Britney Spears I Locked Myself In My Bathroom!!! It's Weird, Entertaining and Maybe Alarming

Britney Spears just told a long, bizarre story about getting locked in her bathroom in the middle of the night ... and it's eyebrow-raising for sure.

The pop star just shared her wild bathroom adventure, explaining how she got trapped in there in the first place and detailing the lengths to which she and others went to set her free.

Britney says she got distracted by some leftover coffee on a hunt for some face wash before realizing she was locked inside. She says her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, was fast asleep and she had to scream 4 times to wake him up.

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When Sam's attempts to pick the lock failed, Britney says she was able to call security to come open the door ... but it sounds like they were asleep just like Sam.

Britney says another 45 minutes went by before she was finally freed, but only after drinking her stale coffee.

People are reacting in various ways to her post. The #FreeBritney camp thinks this is a metaphor for the 13-year conservatorship ... where she struggled to free herself. Others think it's a bizarre turn of events in the dead of night.

Fetty Wap Emotional as He Remembers 4-Yr-Old Daughter ... 'She Loved Butterflies'


Fetty Wap was emotional when he asked his fans to pay tribute to his late 4-year-old daughter ... soliciting them to post butterfly pics as a way of honoring her life.

The rapper held a picture of his young daughter, Lauren Maxwell, and kissed it during a brief Instagram Live session ... calling her "my shorty." Fetty asked his followers to do him a solid by posting butterflies in the comments section.

They heeded his request ... butterflies popped up all over the place. Fetty said Lauren loved butterflies, despite her insistence she was actually a mermaid.

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As we reported ... Lauren's mother, Turquoise Miami, confirmed over the weekend Lauren had passed away. Turquoise posted on Instagram a Boomerang video of Lauren smiling in a swimming pool.

The cause of death has not been disclosed.

In a separate post ... Turquoise addressed her co-parenting situation with Fetty, saying it had improved and that they "came to a better place" for the sake of Lauren.

She also said there are videos circulating where she complains about Fetty ... but Turquoise was quick to add those videos are from 2017 to 2019. She implores fans to let Fetty mourn in peace.

channing tatum went above & beyond for jenna ... After Birth of Everly

Jenna Dewan claims she was "without a partner" after giving birth, but Channing Tatum did everything he could to make sure his wife and baby were fully taken care of and safe -- even when he couldn't be there physically ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the former couple tell us Jenna's recent comments about Channing not being "available" in the weeks after delivering their daughter, Everly, have been misconstrued ... and don't convey what actually went down after she gave birth.

Dear Gabby

In a recent episode of Dear Media's "Dear Gabby" podcast, Dewan opened up about her postpartum anxiety after giving birth to Everly, her daughter with her now ex-husband, Channing. Jenna says, "I had to travel with her and at the time, Chan wasn't available to be with us for the most part."

She continues, "I was breastfeeding. I was pumping. I was without a partner. I mean, it was just craziness."

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Sources close to the former couple tell us they were living in London -- while Channing shot "Jupiter Ascending" -- when Jenna gave birth. Six weeks later, Jenna was needed in Vancouver for a project she booked while she was pregnant.

We're told Channing chartered a private plane for Jenna, Everly and a doula -- and rented out a nice home in the city -- to make sure everyone was safe and comfortable.

Our sources say once "Jupiter Ascending" moved from London to Chicago, he traveled to Vancouver as much as he could, sometimes making less than 24-hour trips just to get in as much time as possible with Jenna and their newborn.

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Channing has certainly been a doting dad over the years, even writing a children's book inspired by his daughter. In an interview before she was born, Channing said he went to YouTube to figure out how to braid a girl's hair to make sure he was prepared to be the best dad he could be.

Sources close to both Jenna and Channing tell us she was not trying to slam Channing with her podcast comments -- he's always been a great dad -- but instead was just trying to detail her experience as a working mom with a new baby.

