Jackie Stallone Sylvester's Mom Dead at 98


Jackie Stallone, the famed celeb astrologer and Sly's mother, has died ... TMZ has learned.

Jackie recently passed away ... according to sources with direct knowledge. The exact circumstances surrounding her death are still unclear.

Mrs. Stallone was a renaissance woman, to say the least -- well-regarded as an astrologer, dancer and even women's wrestling promoter. Not to mention being the mother of 3 famous children ... Sylvester, singer Frank Stallone and late actress Toni D'Alto, whom she had with Anthony Filiti.

Jackie actually helped kick-start the original "GLOW" wrestling program back in the '80s ... serving as a manager and promoter for the league, which of course would later be portrayed in the hit Netflix show of the same name. Mama Stallone was one of several ring handles she had.

She was also a famous astrologer, making a number of TV appearances throughout the '90s, and, yes ... she had her own psychic hotline. Jackie is also credited with coining the phrase and practice of rumpology ... which is like reading someone's palm, but reading other parts of their body, like moles and whatnot.

Jackie was a reality TV star in her own right -- she appeared on at least a couple seasons of 'Celebrity Big Brother' in the UK, and her persona had been parodied throughout the years, including on "Saturday Night Live."

Ever the character, she was very much active in her later years ... posting a bunch of workout videos of herself doing cardio, plyometrics and even some dancing in studios.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jackie is survived by her two sons, as well as several grandchildren.

She was 98. RIP

Michael Jordan & Denny Hamlin Starting a New Nascar Team ... Bubba Wallace as Driver!!!

Breaking News

Air Jordan is about to become Rev Jordan -- because Michael is teaming up with a NASCAR legend to start his own racing team ... with Bubba Wallace behind the wheel.

MJ and Denny Hamlin made the announcement late Monday, saying they were kicking off a new, single car NASCAR Cup Series team for 2021 ... and their first driver is gonna be none other than Bubba himself.

Michael writes, "Growing up in North Carolina, my parents would take my brothers, sisters & me to races, and I've been a NASCAR fan my whole life. The opportunity to own my own racing team in partnership w/my friend, Denny Hamlin, & to have Bubba Wallace driving for us, is very exciting for me." He goes on to say that the timing seemed perfect to get more Black owners in NASCAR, which has historically struggled with diversity.

MJ adds, "In addition to the recent commitment and donations I have made to combat systemic racism, I see this as a chance to educate a new audience and open more opportunities for Black people in racing." Denny echoed that, saying him being the 1st Jordan sponsored driver led to the partnership, while explaining why BW was the perfect fit.

As for Bubba -- who left the Richard Petty Motorsports team earlier this year after the noose scandal that befell him -- he says it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity he couldn't pass up.

He adds, "Both Michael and Denny are great competitors & are focused on building the best team they possibly can to go out and compete for race wins. I’m grateful and humbled that Michael and Denny believe in me and I’m super pumped to begin this adventure with them."

Now for some specifics -- Denny is said to have purchased the charter from Germain Racing, with MJ serving as the principal owner and Denny as a minority partner as he continues to drive for Joe Gibbs Racing. Bubba has been signed to a multi-year deal.

No word on a number, car manufacturer, team name or sponsor at this point ... but all that will come in time. All we can really say ... WOW!

Magic Johnson I'm Getting Threats at My Office ... Gets Restraining Order


Magic Johnson and his employees are getting besieged by a guy who's issuing threats and demands, and recently made it past Magic’s office security -- so, now Magic's court order protection.

A judge granted the NBA legend a temporary restraining order today against a guy named Willie Frazier who, Magic says, has been harassing him and his employees for years… and things have been getting worse and worse.

According to Magic’s legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Frazier started sending correspondence to Magic's personal and business addresses, demanding money and making wild claims that Magic stole documents from Frazier and, ultimately, stole Frazier’s identity.

Magic’s staff tried to ignore the demands, but Frazier's contacts became increasingly frequent — until they were getting bizarre voicemails almost every week. On some of those calls, Frazier claimed he was with the FBI and that if Magic didn't do what he wanted, he would physically harm Magic and his staff. Magic characterizes the behavior as a form of “stalking," saying he feared for his and others' safety.

