Missouri Assault Man Sucker-Punches 12-Y-O Boy ... Cops on the Hunt

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Michael Crank Curry/Facebook

What started out as a peaceful and community-led performance in Missouri quickly turned violent for no reason ... this after a grown man punched out a little kid.

This heinous act went down Friday night in Cape Girardeau, MO, a little after 11:30 PM, when two young kids were performing on a street corner ... busting some moves to music they had playing on a speaker, while filming themselves live from a nearby camera.

Soon enough, a man joins them and starts popping and locking too. His name is Micheal 'Crank' Curry, the one who posted the video. He tells TMZ these two kids are students of his -- he runs a local dance studio -- and they do this all the time without any issue.

The three of them were going back and forth for a while, until the taller of the two boys -- who's said to only be 12 years old -- got up to dance, only to get viciously attacked.

In the middle of his performance, a black CRV-type car pulls up alongside them, and a man hops out the passenger side. The kid notices him, but doesn't think anything of it as the guy dances along with them and inches even closer ... masking his true intentions.

When he's right next to the boy, he swings wildly and hits the side of his head, knocking him clean to the ground. Micheal screams out in shock and tries chasing him. The guy scurries back to the car and they take off ... Micheal comes back to attend to the kid.

Bystanders rush over quickly to help him up -- you can tell he's badly injured, but still tough as hell considering he was able to get up on his own two feet.

Micheal tells us the victim's name is Ethan, but he goes by Eman. The boy was taken to a local hospital, where Micheal says he was treated for a concussion and a bad nose bleed. Eman doesn't know who punched him or why -- it was a random act of violence.

Cops have been made aware of the incident, and they say they're on the lookout for the suspect. While no arrests have been made, police say they have some solid leads based on the video and other eyewitnesses. Here's hoping they catch this bastard.

Flying Coach Potato Man Takes to the Skies Sofa, TV, Paraglider Included!!!

A paragliding instructor in Turkey just took his business to new heights with a stunt that's sure to attract daredevils and couch potatoes alike -- 'cause he's got a two-for-one special that appeals to both.

Hasan Kaval rigged a sofa and a TV to one of his paragliders this week ... and then proceeded to take flight off a cliff, while capturing the whole thing on camera. What happens next is a lazy adrenaline junkie's dream -- doing something dangerous and thrilling, while being able to relax and take a load off at the same time. Genius!

Now, the man himself showed us how it's done with a full-blown airborne demo. While the couch was in the sky (above the water below), he kicked off his shoes and swapped them for slippers, started eating chips and drinking soda ... and watching 'Tom & Jerry' to boot.

And, get this ... the guy wasn't even properly strapped in!!! No matter though, at least to him. Hasan landed the couch safely (somehow) and said afterward with a straight face that he felt secure and relaxed the entire time. Granted, he does this for a living!

It's too early to tell if this is the new wave in paragliding -- but hey, if he can get folks off their ass at home after seeing this ... we'll credit him with the trend.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

It seems the wheels are falling off as we pseudo-celebrate the 4th ... COVID cases are exploding, as are tempers across the U.S. So we gotta ask ...

I Will Obey Any Shutdown Orders ...

For The 4th I'm Listening To ...

Now That Gyms Require Masks ...

Racism In U.S. ...

I Worked On My 2020 Summer Bod ...

2020 Will Get ...

2021 Will Be ...

I Will Vote In November

Breonna Taylor A.G. Posting Engagement Pics ...

Joey Chestnut Breaks His Own Hot Dog Record ... No Crowd, No Problem!!!


A little COVID fallout didn't stop hot dog eating champ Joey Chestnut from breaking his own record this year -- despite the fact there was no crowd -- 'cause the guy did just that and then some.

JC took top honors (again) Saturday at the annual July Fourth Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest -- which saw the dude down 75 dogs in 10 minutes ... beating his own previous benchmark of 74 from last year. It's his 13th title total ... so basically, a G.O.A.T.