T.I. 'They Arrested Me' Over Bike Incident w/ Cop


T.I. says cops in Amsterdam busted him over a bike incident involving an officer -- but he says they never put handcuffs on him, and he's already out of jail after posting bail.

The rapper recorded a video Tuesday while he says he was in custody in Amsterdam. According to T.I., he was riding his bicycle and didn't stop when crossing the street. He says instead ... he kept going and his handlebar broke off a cop's side mirror.

What are the chances??? Still, Tip's taking it in stride ... you can tell in the video, it's probably the chillest anyone's ever been while dealing with the police. He says the cops were chill too, and escorted him to the backseat of their car without ever taking out their cuffs.


It seems he was quickly released ... 'cause T.I. later went on Instagram Live and said he wasn't even tripping about the incident. When a friend of his called the incident "bulls**t" ... T.I. quickly responded saying it wasn't and that "everybody has a bad morning."

Some fans sitting outside a nearby joint recognized him and asked for a picture. The rapper pulled up and sat right next to them and ordered drinks.

The rapper and his wife, Tiny, had been in Italy celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary ... and seems they kept the party going with a trip to the Netherlands.

frontier airlines Suspends Flight Attendants For duct taping unruly passenger


1:02 PM PT -- Frontier Airlines tells TMZ ... the passenger made inappropriate physical contact with 2 flight attendants and physically assaulted another flight attendant.

The airline says the passenger "needed to be restrained" until the flight landed and police arrived. Frontier says it's working with law enforcement to prosecute the passenger, and the airline says the crew members' paid leave is line with their policies and an investigation is pending.

A few flight attendants are temporarily relieved of duty after their bosses at Frontier Airlines deemed that duct taping an unruly passenger to his seat might have crossed a line.

Check out this insane video that was captured Saturday on a Frontier flight from Philly to Miami ... in which a young guy is seen losing it on passengers, yelling at them that his parents are worth $2 mil and other bizarre ramblings. He's cussing out the flight attendants as well, who were trying to calm him down.


Eventually, he gets into a scuffle with a male flight attendant ... and he's finally restrained to a seat with a ton of duct tape. The rest of the passengers were cheering his detainment.

As for what exactly led up to all this ... the guy's name is Max Berry, and he reportedly emerged from the lavatory shirtless after he'd spilled a drink on himself. As some attendants helped him get a new shirt from his bag, he allegedly went around groping some female attendants' breasts, and things escalated to where the clip starts.

He was arrested and booked on several charges upon landing, but Frontier says it also suspended some of the flight crew in question as an investigation gets underway.

This isn't the first time we've seen passengers held down in this way -- it happened earlier this year on an American Airlines flight where a woman appeared to be having a breakdown.

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'CAKE BOSS' Gigi Hadid Cried When She Met Me!!! And There's Great News on My Injury


Gigi Hadid put her supermodel status on the back burner, if you will, and became a total fangirl when she got to meet, and work with, the one and only "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro!!!

Jersey's other Boss joined us on "TMZ Live" Tuesday and told us about his baking experience with Gigi, who happens to be one of his biggest fans.

Buddy says she literally started crying when they met, and he was blown away by how much she knew about his show -- and cake decorating -- when they got together to create a tasty treat.

The "Cake Boss," has a new series on Food Network and Discovery+ -- "Buddy vs. Duff: Baker Battle" -- and he says fans will see how much better his surgically repaired hand is doing ... nearly a year after his horrific bowling incident.

It's a fun conversation with some cool insight on Buddy's recovery, and his supermodel #1 fan. You can watch the full interview on Tuesday's "TMZ Live" (check local listings).

Venice Beach Cops Point Assault Rifles at Homeless ... Called for Man with Gun

@bussinordisgustinn / TikTok

Venice Beach is looking like a war zone -- this footage shows police officers armed with assault rifles detaining a group of homeless people, but cops say the tense incident was misrepresented on social media.

The video does seem rather menacing -- the heavily-armed LAPD officers were questioning 5 homeless people sitting on their knees in front of a makeshift encampment, with their hands in the air.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... this happened in the afternoon of July 25, when police got a call reporting a man brandishing a gun and threatening someone.

