Rudy Giuliani Kanye Still a Secret Trump Supporter ... Fuels Spoiler Theories


Rudy Giuliani believes Kanye West secretly wants Donald Trump reelected, and the former NYC Mayor seems to be saying Ye could spoil Joe Biden's chances.

We got the President's personal attorney Sunday in NYC and asked whether he thought Kanye's campaign could shake up the election. Rudy's hesitant to weigh in on Ye's bonafides ... but he does say Mr. West is still a fan of 45.

Rudy goes way further ... insinuating Kanye could be a surrogate for Trump to get the black vote. RG says Kanye is expressing the dissatisfaction African Americans feel about the way they've been treated and ignored for decades, specifically by Democrats.

Kanye has made it clear -- at least publicly -- he's not a spoiler ... that he's in it to win it. Nevertheless, in a close state, Kanye could become a deciding factor if he maintains 2% of the vote or higher.

Remember ... there are multiple reports Republican operatives are working to get Ye on the ballot in various states, including the swing state of Wisconsin.

So, whether Kanye believes it or not, the Trump camp may be banking on West as a secret weapon in a close election.

Oakland A's Laureano Charges Astros' Dugout ... First MLB Brawl Ensues

The first actual brawl in the 2020 MLB season just unfolded before our eyes -- and lo and behold ... it was against the Houston Astros.

The A's were playing Houston Sunday for a day game, and during the 7th inning ... Astros pitcher Humberto Castellanos beaned A's outfielder Ramon Laureano in the back, which ticked him off. He had words for Castellanos, but then directed his anger at the dugout.

It looks like one of the Astros hitting coaches was chirping at Laureano, which then prompted the A's slugger to charge the dugout. Several Astros players stepped in before Laureano could reach his target -- it looks like Dustin Garneau took him down and others piled on.

This led to the benches clearing and other players to tussle and wrestle on the ground, while others tried pulling one another off. Some were wearing masks, others weren't -- and the fact it was the first actual physical brawl of the COVID-era season made it all the more bizarre.

Of course, there's likely going to be some harsh penalties dished out here because of this -- MLB has strongly discouraged physical closeness/confrontations ... especially if they can be avoided. They've said they'll hand down whatever regular fines or suspensions they normally do in these types of situations, but won't cut 'em down at all for the shortened season.

We already saw what the Dodgers-Astros bench-clearing ruckus drew as far as punishment -- imagine what'll be issued here where fists and bodies actually collided.

President Trump Lobbied S. Dakota Governor Add Me to Mt. Rushmore, Please!!!

President Trump reportedly lobbied the Governor of South Dakota to have his mug added to Mount Rushmore, which might explain his 4th of July rally at the site.

Gov. Kristi Noem gifted DT a mini replica of the national monument on July 4th -- with his face carved in next to the other iconic four presidents -- as a joke-y way to make up for the fact she couldn't do it for him in real life ... this after his aides called her asking about it.

According to the NYT, Trump had some White House aides ring Kristi and co. up last year about the process of potentially adding a fifth presidential head on the side of Black Elk Peak. The calls from aides came AFTER Trump had told the Gov. himself during a White House visit that it was his "dream" to be featured on the structure ... which she laughed at.

Apparently, Donnie wasn't joking at all ... and had his people follow up on it, which appears to have prompted the strange make-up gift. Of course, the issue of adding a fifth face to Rushmore has been kicked around -- to no avail. It's said to be virtually impossible, as there simply isn't enough room to do it without compromising the whole thing.

Funny enough, the National Park Service says it's actually a question/request they get pretty often from a number of different groups -- so it's not just Trump's ego that's enormous. More importantly, Mount Rushmore was made to showcase America's birth and growth through its first 150 years ... at least that's how the OG sculptor Gutzon Borglum reportedly envisioned it.

Of course, DT made a big show during his speech there last month ... now, it's pretty clear why he was so dead-set on having it there in the first place. He wants to get in on it!

Simon Cowell Breaks Back on E-Bike ... 'AGT' Judges Respond

Breaking News

3:07 PM PT -- Looks like the rest of the 'AGT' judges are sending their well-wishes to their leader. Sofia Vergara posted a photo of her Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel gesturing to Simon's empty chair, while wearing face masks.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She captioned the photo, "We miss our boss!! Come back fast @simoncowell!!🚑 🚑"

2:11 PM PT -- Cowell's nasty bike accident turned into a 6-hour long surgery ... but what is still unknown is how it will affect is work. "America's Got Talent" is set to resume live shows on August 11.

Simon Cowell didn't get far on his new electric bike, he crashed and broke his back.

