Willie Mays Dead At 93

Willie Mays, one of the greatest baseball players to ever step foot on a baseball diamond, died at 93, Major League Baseball announced Tuesday evening.

Mays had been living in an assisted living facility in the Palo Alto, CA area, according to the Giants.

"The Say Hey Kid" was 24x MLB All-Star, 12x Gold Glove winner, Rookie of the Year, and 2x NL MVP who patrolled the massive Polo Grounds center field for the New York Giants before the team relocated to San Francisco in the late-50s.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun Whistleblower Retaliation Is A Thing at Boeing Admits As Much in D.C.

Fox News

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun got grilled on Capitol Hill this week ... and he just admitted the aerospace giant has a history of retaliation against whistleblowers.

The Boeing boss was in D.C. Tuesday -- where he was appearing before U.S. senators for a hearing meant to address all the issues at Boeing lately -- and he was asked straight-up about whistleblowers speaking truth to power ... acknowledging for a fact retaliation happens.

Pressed if Boeing fired any staffers who were responsible for the retaliation, Calhoun was unable to give any specific numbers ... but he said retaliation is a thing at Boeing and people have been fired as a result. He promised Senator Blumenthal to get him specifics.

Oakley Sunglasses Founder Beats Jay & Bey's CA Real Estate Record ... w/ Massive $210M Sale!!!

Move over Jay-Z and Beyoncé -- there's a new real estate mogul in town, and it's the guy who founded Oakley ... 'cause he just sold his cliffside estate for a record-breaking number.

James Jannard -- the billionaire who's behind the iconic sunglasses and apparel brand -- just unloaded a mansion he's owned in Malibu for the past 22 years ... and he scored a massive profit,' cause he sold it for a whopping $210 million ... this according to the L.A. Times.

The outlet reports Jannard sold the 9.5-acre oceanfront compound to a Delaware LLC -- and that it was done quietly ... 'cause the property never technically hit the market. BTW ... JJ bought this home way back in '02 for a mere $31 mil. So, yeah .... a $179 million windfall.

NYPD Arrests Florida Man ... For Chucking Furniture Off High-Rise!!!


Morgan Wallen isn't the only person facing criminal charges for throwing chairs off buildings ... 'cause a guy in New York is accused of doing the same thing, which was caught on video.

Video of a wooden chair being thrown off a New York City high rise last week is making the rounds on social media -- and for good reason ... it's absolutely terrifying, and it wasn't the only thing this man allegedly chucked off the side.

The NYPD tells us they arrested a 33-year-old man from South Florida for allegedly throwing a chair from the 20th floor of a tall building in midtown Manhattan -- in addition to other pieces of furniture, which cops say he started chucking from a terrace.

Justin Timberlake Mug Shot Released After DWI Bust ... Looking Real Stoic

Justin Timberlake is now a member of the celebrity mug shot club ... as his booking photo from jail has been released following his DWI arrest -- and he certainly looks bleary-eyed.

TMZ has obtained JT's mug shot -- released by Sag Harbor PD -- and it's certainly one for the books ... Justin is stoic here, not smiling and with an expressionless face as the camera flashed. His eyes are wide ... and he definitely looks like he's not happy to be there.


The singer was arrested on Monday evening after being pulled over by police in Sag Harbor, NY for driving while intoxicated. In a police report obtained by TMZ ... cops say they first spotted Justin after he blew through a stop sign. JT sparked further concern after his gray BMW UT was allegedly swerving on the road.

Chrissy Teigen Explains 'Dirty' Bathwater Video ... I'm Not Filthy, Guys!!!

Terrible Tub

Chrissy Teigen had to explain why her bathwater looked dirty as hell after John Legend posted a video of her washing up ... and the explanation had already been spoken.

Here's the deal ... John recently posted a video of Chrissy sitting naked in a bathtub, using one of his skincare products to scrub off body makeup ... something she explicitly said in the clip from the get-go -- and yet, there was still some confusion/mockery over this.

Trolls quickly flooded the comments on John's Instagram post, saying the brownish bath water looked "dirty" ... and accusing Chrissy of not showering enough, etc.

Ariana Grande Defends Speaking Voice Change ... For My Vocal Health!!!


Ariana Grande is clapping back at folks dragging her online for switching up her speaking voice mid-interview -- she says it's intentional, and necessary to protect the golden goose ... that voice of hers.

Here's the deal ... a clip from Ariana's recent appearance on Penn Badgley's "Podcrushed" podcast is making the rounds on social media ... with folks pointing to a drastic change in her voice in the middle of conversation. It happens at about 35 seconds in, in the clip above.


Ariana's speaking in a lower voice before her pitch suddenly gets higher as she changes topics ... causing some online to accuse her of being fake.



Serena Williams took a moment for some self-care ... letting her fans in on a procedure targeting her birthing scars -- something that's been a hang-up for her since having kids.

The retired tennis legend shared an IG clip of herself getting a radio frequency skin-tightening treatment -- and as you can see ... she's lying on an exam table as a technician rubs an ultrasound-like wand over her stomach.