We're told police found a BB gun in the area, but no one was arrested because cops could not find a victim. Our sources say it's routine for cops to respond with heavy firepower when they get a call about a person armed with a gun.

Someone had tweeted the video and said the cops were evicting the homeless at gunpoint ... which sparked, understandable, outrage. However, we're told none of the people in the video were removed.

As we've reported, the homeless situation is at crisis level in L.A. County, in general, and especially in Venice ... and lots of folks are still on edge.

Caeleb Dressel Michael Phelps Mentored Me During Olympic Games


Caeleb Dressel says he literally talked to Michael Phelps more than his own wife during the Olympics ... telling TMZ Sports the swimming G.O.A.T. helped the 24-year-old win 5 gold medals.

We talked to Dressel in NYC shortly after he returned to the U.S. ... and asked the new face of swimming whether the old face of swimming reached out to congratulate him after his kickass week in Tokyo.

"I actually texted [Michael Phelps] more than [my wife] Meghan during the games. It was nice being able to lean on him. He helped me a lot throughout. I texted him after a couple of events, he was more than welcome to help me figure out some stuff, but he was great."

Pretty cool of Phelps -- a 23x gold medalist -- to help one of the Games' biggest stars AND best performers.

Dressel won 5 medals -- all gold -- in the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 4x100m freestyle relay and 4x100m medley relay.

We also asked Caeleb -- who has the Olympic rings tattooed on his upper arm -- whether he planned on getting any fresh ink to commemorate his medals.

Caeleb says no new tats ... but he's got some ideas of how he's gonna celebrate.

But, before that ... Dressel's immediate plans after flying over 12,000 miles and winning 5 gold medals??

"Go home. Go to bed."

Rest Caeleb, you deserve it!

matt damon glaad responds to f-slur controversy Kick the Word to the Curb!!!

Matt Damon's homophobic f-slur controversy is drawing a firm response from a leading voice in the LGBT community, and its response is simple ... everyone should get the word out of their vocabulary, period.

GLAAD has spoken out on all the chatter this week about how and when Damon ever used it, and whether he's just recently retired it. Damon is now clarifying, saying he did not retire it because he's never hurled it at anyone -- but to the folks at GLAAD the debate is kind of irrelevant, because the end game is the same.

A rep for the non-profit tells TMZ ... "The conversations that have arisen after Matt Damonโ€™s original interview and subsequent remarks today are an important reminder that this word, or any word that aims to disparage and disrespect LGBTQ people, has no place in mainstream media, social media, classrooms, workplaces, and beyond."

They add, "There needs to be accountability at a time when anti-LGBTQ slurs remain rampant today and can fuel discrimination and stereotypes, especially when used by those outside of the community to defame or describe LGBTQ people."

That last part is interesting ... they seem to be suggesting that Matt even uttering the word in a joke is harmful -- even if it wasn't hurled as an epithet at someone. GLAAD's basic point is ... STOP saying it.

Like we mentioned, Matt addressed what most people perceived he was saying in his interview with the Sunday Times ... that he'd nixed the phrase and any variation of it from his lexicon only after one of his daughters called him out. Frankly, that is exactly how it came off from the quote attributed to him.

Matt has since said that's not true, though, and that he's never called anyone that word, ever. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Gov. Andrew Cuomo I Never Touched Anyone Inappropriately!!!

12:41 PM PT -- Cuomo just responded to the allegations against him, denying them and saying ... "I never touched anyone inappropriately."


He also says he won't let the allegations distract him from his role as Governor.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, including employees in his office, according to New York's Attorney General.

NY A.G. Letitia James announced the results of her investigation Tuesday, and said the NY Governor had sexually harassed former and current employees from 2013 to 2020 -- and had even retaliated against an ex-employee who reported allegations.

According to the report ... the sexual harassment included unwanted and inappropriate groping, kissing, hugging and comments that were "deeply humiliating, uncomfortable, offensive or inappropriate."

