -- or just Jenelle alone, but it's a safe bet everyone wants both.

And, we have more info on why Jenelle got fired from "Teen Mom 2." As we reported, David killing the family dog was the last straw, but now we know what a problem it created for MTV. We're told Briana DeJesus, who also appears on "Teen Mom 2"  was shooting in Florida and 2 restaurants refused to allow the show to film because the restaurant owners were so upset over the dog killing. 

We're also told there were similar problems in other states as well. 

Short story ... Jenelle has lost 6 figures after getting fired from MTV, but she's still marketable.

We've reached out to "Marriage Boot Camp," so far, no word back. 

Originally published -- 8:16 AM PT