Jay Glazer Incognito Has Real Issues I'm Glad He Got Help


NFL guru Jay Glazer -- the first guy to interview Richie Incognito about the Dolphins bullying scandal -- tells TMZ Sports ... Richie has some serious psychiatric issues and he's glad he's getting help.

Jay was leaving 1Oak nightclub in Hollywood Friday night, when our guy asked if Richie's decision to seek psychiatric help Thursday night was simply a P.R. move to win some sympathy ... but Jay shot that theory right down.

"Richie's got some issues there ... I'm glad he's getting help."

We broke the story ... Incognito initially checked himself into an Arizona psychiatric care center ... but when he tried to leave, people jumped into action and put him on an involuntary hold for his own good.

Richie Incognito I'm Not a Racist ... Martin Isn't Even Mad at Me

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Richie Incognito is playing the "everybody does it" card to explain why he hammered Jonathan Martin with threatening, racist, and violent language -- and further, he says it's just how he and Martin talk to each other.

In his first extensive interview, Incognito -- who's been suspended for his actions -- basically said players in NFL locker rooms, black and white, use the n-word freely.

Incognito admitted being "embarrassed" by the voicemail he left for his teammate ... where he called him a "half n**ga" -- and said he feels it's inappropriate for him to ever use that word. Strange ... since he's also saying he does it all the time.

As for bullying? Incognito told FOX NFL Insider Jay Glazer ... he didn't think this was a case of bullying ... and was more "an issue of mine and Jon's relationship, where I've taken stuff too far, and I didn't know it was hurting him."

Incognito also shared text messages he says his "best friend" Jonathan sent him after the controversy exploded. He claims Martin said ... "I don't blame you guys. I blame some stuff in the locker room. I blame the culture. I blame what was going on around me."

So, we gotta ask ...

Richie Incognito In Hiding ... In Beverly Hills


For that football dude Richie ... Incognito is more than just a name -- it's now a lifestyle.

Jay Glazer -- who interviewed the troubled NFL'er for FOX NFL Sunday's pre-game show -- tells TMZ Richie has not left his swanky hotel suite in Bev Hills since blowing into town Friday.

It's interesting ... Richie is not one to live on the downlow. If you have doubts about that check out the Ferrari he bought right after all the hazing stuff became public.

It seems Richie is feeling the heat or he's having a massive party in his room.

Richie Incognito I'm Worried About Jonathan Martin Tells FOX in First Interview

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Richie Incognito calls Jonathan Martin his best friend on the Miami Dolphins -- and says he's worried about him ... even though Martin's allegations of hazing got Richie suspended ... TMZ has learned.

Incognito talked today for the first time about the scandal ... with FOX NFL insider Jay Glazer. Sources on the FOX set tell us Incognito wasn't exactly apologetic for his actions -- but instead expressed deep concern about Martin's health since he left the team.

We're told Incognito was willing to answer any and all questions about the controversy -- including alleged threats against Martin's family, and the infamous voicemail he left ... where he allegedly called Martin a "half n***a."

Pretty surprising for Incognito to refer to Martin as his "best friend" ... considering his accusations could ultimately ruin Incognito's NFL career.

The interview will air during tomorrow's FOX NFL Sunday pregame show.

It's unclear if Incognito addressed the video TMZ posted of him raging in a sports bar, yelling the n-word -- but we'd bet it came up.

Incognito flew to LA on Friday, and was extremely tight-lipped with reporters and the paparazzi. Now we know why.