Simon was tooling around his Malibu estate Saturday on his new bike, apparently trying to get the hang of it, when he fell to the ground and seriously injured himself.

Cowell was taken to a nearby hospital and will undergo surgery.

In a very British statement, his rep said, "Simon had a fall from his bike on Saturday afternoon whilst testing his new electric bike in the courtyard at his house in Malibu with his family."

FYI ... some of these electric bikes can go as fast as 28 MPH at full throttle, and pedaling makes it go even faster. If the bike goes down ... well, it's trouble ahead.

Originally published -- 6:20 AM PT

BLM Protesters Beaten By Pro-Cop Group in Ugly Brawl Cops Make Arrests, Both Sides

2:38 PM PT -- Fort Collins Police Services has shed a bit more light on who they arrested and why -- saying they took action against members of both parties ... while apparently chastising the pro-cop group's methods.

The agency says it arrested four different people in connection to Saturday's brouhaha -- booking them on charges from criminal tampering and resisting arrest to disorderly conduct and possession of an illegal weapon. They didn't specify which suspects were affiliated with which groups -- but did note they made arrests on both sides of the fight and are looking for other troublemakers that got away.

The FCPS also says ... "We respect everyone's right to peacefully assemble. Our officers have consistently supported these rights in recent months as people have gathered to make their voices heard. For the safety of our community, acts of violence and other unlawful behavior have not and will not be tolerated from anyone."

Then comes the telling line ... "Truly supporting a cause means representing its values. Committing crimes in our community is not a way to support police. We stand for safety, period. We want all of our community members to feel safe here in Fort Collins and we reject any form of hate." That seems to be a shot at the pro-police group, many of whom were seen on video throwing down, arguably more so than the BLM crowd was.

A pro-police group beat a group of Black Lives Matter counter-protesters ... and you actually hear someone from the pro-police group say don't use weapons but punching is encouraged.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The group -- Back the Blue -- was holding a rally in Fort Collins, Colorado Saturday when some Black Lives Matter protesters showed up.

It appears the Back the Blue crowd went after the BLM protesters, and you hear someone shout, "Everybody keep their hands off their weapons. Keep punching each other in the face. Don't shoot anybody."

Someone from the BLM group said, even though they were not the aggressors, they were detained by cops but were never told why.

Originally Published -- 10:05 AM PT

Kim and Kanye Touchdown in Miami ... Next Stop, Glamping

Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their brood have left the Dominican Republic and just touched down in Miami ... and we're told this isn't the end of their make-or-break vacay.

They sure look like they're enjoying their time away ... at least on the surface. They spent a week in a fortress-like estate on a Dominican beach, as Kim and Kanye hashed out problems in their marriage.

We're told they're now heading west ... where the family will go glamping.

As we reported, their marriage is on the rocks, and this is the last hurrah to try and repair it.  Both Kim and Kanye clearly love their kids, so it's hard to look at this pic and figure out how much of it is for the benefit of the kids and how much is this about their relationship.

As we reported, although there's one subject that is not being discussed -- POLITICS -- Kanye spent time last week working on his Presidential campaign, vowing to win in November, and trying to qualify for the ballot in a number of states.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Kim and Kanye are giving it the 'ol college try to save their marriage, as tongues are wagging over the Bradley Cooper/Jen Garner sighting. So we gotta ask ...

Kanye And Kim's Marriage ...

I'm Voting For Kanye ...

Bradley Cooper/Jen Garner ...

Charge Cops In Breonna Taylor Death

Banning 'Kindergarten Cop' B/C It Shows Over-Policing In Schools ...

When There's A Vaccine

I'll Get The Vaccine ...

Cancel Culture Will ...

Tech N9ne Plays Packed Home State Concert ... Guess Where, Missouri!!!


Tech N9ine got on the mic for a bunch of never-ending partiers down in Missouri -- and the joint looked about as packed as any of their shindigs lately.

The rapper put on a homecoming show Saturday night at the Regalia hotel in Lake of the Ozarks -- he's from Kansas City, BTW ... so it was definitely a special occasion to have Tech come out and perform. He took to the stage in front of what we're told were upwards of 1,000 people.

That didn't seem to bother Tech N9ne though -- ditto for the concert promoters and the hotel folks hosting the event. As you can see ... it looks eerily similar to all the other Ozark water ragers we've seen of late. No masks, little distancing ... and just a whole lot of bodies.

Aside from the bad idea of hosting any type of large gathering like this -- indoors or out -- the fact Tech N9ne is in the mix here seems to signal something else that's fairly troubling ... the idea that in-person concerts are coming back with more regularity, slowly but surely.