James says Cuomo and his office fostered a "toxic" workplace that enabled "harassment to occur." The AG's probe took 5 months, and found Cuomo and his senior staff intended to discredit and disparage at least one of his accusers.

The report's bottom line is Cuomo's actions violated multiple state and federal laws ... not to mention the Executive Chamber's own written policies.


The allegations first surfaced in December 2020 with multiple women coming forward. Investigators say nearly 200 individuals were interviewed and investigators combed through more than 74,000 documents, emails, texts and pictures.

As part of the investigation ... Cuomo was interviewed and the A.G.'s office says Cuomo gave "blanket denials" or didn't recall specific incidents.

The AG's investigators say his denials stand in stark contrast to the corroborating evidence and credible witnesses they found through the course of the investigation.

New York's 2 U.S. Senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, have called on Cuomo to resign ... as have other Democrats, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Originally Published -- 9:07 AM PT

Ben & Jen Serious Jewelry Shopping in Capri ... But No Ring, Yet

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez popped into a jewelry store during their romantic European getaway -- trying on some serious pieces -- but there's no ring in play, yet.

The shopping trip went down last week at Faraone Mennella jewelry store in Capri, and a store spokesperson tells us J Lo tried on a number of expensive pieces, including necklaces and earrings.

We're told J Lo tried on a $41,000 green tourmaline necklace ... plus a series of colored hoop earrings ranging from $1,800 to $2,850.

One thing we're told the couple did NOT check out, however, was a ring.

The spokesperson tells us Ben and J Lo took a series of photos together inside the jewelry store, where they were flirty and having fun, and J Lo also took a few selfies with the jewelry she tried on before leaving with their entourage.

The couple didn't officially purchase anything, but the rep says most celebs call in later to have items shipped back home.


TMZ broke the story ... Bennifer 2.0 walked hand-in-hand through the quaint alleyways of Capri, shopping and taking a ton of pics.

As we reported, Jen was spotted in Portofino, Italy over the weekend -- after Affleck left -- wearing a necklace with Ben's name on it and there was also a diamond hanging from the chain.

Unclear if that rock means anything special -- they didn't buy either at Faraone Mennella -- but, for now, Jen's still ringless on THAT finger.

Terry Kennedy Alleged Murder Victim's Family Sues Skateboarder ... For Wrongful Death

The family of the man who Terry Kennedy allegedly murdered is now suing the skateboarding star for wrongful death, TMZ Sports has learned.

In new court docs, Josiah Kassahun's estate claims Kennedy beat the hell out of Kassahun at a Comfort Suites in Illinois on July 27, and did nothing to help him afterward.

Kassahun's family says Kennedy hit Kassahun, which caused him to fall to the ground and land on his head.

The family goes on to say in the docs that Kennedy kept hitting Kassahun while he was on the ground, and then did not get him medical attention after he had finished the attack.

Kassahun's family says Kassahun later died on July 31 from injuries he suffered in the altercation.

The estate is suing Kennedy and says the damages exceed $50,000, the docs show.

As we previously reported, Kennedy was charged with first-degree murder on Monday over the alleged incident.

In charging docs, prosecutors say Kennedy punched Kassahun in the head, and then kicked him in the torso while he was on the ground. They claim the strikes ultimately led to Kassahun's death.

Kennedy could face up to life behind bars if convicted.

It's still unclear why Kennedy allegedly attacked Kassahun, though social media postings appear to show Kassahun and Kennedy were friends at one time.

Jail records show 36-year-old Kennedy is still behind bars.

Story developing ...

AOC I'm so proud of Simone Biles ... Did What Was Right for Her


Simone Biles hitting the pause button on the Olympics and coming back when she was good and ready is getting nothing but praise from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ... who says it sets a new standard for professional athletes.

AOC broke down what Simone's past week means big picture-wise, when we got her on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning. She said a precedent seems to have been set by Simone -- namely, that athletes don't have to put competing first no matter what.