Serena explained the video was filmed during a Parisian getaway, where her thoughtful pal -- knowing full well she felt self-conscious about her tummy post-childbirth -- treated her to a day at Maison Lutétia spa.

Justin Timberlake BMW on Video ... Driving in Sag Harbor Pre-Arrest


TMZ has found video that shows Justin Timberlake cruising down the street in Sag Harbor early Tuesday before he was pulled over by cops and arrested for DWI ... and based on what he told police, it appears he was following some friends who were leading the way.

Check out this footage we tracked down from surveillance cameras in the area ... it captures a black sedan heading south on Main Street -- a block away from the American Hotel, where Justin left moments earlier -- and a second or two later, you see JT's vehicle pop into frame.

The vehicle matches the description cops gave in their police report to a T -- a gray BMW UT -- and you can see Justin was following closely behind on the road ... not necessarily swerving or driving erratically, at least not in this clip anyway.

KATE BECKINSALE People Tell Her to Lose Oversized Bow ... She Fires Back!!!

Kate Beckinsale has been wearing giant bows on her head lately -- and when people told her to lose the bizarre accessory ... she snapped back, and it's clear she ain't ditching 'em.

This whole back-and-forth went down on Kate's IG comments this week -- long story short ... she threw up some clips of herself partaking in a variety of activities, and of course ... she was wearing her signature oversized bow, a look she's been rocking for a few years now.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Par for the course ... social media folks were quick to clown Kate about the bow -- telling her quite plainly to "take that ridiculous bow off" ... among other mean comments/requests.

Conor McGregor Not In Rehab ... Chael Sonnen's Claim 'Incorrect'

Conor McGregor is NOT currently receiving treatment for substance abuse, despite Chael Sonnen suggesting otherwise ... 'cause a rep for the UFC superstar tells TMZ Sports he's not in rehab.

The American Gangster dropped the bombshell allegation on his "Good Guy/Bad Guy" show with Daniel Cormier on Monday ... calling BS on Conor's claim that an injury forced him to back out of his fight against Michael Chandler.

The two hosts were discussing how both Conor and Michael have a history of promoting alcohol products ... and while Chael didn't mention the former champ-champ's name directly, it's clear that's who he was talking about.

Tommy Richman Funk Flex Warming to My Music!!! All Love After His 'Million Dollar' Diss


Tommy Richman's breakout hit "Million Dollar Baby" isn't winning over Funkmaster Flex -- one of NYC's biggest DJs and gatekeepers -- but, luckily, Tommy has more than one song, and holds no grudges!

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with the buzzing Virginia-born artist and his creative director Josh Belvedere Tuesday as they jetted off to Paris Fashion Week.

Tommy's become internationally known since 'MDB' blew up in April on Billboard and TikTok and tells us it's been a trip to witness the phenomenon -- even little kids love his track, as he points out!!!

Justin Timberlake Still Planning to Perform in Chicago ... Despite DWI Arrest

Justin Timberlake isn't shying away from the spotlight following his DWI arrest -- in fact, he's stepping right into it later this week ... 'cause he's all set to perform in the Windy City.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... JT will, in fact, perform in Chicago starting Friday -- which kicks off two tour dates there in town that were previously scheduled. We're told Justin has every intention to hit the stage in Chi-Town for both Friday and Saturday's shows.

No word on whether Justin will address the DWI arrest -- directly or indirectly -- but at the very least, we're told his fans can expect their regularly scheduled programming from him.

Christina Ricci Lists L.A. Home ... Wants At Least a Couple Mil!!!

Christina Ricci is unloading her Los Angeles area home -- and she's aiming to double her earnings with the price tag.

The actress listed her Woodland Hills, CA home Monday ... and if you have an extra couple million (and change) lying around, the property could be yours.

CR is asking for a cool $2.249 million for the crib -- and despite the steep ask, Christina's residence is certainly worth the Benjamins ... it's got all the bells and whistles of luxury.

Howie Mandel My Wife Wasn't Drunk In Vegas Accident ... She Was High on Edibles!!!


Howie Mandel is setting the record straight on his wife's "tipsy" fall in Las Vegas, which left her in a pool of blood ... he says she wasn't drunk, she was just feeling the effects of some marijuana gummies!!!

The "America's Got Talent" judge joined us on "TMZ Live" Tuesday and told us the real story behind his wife Terry's nasty spill in their hotel room at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

Howie's clearing the air here because he and his wife are upset some media outlets claimed she was drunk when she fell ... an inference after Howie told "Live With Kelly and Mark" his wife was "tipsy" after a night of too much partying.

RILEY STRAIN CAUSE OF DEATH Revealed ... Autopsy Sheds More Light

Riley Strain's disappearance and subsequent death captured the nation's attention -- and now we finally know how he died ... as we've obtained his autopsy report.

According to the docs ... Riley's official cause of death is listed as drowning and ethanol intoxication -- with the manner cited as accidental. There's more info here as well ... including what his BAC was when his body was examined ... officials say a concentration of 0.228.


One other thing that his family might be interested in ... the autopsy report notes there was no evidence of significant trauma to his body. There were traces of THC found in his system as well.

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