Shake Shack Sued NYPD Cop Who Got 'Sick' ... shake machines are to blame!!!

The Shake Shack manager will get his day in court, and now one of the NYPD cops wants hers too -- because she's suing the burger joint, and she's sticking to the bleach story!

NYPD officer Genesis Novadiaz just filed a lawsuit against SS, claiming she was one of the 3 officers who thought they were "poisoned" ... and she's pointing the finger at Shake Shack and its employees, including the manager who just filed a lawsuit of his own over the incident.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Novadiaz claims Shake Shack workers at the Manhattan location -- including manager Marcus Gilliam -- were negligent in their duty to maintain equipment in a safe manner for customers ... and, as a result, she alleges she was subjected to harmful cleaning chemicals in her shake, including bleach.

So, she's sticking to her guns, claiming there must've been bleach in those damn shakes. While the theory of intentional poisoning was debunked by an NYPD investigation, Novadiaz is still calling out the restaurant for careless or reckless upkeep on their shake machines.

In the suit, she claims Shake Shack violated a number of New York City and State health code violations -- and oughta be forced to pay for it, because she says she became ill.

Remember, Gilliam himself just sued New York and the officers over the same incident -- claiming they defamed and falsely arrested him by lying about being intentionally poisoned.

Seems Novadiaz wanted to get her own version of the story in a courtroom, as well.

Shake Shack Manager You Hauled Me Downtown But I Didn't Spike Cops' Drinks!!!

The Shake Shack manager accused of poisoning police officers' drinks last summer claims he was treated like a first-rate criminal ... and now he wants someone to pay.

Marcus Gilliam -- the man who was running the Manhattan restaurant when this went down about a year ago -- just sued a number of NYPD cops, a few police unions and the City of New York for what he says was a rush to judgment and a gross overreaction, all based on nothing.

In his suit, obtained by TMZ, Gilliam alleges he was arrested and taken in for questioning that night, and was kept in custody until the wee hours of the morning ... supposedly getting grilled and accused of spiking 3 cops' shakes with bleach, even though he says he actually hadn't.

ICYMI -- 3 NYPD cops rolled up to Shake Shack, said their milkshakes tasted funny ... and before you knew it, had a whole bunch of unions tweeting out accusations that their officers had been intentionally poisoned.

Gilliam points out what we had reported ... that a "thorough investigation" proved that was a bogus allegation. In the interim, Gilliam says he was getting treated like crap by cops, being falsely held against his will for something he clearly hadn't done.

As it turned out ... the "funny taste" in the shakes might've been the machine not being cleaned properly. In any case, Gilliam claims his detainment was BS, because there was a mountain of evidence -- like surveillance video -- that the NYPD should have checked to clear his name before they hauled him into custody.

He alleges he was not only falsely arrested, but defamed as well when the suspicion turned into "fact" and spread like wildfire ... and he's asking for damages.

One last thing ... Gilliam apparently doesn't know the names of many of the cops he says were involved in the ordeal, including the 3 who kicked it off. So he identifies them by the types of shakes they ordered — Strawberry, Vanilla and Cherry Shakes. 😅

NYPD Sending Counter-Drone Team To U.S. Open ... No Fly Zone

The U.S. Open has a 'Rona problem and a Drone-a problem -- meaning there's concern about unmannned aircrafts infiltrating the tennis tournament ... and the NYPD is on the case.

With the U.S. Open set to go down in New York on Aug. 31, organizers have already said no fans will be allowed to attend the event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sources tell TMZ Sports ... law enforcement is now anticipating an uptick in drone activity around Flushing Meadows from both journalists and fans trying to get a bird's-eye shot of the action.

We're told ... there are concerns about athlete safety and also the possibility of drones creating distractions during tournament play that could affect the event.

The NYPD tells us they will "have a counter-drone team" at the event to keep watch for anyone who violates drone laws.

"Drones are illegal over New York City and anyone using one needs to basically have a pilot's license and a flight plan," an NYPD spokesperson tells TMZ Sports.

So, how will cops catch the drone violators? We're told the NYPD will use sensors that can detect signals from drones and the handheld devices that control them.

If caught, illegal drone operators could face stiff penalties -- especially if an out-of-control drone strikes a person.

Bottom line -- just watch the action on TV.

Cardi B I Didn't Talk to NYPD But Choke Hold Still Happened!!!


Cardi B's doubling down on her claim NYPD put her in a choke hold, but admits she'll never talk to cops about it ... even to get another cop in trouble.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper joined Felisha Monet on WEDR 99 Jamz to explain why she dodged a convo with NYPD after claiming one of its officers applied the choke hold last week.

Cardi admits she was "no angel" during an argument with a motorist, which did turn physical -- but says she was shocked when cops showed up and came at her first. NYPD Asst. Commissioner Peter Donald tells TMZ ... the department's "more than willing to take a complaint and discuss the alleged incident" but so far their top-to-bottom review's come up empty.

Donald also notes the timing of the incident, which "allegedly happened around the launch of her new album."

Cardi makes it clear though -- she ain't snitchin'.

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