Finally, in 2020 ... Magic says a hard line was crossed when Frazier twice came to Magic’s office building and made it past security, and rode the elevator to Magic’s floor. When Frazier couldn’t get inside the suite, he allegedly slipped another of his bizarre demands under the door.

Welp, a judge heard Magic -- as well as supporting statements from several of his employees, including high-ranking execs and granted the TRO ... which says Frazier must say 100 yards away from Magic and a handful of his employees.

No S*** Please Let Me Poop, Mr. Officer!!! ... Raw Vid of Chase & Arrest

Enid PD

Here's the straight poop -- an Oklahoma woman really had to go number two when she got pulled over by a cop, an excuse that resulted in a high-speed chase and her in handcuffs ... and we've got the raw vid.

28-year-old Emily Owings led an Enid PD officer on a wild ride last week after he stopped her for not wearing a seatbelt, and immediately got a laundry list of excuses once he realized she had other legal troubles that might've required he bring her in.

By that, we mean she told him it was her birthday, but much more urgently ... she claimed she had to take a dump, and BAD. The cop wasn't buying it though, and did what he needed to do ... namely, check to see if there were outstanding warrants.

Turns out, Enid PD says there was ... not to mention her license was suspended. When the officer informed her of all this, Ms. Owing started bawling and pleading with the guy ... again telling him she had to drop one. It's sad ... but so funny too.

Anyway, when they finally tell her she is, in fact, wanted in another county and they gotta take her into custody -- the lady speeds off, before eventually being stopped and arrested. As they're hauling her off, she once again asks to defecate ... in the cop's car, no less.

She was booked on charges ranging from eluding to reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia and other offenses. As for whether she ended up making it to the can ... Enid PD says she told the arresting officer and jailer who searched her ... the feeling had passed.

Mobile Suit Gundam Life-Size RX-78-2 Replica Moves On Its Own!!!

Okay, we're not saying a giant robot apocalypse is upon us, but we might be suggesting it's close ... because they got one in Japan that is already taking its first steps.

Check out this 60-foot replica of an RX-78-2 Gundam robot -- from the OG anime series -- that they built near Tokyo ... and which now moves about on its own! The Gundam is the signature piece of a factory there of the same name -- and they just lived up to the hype.

The whole idea of the life-size model was to make it realistic, and one engineering feat at a time ... they're slowly (but surely) achieving that. In this clip -- which is sped up at 2 and 4 times than normal -- you see the Gundam walk, kneel, lift its arm and move its fingers.

It can even open its eyes and turn its head!!! Honestly, it's an amazing achievement.

If you're unfamiliar with Gundam -- it's basically the template for what Transformers/Power Rangers went on to rep in the U.S. The original series kicked off in the late '70s, and several different iterations have been made since. It's widely popular in Japan and elsewhere around the world. There's even other Gundam statues around Japan ... but those ones don't move.

As cool as this is ... we feel obligated to tell the folks at Gundam Factory Yokohama to cool their jets (or jetpacks). We love living out childhood fantasies as much as the next guy or gal, but THIS is just inviting a full-blown robot takeover, no?!? Especially when they're this big.

Maybe, we've just been watching too many movies 😅

Bobby Shmurda Parole Denied!!! Stuck in Prison 'Til 2021


Like the rest of the world, Bobby Shmurda has little to no reason to celebrate 2020 -- because he's not getting out of prison just yet ... despite high hopes he would be paroled.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Bobby was denied parole after his interview with the Board last week. No reason was given as to why, but we're told he's almost certainly going to be held in custody until the very end of his max sentence ... December 11, 2021.

We know Bobby has NOT been helping his own cause while doing his time. Remember, the rapper racked up 11 violations, including drug possession, fighting and having a shank -- and good behavior clearly weighs heavily with the parole board.

As we reported ... he copped a plea deal back in September 2016 ... to conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon. The other charges -- including conspiracy to commit murder -- were tossed. Bobby was initially sentenced to 6 to 7 years in prison, and he's been in December 2014.

TMZ broke the story ... Bobby's mother told us her son was ready to drop new music if granted parole, and he also wants to produce a documentary about his life ... in the hopes it can be used as an educational tool for troubled youth.

That documentary's gonna have to wait a little longer.