@hybridtrapmusic / Instagram

We've seen some well-known artists over the past couple months performing to large crowds -- sometimes with blatant disregard for safety, and other times letting things get out of control despite their best intentions ... looking at you Chase Rice and the Chainsmokers.

@eyeoftheo / Instagram

Granted, Keith Urban seemed to have a bit more success with his own drive-in show -- in any case, it's clear artists are getting restless too and are trying to secure that concert bag.

We reached out to Tech N9ne's rep ... so far, no word back.

Parachuting Buffoon Glides into Cleveland Apt. Building ... How Ya Doing, Neighbor?!?

Cleveland was more See-Where-You-Land Saturday night -- 'cause a guy parachuted into the downtown night scene ... and smacked himself against a building only to be left dangling.

Check out this crazy video that was taken right in the heart of downtown Cleveland, where some bozo glided down from the night sky and ran right into an apartment complex, which luckily snagged his 'chute toward the top and kept him from plunging two stories down.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Post.

Like we said, the guy kinda splats into the wall here -- but, surprisingly, he seems to be okay(ish) ... except the fact he's got no way to get down potentially falling. As he squirms around to free himself, the videographer notes that he and his friend should probably help.

Of course, they seem to take their sweet time as they watch the funny scene unfold and a crowd begins to gather below. This could've turned out a lot worse, but considering the man appears to be fine up there (for the most part), ya can't knock 'em for soaking it in.

BTW, the guy eventually got rescued by firefighters -- and later, he told cops he and a few friends jumped from a plane, although it's unclear from where originally. The others reportedly landed safely in a nearby park, but this joker ended up breaking his leg in the whole ordeal.

The question we have ... how'd the person whose window is facing out from that level feel to have this guy's crotch and ass plastered all over your view? Anything goes in the Land!

Coronavirus Anti-Masker Hurls Insults, Threats ... Against Supermarket Employee

Breaking News

You wanna see someone disgusting ... check out this anti-masker who castigates a supermarket employee ... essentially calling her a loser because of her job.

It went down in Long Island, New York when an employee at a King Kullen market apparently told this shopper to wear a mask. Well, that set her off, threatening to "beat the f***ing s***" out of the employee, warning, "Don't pull your communist bull**** on me."

She then gets personal and insulting ... remember, the employee is an essential worker who, aside from enforcing the rules in the store, presumably is trying to keep her family and herself safe. That didn't stop the anti-masker from some loathsome insults.

And, check this out ... this video was shot at a restaurant in North Carolina where an employee got into it with a Grubhub driver. The employee claims the guy came up to the window without a mask and was chowing down on a Burger King sandwich. She says when she asked why he wasn't wearing a mask, he started screaming and spitting with food in his mouth.

As for these anti-maskers ... we'll assume extreme ignorance, so a little lesson. They can kick your ass out of the store for not wearing a mask. You're right, it's America, and they have a right to keep you out of the store. And, to the Grubhub driver ... sorry, sir, you don't have a Constitutional right not to wear a mask, and citing the 4th Amendment -- prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures -- well, it just shows what you don't know.

Coronavirus Pandemic Party in Bev Hills


We told you Saturday there would be a big bash in Bev Hills, and it went down as advertised.

The house was packed with partygoers, including former UFC champ Chuck Liddell, Tyga, Logan Paul and Nyjah Huston.

The person who shot the videos says alcohol was flowing and weed was plentiful as people partied until 4 AM.

The party was indoors and out by the pool. There were even VIP rooms set up.

And, yes ... the masks were few and far between, and forget social distancing.

Los Angeles, 8/7/20
FOX 11

As we reported, there are efforts underway to skirt L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti's threat to shut off water and power in homes that host these parties. This party was blocks from the L.A. border, but since it was in Bev Hills it was outside the Mayor's domain.

Cops never came ... not that there was much they could do.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ZZ Top Tribute Plays to Packed Saloon ... Hundreds Watch Maskless

Breaking News

ZZ Top didn't perform at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ... but a group that looks just like them played Saturday to a packed, maskless crowd.

A ZZ Top tribute band, called ZZ3, took the stage at the Full Throttle Saloon and filled the room with Texas blues-rock. The rally, which will draw an estimated 250,000 people, always draws big-named performers, so it's no surprise hundreds of folks showed up.

Willie Nelson and Lynyrd Skynard were also scheduled to perform at the 9-day event but canceled because of the pandemic. Other artists who performed Saturday include Molly Hatchet and the Guess Who ... Night Ranger, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, .38 Special, Quiet Riot, Smash Mouth and others are expected to perform in the coming days.

The bar was packed and there was almost no social distancing, and lots of medical folks are worried this will become a super-spreading event. That clearly was not on the minds of the saloon audience.