During the festivities, he also hit another food vacuum milestone -- his 1,000th career dog! The feat wasn't without its hiccups (damn near vomit fests), but he held off 'til the end.


BTW, Joey wasn't the only making history this weekend -- there's a women's champ too ... the one and only Miki Sudo, who downed 48.5 franks ... which easily beat the competition.

This year's event was unique in that there were no ticketholders or spectators (aside from the eaters' own teams, of course) ... which made for a somewhat muted performance. There was also plexiglass between the competitors -- so pretty distance friendly we'd say.


The only downside to Saturday's dog chugging event was that Joey did NOT live up to his promise to TMZ Sports earlier in June, when he said he'd hit 77 dogs no problem.

Always next year, bud. Congrats either way!!!

America's Best Friend Good Dog Quietly Celebrates the 4th ... No Paddle, Just Noodles

Here's why dogs are King of the pet world -- they just mind their business and carry float on ... literally so during the Fourth of July.

Someone filmed their pooch enjoying a nice summer day in the backyard -- perched up on a bed of pool noodles and gliding across the water without a stir or bark to ruin the serene scene. It also comes across a rubber ball, but not even that jacked its chill mood.

Now, we don't know if the owner put the pup onto the noodles, or if it found its way on there itself after a quick dip. We'd like to think the latter, but even if this was staged for the photo-op ... we still stan. The end result is just too good to poo-poo.

Unclear when this was first captured, but it circulated online right in time for the holiday ... and it's probably what a lot of us need to see right now -- namely, something peaceful.

Take a lesson from Chachi here -- yes, we've taken the liberty of naming this awesome canine -- and enjoy the Fourth for what it is. A day to kick back, be free ... and scratch the fleas off too while you're at it.

Happy 4th, everyone. Especially to Chachi 😍

Seattle Protest Car Careens into Crowd ... Protester Critically Injured


Two protesters were mowed down by a car early Saturday morning in Seattle, and the driver is now under arrest.

It happened at around 1:30 AM on a stretch of the I-5 that was closed to traffic. A car suddenly barreled down the road, striking 2 people. A 24-year-old woman is in critical condition with what troopers said were life-threatening injuries. Another woman suffered injuries that were described as serious.

Eyewitnesses told authorities they believed the incident was a "purposeful attack."

The Washington State Patrol took the driver into custody. A spokesperson says it does not appear that impairment was a factor.

Donald Trump Talks Culture War ... Crowd Couldn't Care Less About COVID

Donald Trump's idea of a 4th of July celebration was igniting a culture war, as 7,500 of his followers exposed themselves to a massive coronavirus outbreak.

Check out the crowd at Mount Rushmore ... ZERO social distancing, per the Governor herself, who believes crowding together is a symbol of freedom. In fact, the chairs were zip-tied together because of fire code regulations. Masks were few and far between and the crowd sat for hours, cheering and doing the things that spread the virus.

And, speaking of the virus ... it's hitting close to Trump's home. Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, has tested positive.

As for the President ... his focus was on America's awakening, which he clearly thinks is a bad thing. Of the protesters, he said they are trying to "end America" by engaging in a  "merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children."


And, he went on ... "We will expose this dangerous movement, protect our nation's children, end this radical assault and preserve our beloved American way of life."

Carole Baskin What's She Talking About?!?


Carole Baskin is making lots of dough with personalized messages ... but making sense of what she said -- well, that's a whole other thing.

She recorded this message for a guy who goes by Robin Hood 702 ... a guy who apparently has worked with authorities on various cases. 702, btw, is the area code for Vegas.

Listen to what she says ... Carole is making reference to the MGM lion. Well, there have been rumblings a tiger or 2 may make its way to Vegas for one of the shows, but here she's talking about a lion never being "tattered" so those dots don't connect.

She also mentions David Chesnoff, a prominent lawyer who has Vegas wired, but she never explains what she means when she says he's hold up in the Penninsula.