Instead, she says their own well-being is just as important, if not more so ... and ought to be treated that way.

That certainly appears to be the case, as the proof is in the pudding with SB -- who came back and competed Monday in the balance beam final ... and medaled with a Bronze. To the congresswoman, that simply makes the case even stronger -- that stepping aside was exactly what Simone needed, and it worked out for everyone, including Team USA, in the end.

AOC tells us this is a huge step for mental health advocacy, noting Simone has trailblazed yet again ... only in a different and perhaps more meaningful way this time around.

It'll be interesting to see if other pros follow in Simone's footsteps, and if they do ... Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is all for it -- because she thinks performance doesn't come before one's self.

As for Simone ... she made it clear that this Bronze is incredibly meaningful, saying it might be her most proud achievement.

Miley Cyrus Breaks Out Greatest Hits ... For Billionaire's Hamptons Bash

Miley Cyrus sure knows how to party in the USA ... 'cause right on the heels of killing it at Lollapalooza, she hit the Hamptons for a crypto billionaire's private rager.

The singer performed over the weekend at the home of Mike Novogratz ... CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners. Miley wore a red leotard, black heels and messy blonde hair during her set for Mike's soiree -- keep in mind, he's not just known for his business acumen, but also for being a serious party animal.

While Mike was hanging out with his guests, including Bobby Shmurda ... MC belted out some of her best hits, including "Party in the USA" and "Wrecking Ball." According to Page Six ... she also covered Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U."

@mileycyrus / Instagram

The private bash apparently had a Coney Island mermaid parade theme. Get this ... there was even a pop-up of Nathan's complete with a hot dog eating contest and an appearance from the 76-hot dog crushing man himself, Joey Chestnut.

There were also tents offering partygoers booze and food ... plus ice cream stands throughout, and one of those "silent disco" areas, where everyone listens on headphones.

Novogratz is worth around $5.6 billion ... so yeah, he knows how to throw a party.

Simone Biles Earns Bronze In Olympics Return ... 'Means More Than All Of The Golds'


Simone Biles made history yet again Tuesday -- shaking off a week full of issues to win the bronze medal in her return to the Tokyo Olympics ... and she was PUMPED about it afterward.

Biles -- who came back to compete in the balance beam finals after withdrawing from the Games' previous gymnastics events due to a mental block -- posted a score of 14.00 ... landing her a medal that she says she's more proud of than any of her first place awards.

"It means more than all of the golds," the 24-year-old said, "because I've pushed through so much the last five years and the last week while Iโ€™ve even been here."

Biles was outstanding in Tuesday's event ... hitting stunts with ease and finishing her routine with several flips, a grab of her heart and a massive smile.

Biles ultimately ended up sharing the podium with gold medalist Guan Chenchen (who scored a 14.633) and silver medalist Tang Xijing (who scored a 14.233).

"My mental and physical health is above all medals that I could ever win," Biles said after the event. "So to be clear, to do beam, which I didn't think I was going to be, just meant the world to be back out there."

"And I wasn't expecting to walk away with the medal. I was just going out there doing this for me."

Biles said pulling out of last week's events due to mental health was not a "cop out" ... and she would be risking her physical health had she performed last week.

"Before team finals, the girls were terrified for me and they've never really been scared when I do something but they were like really nervous," she told "Today."

"At the end of the day, we're not just athletes or entertainment, we're human, too. And we have real emotions and sometimes they don't realize that we have things going on behind the scenes that affects us whenever we go out and compete."

As we previously reported, Biles did not compete in nearly every one of the gymnastics events in Tokyo after she said she was battling the "twisties."

Biles said she was having a hard time figuring out up from down while she was doing twisting stunts ... and called it all "petrifying."

Biles addresses the people claiming she "quit" ... saying she has worked 5 years for this moment, and would not back out of competing if it weren't absolutely necessary.

The Gymnastic Great, though, shrugged it all off ... and her bronze Tuesday now gives her seven total Olympic medals, tying her with Shannon Miller for the most ever by an American gymnast.


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