Taraji P. Henson ¡Ay, Caramba! ... Turning 50 in Cabo Does the Body Good

Hidden figures? Please. Taraji P. Henson's showing 'em off for the world to enjoy ... just one way to celebrate a milestone birthday.

The Oscar-nominated actress celebrated her 50th birthday with a trip to Cabo San Lucas ... beaming with tons of pride showing off her bikini bod. It's pretty clear Taraji's been hitting the gym. That much is clear based on her Instagram captions ... she hashtagged some of them like this -- #BAWDY, #hardasswork and #ImAddictedtotheworkout. Gains, baby.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Check out the pics ... it's easy to see why Taraji's more than happy to saunter in a tiny bikini while soaking up the sun south of the border. Gotta say ... 50 never looked so good. The "What Men Want" (you can say that again) star actually turned 50 on September 11 but is keeping the celebration going with a bunch of her girls ... coronavirus be dammed.

But, then again ... celebrating the big 5-0's one helluva checkpoint in life, so let the woman live!!!

Larry King Estranged Wife Wants $33k Per Month in Spousal Support


Larry King's estranged wife says she has no form of income and needs the legendary interviewer to cough up some dough.

Shawn King filed new docs asking for the former CNN host to pay her at least $33,100 per month in temporary spousal support ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ. Shawn also wants Larry to pay retroactive to August 20, 2019, which is when Larry filed for divorce.

Shawn says she needs spousal support because she has no form of income ... she says she gave up lucrative TV hosting and modeling jobs after becoming a homemaker to raise their kids. She says she was financially dependent on Larry during their 22-year marriage.

She makes no bones about it ... she claims Larry makes way more than the amount he disclosed in docs -- $1.9 million per year from infomercials. She brought up, for example, his recent $5 million podcast deal to host "The Millionth Question."

And, get this ... Shawn also disclosed the ex-couple made over $4 million from the sale of their former family Beverly Hills home. You'll recall ... that home sold back in January for a cool $15.5 million. The ex-couple had bought the 5-bed, Tuscan-style house in 2007.

Giant Iceberg Flips Over on Arctic Explorers ... Titanic Miscalculation!!!


They say don't go chasing waterfalls ... advice that should extend to icebergs, as this adventurous duo learned the hard, and very cold, way in Arctic waters.

A group of explorers were sailing the open seas of Svalbard -- an archipelago between Norway and the North Pole -- when they came across this iceberg.

Might seem sketchy, but the guys who started scaling the huge chunk of ice last month are experienced climbers. One of them, Mike Horn, has been a famed explorer for more than 30 years. They obviously didn't expect what happened moments after they started scaling it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Check it out ... they start to make their way up and across using ice picks and boots with crampons -- but as the boat they arrived on starts to pull away, the iceberg began to slowly tilt ... before the whole damn thing toppled into the water.

Don't worry, this isn't a "Faces of Death" clip -- the guys were miraculously able to escape being crushed, and the boat came back to pull 'em outta the icy drink.

The Titanic-sized lesson here: When someone yells, "Iceberg, right ahead!" ... don't jump ON said iceberg.

Pete Buttigieg SCOTUS Pick Means Lives at Stake ... Thousands of Marriages Too!!!


Pete Buttigieg believes there may be immediate consequences for the LGBTQ community -- as well as people with preexisting conditions -- if President Trump succeeds in swiftly replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

Mayor Pete's one of many prominent voices calling Senate Republicans hypocrites for pressing to fill the SCOTUS vacancy -- when they blocked President Obama's 2016 appointment of Merrick Garland, claiming it shouldn't be done in an election year.

Since they're now ignoring their own theory, Pete says this is an obvious power grab on the GOP's part -- one that's sparking fears for him in his own home.

Buttigieg points to his own marriage, saying it might not have even been possible if a more conservative, anti-LGBTQ Justice would have been on the High Court in 2015 instead of Ginsburg.

Then, of course, there's Obamacare, which the Supreme Court is set to make a major decision on in November. As Pete says ... lives literally depend on the case, but if Trump and Senate Republicans get their way, it won't be much of a case at all.

As we reported ... Trump's being more than dismissive of RBG's reported dying wish to let the next elected president replace her, and has vowed to act quickly instead.