And, then she mentions Patty Glaser, a super-powerful L.A. lawyer. Again, connecting the dots is damn near impossible.

One thing's for sure ... Carole's cashing in on these video messages. She reportedly pulled in $20k in just one day.

Bonnie Pointer Cause of Death Cardiac Arrest

Bonnie Pointer of The Pointer Sisters died after going into cardiac arrest ... TMZ has learned.

The Grammy-winning Motown artist's cause of death is listed as cardiopulmonary arrest ... this according to her death certificate obtained by TMZ. Bonnie -- real name Patricia Eva Pointer -- died on June 8 at 3:37 AM. The doc lists her as divorced, and an entertainer in the music industry for 50 years.

According to the doc ... there were other underlying issues she'd been battling for about a decade, including liver disease.

TMZ broke the story ... Bonnie, one of the OGs of the wildly popular group of sisters in the '70s, died earlier this month. Her sister, Anita, told us, "It is with great sadness that I have to announce to the fans of The Pointer Sisters that my sister, Bonnie died this morning. Our family is devastated, on behalf of my siblings and I and the entire Pointer family, we ask for your prayers at this time.

Bonnie's best known for her cover of "Heaven Must Have Sent You," which peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard's Hot 100 chart. She earned a Grammy for Best Vocal by a Duo or Group in the country category for their hit, "Fairytale."

She was 69.

Pats Kicker Justin Rohrwasser Gets Three Percenters Tattoo Removed


Justin Rohrwasser has delivered on his promise ... the Patriots kicker has removed a controversial tattoo from his arm after a public outcry, TMZ Sports has learned.

The tattoo in question is the logo for the "Three Percenters" -- a group some experts have described as a dangerous right-wing militia. Some chapters reportedly associate with "extreme racist groups."

The 23-year-old kicker claimed he got the tat when he was 18 because he thought it was a patriotic tribute to the military -- not knowing the group has been associated with some pretty bad stuff.

After the Patriots selected Rohrwasser with the 159th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft back in April, he received some major blowback online ... and later vowed to remove it from his body,.

"It's shameful that I had it on there ignorantly," Rohrwasser told WBZ-TV ... "That's not who I am."

Now, multiple sources confirm ... the tat is gone for good.

We're told the former Marshall kicker began the removal process almost immediately after the NFL Draft ... and described the process as physically painful.

Rohrwasser has apologized for the tattoo multiple times -- and told WBZ-TV, "I’m sorry for all my family that have to defend me. Putting them in that compromising position is one of the biggest regrets I’ll ever have, so to them, I’m sorry.

"I’m going to learn from this."

Pop Smoke Inner Circle Gets Custom Bling ... For Posthumous Album


Pop Smoke's closest friends are getting iced out before his debut album drops ... with some custom jewelry honoring the slain rapper.

Pop's inner circle reached out to New York City's Benny The Jeweler for some special commemorative bling ... according to our sources, and it was just in time for Friday's posthumous release. Ya gotta see what @bennydajeweler cooked up in Pop's honor.

Check out the 5 "Woo Star" pendants for the guys over at Forever Smoke Entertainment ... the record label founded by Pop's brother, Mike Dee, along with Ace Makaveli, Eazy, Stacks and Hunter.

There's a rose gold pendant and 4 yellow gold pendants ... and they're covered with 20 karats of VS diamonds, retailing at a cool $18,000 each. We're told the bling represents rising above adversity, as well as shooting for the stars, and aiming for the moon -- the title of the album.

Pop's girlfriend, Alyssa Danielle, is also getting some special jewelry from Benny ... an insane custom piece featuring Smoke's face surrounded by diamonds. We're told it's still in the works, and the finished product will be super colorful.

The sad news is Benny was working on a couple pieces for Pop himself before the rapper was fatally shot in February in a home invasion.