The people who live in this tiny town are in a pickle because a rally like this is clearly dangerous during a pandemic. That said, the annual rally rakes in $800 mil for residents in the area, and economic survival is top of mind. Nevertheless, masks and some social distancing would be nice ... especially for unsuspecting people who later encounter riders who contracted COVID.

Wedding Proposal Disaster The Ring's Swimmin' with the Fishes!!!

This is hysterical ... a wedding proposal on a boat goes horribly wrong because the would-be fiance's wingman has a TERRIBLE throwing arm!!!

We don't know their names or exactly where they were, but it doesn't matter. The ring, inside the ring box, goes in the drink and a guy -- presumably the thrower -- jumps in to retrieve it.

We don't know if he got the ring back, but you gotta say ... it's a memorable proposal. We're assuming she said yes, even sans bling.

And, this is funny ... an NFL meme page posted the video with the caption, "When you ask Mitch Trubisky to help you with your proposal ..."

We're guessing when they get married, the wingman won't be the ringman.

North Carolina Earthquake We Felt the Earth Move Under Our Feet

Breaking News
Twitter / @PMBreakingNews, @DaVonteMcKenith

2020 has brought us a deadly pandemic, a devastating hurricane, tornados, shocking examples of police brutality ... so really, how surprising is a big earthquake in North Carolina?

A 5.1 quake rocked Sparta, NC Sunday, just after 8 AM. The epicenter is near the Virginia border and was felt in South Carolina and Georgia.

It's the biggest earthquake to hit the area in more than 100 years.

Check out the video ... the beauty salon surveillance video shows the force of the quake as items all around sway back and forth.

The Mayor of Sparta said the quake was so loud it sounded like a train roaring down the track.

Fortunately, no injuries and only minor damage, but the shaking was real.

A 5.1 is a big quake, but typically significant damage usually occurs when a quake is in the 6's or higher. Of course, depending on the way buildings were constructed ... a 5.1 could do serious damage ... though not the case here.

What could possibly be next?

LAPD Not Down with Mayor's Plan To Cut Utilities at House Parties


The LAPD is pushing back against Mayor Eric Garcetti's threat to kill power at homes defying COVID-19 orders ... because cops don't want any more beef with citizens.

Here's the deal ... Garcetti authorized the city to turn off water and electricity to residents who have big parties in violation of health orders, and he put LAPD in charge of making those requests with the Mayor and other City officials.

Los Angeles, 8/7/20
FOX 11

So, if cops respond to a home and find a large party going down -- like the one last week in Los Angeles that ended with a fatal shooting -- officers can make the call to kill utilities there within 48 hours.

LAPD sources tell TMZ ... no officer wants to shut the power off at a residence, in part because many folks are already pissed at cops. We're told they'd rather focus on reducing real crime, and not turning off home necessities.

Our sources say if the decision is left to officers' discretion ... very few will follow through with Garcetti's threat.

RMG News

We're told, cops are worried about homeowners who rely on electricity to power a breathing device or food spoiling in fridges. Any of those situations would create way more tension in communities they police.

Bottom line ... we're told cops will absolutely cite a homeowner for throwing an out-of-control party, but cutting someone's power is not a burden they want to bear.

Juelz Santana Meek Facilitates Prison Release


Juelz Santana is enjoying his newfound freedom thanks in part to Meek Mill ... and now he wants to give back to the inmates he met while behind bars.

Here's the deal ... Juelz is fresh outta prison after serving 19 months of his 27-month sentence in his airport drug case, and he's got Meek to thank for some smooth sailing.

Our sources tell us Meek helped Juelz by connecting his wife, Kimbella, with a lawyer who helped guide them through the process to ensure everything worked out. Courts and the prison system can be tricky, and we're told Meek wanted to ensure things would work out for Juelz.

The Dipset MC was able to come straight home and skip the halfway house he was originally destined for. Many halfway houses are shut down because of the pandemic.

Juelz is now on supervised release, which, as we first reported, means he'll have to submit to a drug test within 15 days of his release.

Now that he's out, Juelz tells us he wants to give back to inmates by working with non-profits whose missions include overturning sentences for wrongly convicted prisoners. Juelz says he also wants to help people in prison find a platform for the music and movie scripts they write in lockup.

On that same front, Juelz tells us he wrote a ton of new music on the inside, as well as a script for a TV series. He says he's going to get back in the studio Monday, but also wants to take time to focus on his family and make up for the 19 months he spent in prison.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Juelz's wife is happy to have her husband home ... she says it's surreal to have him back, wake up next to him and see him with their kids.

Sounds like Meek's inspired Juelz too ... his wife says she and Juelz will be working on prison reform efforts.

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