Vegas Road Rage Roadside Brawl!!! With Bats & Chain Swinging


Here's why getting out of your car in a traffic incident should be limited to seeing if the other party's okay -- anything beyond that and you might find yourself fending off a baseball bat!!

Check out this wild brawl that recently went down in Vegas near the Palace Station Hotel and Casino -- where a couple of young'ns faced off with an older trio ... which ended with the latter taking out potentially lethal weapons and using 'em on the fly.

It's unclear what sparked the confrontation, but obviously tensions were running high. Before anyone started swinging, the people recording cracked some jokes and tried lightening the mood ... but it was too late. The other two foes on the other side of the car started going at it.

That prompted the young guy in black to try to help, which then caused the other man in red to square off with him. It basically became a 2-on-2 type fight, with the lady (who was rolling with the older gents) serving as ref ... and occasionally getting some licks of her own in as well.

At one point, s*** really hit the fan when the older guys brought out a bat from their car and started swinging on the two 20-somethings. It looks like he landed at least one blow on a person ... and a couple to a car. The woman also used a chain as a weapon ... and the whole thing just got really out of hand.

Cops say they're looking into the incident.

Luckily, it doesn't appear anyone was seriously hurt in the brouhaha -- but still ... not pretty.

DaBaby Sued Over Bev Hills Beatdown

Exclusive 12/19/19

DaBaby's Christmas time scuffle at an L.A.-area hotel is coming back to haunt him nearly a year later -- the guy he roughed up on camera is taking him to court over it.

The guy's name is Cristofher Pocasangre, and he just filed suit against DaBaby claiming his recorded confrontation from December 2019 amounts to assault, battery, infliction of emotional distress and a litany of other actions he now wants a judge to weigh in on.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Pocasangre says he was working at a Marriott hotel near Bev Hills when he learned DB was on site and asked him for a pic. DaBaby said no, and Pocasangre admits he snapped a selfie anyway with the rapper in the background -- something DaBaby confirmed himself at the time, and offered as justification for getting physical.

Now, get this ... Pocasangre claims DaBaby told him to delete the photo, which Pocasangre says he actually did right on the spot. That apparently wasn't enough for DB, though. Pocasangre claims, in docs obtained by TMZ, DaBaby followed him in and assaulted him.

In surveillance video of the altercation, you see what appears to be DaBaby violently shoving the guy up against the wall and sitting him down as he looms over him. Again, DaBaby tried defending himself when this surfaced by saying he was protecting his daughter, whom he says was with him during this incident, and whose identity he was trying to shield.

In a since-deleted IG video of him explaining this, DaBaby also made it seem like Pocasangre did NOT comply with his demand for the pic to be deleted.

At any rate, the guy's suing to get major damages from both DB as well as his management and entertainment company.

President Trump RBG's Dying Wish Sounds Phony to Me ... Accuses Dems of Making it Up!!!

Fox News

President Trump's suggesting Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dying wish to not be replaced until after the election isn't real, but rather a political ploy whipped up by Democrats.

Trump made a routine pit stop on "Fox & Friends" Monday morning, and was asked about RBG telling her granddaughter -- reportedly while on her death bed -- that her wish is for the next elected President to choose her successor on the Supreme Court.

Trump says he doubts if Ginsburg -- who died Friday due to complications of metastatic pancreatic cancer -- actually said those words, and instead speculates the "dying wish" was written by either Rep. Adam Schiff, Sen. Chuck Schumer or Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Ultimately, "maybe she did, and maybe she didn't," is the best Trump can offer as proof that RBG's dying wish is illegitimate ... and moved on to telling the Fox News crew he plans to move quickly in replacing her.

As we reported ... Judge Amy Coney Barrett has emerged as a frontrunner to fill RBG's vacant seat, which would give conservatives a 6-3 majority on the High Court.

It's shaping up for a political war due to the precedent set during President Obama's final year in office -- when Republicans blocked him from appointing Merrick Garland to SCOTUS. It's pretty evident Trump doesn't care about that ... or RBG's dying words.

Claudia Jordan Sues Wine Co. Things Aren't 'Just Peachy' ... I Got Fired for Supporting BLM!!!


Claudia Jordan turned Just Peachy wine into a booming brand, then got left high and dry because she supports the Black Lives Matter movement ... or so she claims in a new suit.