Remember, fans demanded a do-over of the cover art Virgil Abloh designed for "Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon," and they're getting their wish.

Hopefully, the final product is as cool as Benny's bling.

40 Glocc Surrenders for Year Behind Bars For Prostitution Ring


40 Glocc is finally on the path to putting his prostitution ring bust behind him, and the first step is checking into jail to serve his sentence ... nearly 3 years after his arrest.

The rapper turned himself in to Blue Earth County Jail on June 30 in Minnesota where he'll do one year behind bars after pleading guilty to 1 felony count of promoting prostitution of an individual ... according to court docs.

Once he's done his time in jail, 40 Glocc will be on 10 years of supervised release ... and if he messes up during that period, the rapper could get locked up again. As part his supervised release conditions ... he can't use or possess firearms, has to get a GED, and submit to random alcohol and drug testing.

You'll recall the rapper struck a sweet plea deal with prosecutors back in October ... more than 2 years after he was arrested in July 2017. Prosecutors agreed to drop 2 other felony charges -- fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle and engaging in the sex trafficking of an individual.

Pro Gamer Karma Admits 'PTSD' After Lightning Strike ... 'Loud Noises Scared Me'


Karma -- the pro gamer who was struck by lightning while streaming on Twitch -- says she's no longer in physical pain ... but admits she's suffering a little "PTSD" after the crazy incident.

27-year-old Jaime Bickford was INSIDE her Boston-area home Sunday night commenting on a game of "Rocket League" when lightning struck ... and somehow, she got hit.

You can watch the live stream and HEAR the moment of impact -- it's really scary stuff.


Bickford tells TMZ Sports she's still not 100% sure how she got hit -- saying, "It all happened really fast."

"I was just commenting over this game and then a huge flash came out of my controller, like really bright," Bickford says.

"I just remember my hands burning and my body just automatically dropped the controller."

Bickford says her hands were sore for the next 2 days. But there was also mental trauma.

"I definitely had PTSD about it the day after -- just loud noises scared me. There was still thunderstorms the next day so I didn't want to touch the game just 'cause it freaked me out."

Don't get it twisted ... Bickford says she's definitely NOT walking away from gaming -- telling TMZ Sports she's worked too damn hard to quit.

As for the controller she had been using -- that's toast.

American Flag Swimsuits Guess Who!

It's time to get the grill going and the fireworks ready ... even though these sexy stars seem to be putting on a whole show of their own!

From actors and models to influencers and much more, there's a ton of babes ready to get the party going in their red, white, and blue!

Join in on the celebration by scrolling through our gallery of American flag swimsuits ... While you're taking a look through, put your celebrity skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to guess the sexy star in the patriotic pic!

Happy 4th of July!

SoCal 'Karen' Arrested for Battery

Exclusive Details
@mynamegangg/Twitter - @myullz/Twitter

4:18 PM PT -- 7/3 -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Torrance PD found Lena Hernandez in the city of San Pedro where she was arrested and brought to a station, and will bail out soon.

She was arrested for misdemeanor battery.

The "Karen" who spewed multiple racist tirades in Southern California has just been charged with battery ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the notorious SoCal "Karen" is 56-year-old Lena Hernandez from Long Beach, and on Friday the Torrance City Attorney's Office charged her with misdemeanor battery.

Our sources also tell us a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has issued an arrest warrant for Hernandez, who has not been apprehended yet.

The battery charges are related to an incident that occurred Oct. 11 at a mall in Torrance, and was reported to police later that day.

There's no video of that incident, but as we reported ...  Hernandez was recorded during a racist rant in a Torrance park last month. She was yelling at a young woman who was trying to work out in the park.


Video of another incident involving Hernandez, this time in a parking lot, also surfaced and is believed to be from the same day as the park incident.

Our law enforcement sources say there is not enough evidence for prosecutors to file criminal charges against Hernandez for the incident at the park.

Originally Published -- 7/2 6:51 PM PT

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