The former 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star is going after Biagio Cru and Estate Wines, because she claims she was wrongfully fired in late 2018 over her public support of justice for Black people and speaking out against unlawful police treatment.

According to the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Jordan claims she entered into an agreement with Biagio in 2016 to work together, in which she would promote Just Peachy in return for 3 percent ownership of the brand and 3 percent of all the money it hauls in.

Claudia says the campaign kicked off in 2017 and was a huge success over the following year. She claims sales were dramatically boosted due to her involvement in the strategy and marketing ... and the brand became synonymous with her name.

Despite all that, Claudia claims Biagio tried to terminate its contract with her in late 2018 and stopped paying her. She alleges this was due to her support of BLM, and even says Biagio commented that her social media posts against police brutality of African-Americans were "too slanted."

According to the suit -- filed by attorney Christopher Brown -- Biagio stopped sending her financial statements in 2018 and cut her off. Claudia also claims Biagio continues to use her association with Just Peachy to its advantage while denying it struck a deal giving her ownership.

The company claims it elected to part ways with Claudia for "legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons; namely, dissatisfaction with Ms. Jordan’s ability to boost sales in relevant markets" ... but she believes it was over her political views on racial issues.

She's suing for breach of contract and is seeking hundreds of thousands or more in damages.

Biagio Cru says it will "vigorously defend against the false claims asserted by Ms. Jordan and will pursue any and all appropriate legal actions associated with false and defamatory statements published by Ms. Jordan."

Jennifer Aniston & Jimmy Kimmel Emmys Fire Gag Fail ... It's Soooo 2020!!! 😫


Turns out Jennifer Aniston is a boss with a fire extinguisher, lucky for Jimmy Kimmel ... as their dumpster fire bit at the Emmys, inadvertently, turned into a recreation of 2020.

The fire gag went down early in Sunday's live broadcast of the Emmys from Staples Center ... Jennifer was the night's first awards presenter. The fiery joke showed them first cleaning any potential coronavirus off the envelope ... by spraying it with Lysol and lighting it on fire, naturally.

Thing is ... the envelope wouldn't stop burning!!! Jimmy and Jen looked shocked, and she had to blast the extinguisher 5 times before the fire finally went out.

It all played like a metaphor for the massive wildfires currently burning in California and Oregon. Hell, you could even extend that metaphor to all of 2020 -- COVID-19, racism, social injustice, politics, hurricanes, etc ...

Ya get the point ... someone please extinguish this year.

BTW, the cast of "Little Fires Everywhere" mighta thought it was a good early omen for them. It wasn't, though ... they lost the Outstanding Limited Series category. 🔥

Dr. Dre's Record Co. Accuses Wife of 'Decimating' Bank Account


A company Dr. Dre and his estranged wife founded together is accusing her of draining the primary business account dry and even criminal embezzlement ... just the latest sign of how nasty this divorce is getting.

TMZ has obtained a letter that was fired off to Nicole Young by attorneys for Record One recording studio, which Dre and Larry Chatman founded in 2015. Record One is operated by an LLC. Nicole was a trustee and signatory on the LLC's checking account.

The letter launches right into allegations of wrongdoing by Nicole -- claiming she "decimated" the company's bank account last month to the tune of $353,571.85.  Attorney Ed McPherson, who reps the LLC that operates Record One, attached the check Nicole wrote to herself.

The letter accuses Nicole of "blatant and unjustifiable criminal embezzlement of corporate funds," as well as a breach of her fiduciary duties.

Dre and his other partner demand Nicole return the cash they claim she jacked no later than a week from Tuesday ... otherwise, the attorneys say they'll be filing suit against her.

Remember, Nicole just accused Dre of pilfering assets ... which our Dre sources called BS. Nicole also claims the prenup she signed was under duress and Dre had a change of heart a few years into the marriage and ripped it up. Again, we're told Dre calls BS.

Nicole's lawyer, Bryan Freedman, tells TMZ, "This is just a low-grade PR stunt by Andre and his team to try to change the fact that he was caught red-handed and sued for trying to cheat Nicole out of community property to which she is entitled. There is no question that Nicole had both the contractual and the legal right to have taken this action and Andre's team is well aware of this fact. Any suggestion she did something untoward is preposterous and pathetic."

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